A memorial plaque for Georg Elser in Königsbronn states: "I wanted to prevent even greater bloodshed through my deed. In remembrance of Johann Georg Elser, who spent his youth in Königsbronn. On 8 November 1939, he wanted to thwart genocide with his assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. On 9 April 1945, Johann Georg Elser was murdered at Dachau concentration camp."

This movie's closing epilogue states: "Throughout the war Georg Elser was kept in concentration camps while the Third Reich prepared for a massive show trial. In May 1945, only days before the American Army liberated Dachau, he was executed. There are no monuments to the memory of Georg Elser." The last line of this postscript may have been correct at the time this film was made but there are and have been memorials made that are dedicated to Georg Elser.

In this film, the movie's lead character is Georg Elser but his full name in real life was Johann Georg Elser.

Georg Elser's real-life assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler took place on 8 November 1939.

In the Dachau concentration camp, Georg Elser was shot dead by the Nazis on 9 April 1945.

The film's opening title states that it is Munich, October 1938.