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  • This is the best movie I have ever seen. It still is even though the year is 2005. Mani's talent is proved in this single movie. This movie made him my favourite director. I keep watching this movie at my leisure time. I would have seen this movie at least for 25 times. I remember each and every scene. A great inspirer at times of problems. The story is about how two lovers who struggle for their love inspite of the pathetic situation they are in. Each and every character has acted naturally. They have lived their roles which makes this movie more interesting to watch. This movie also shows that life should be lived to the extent possible and love between a mother and a son is very well shown. Love in its pure form is shown in this movie. This movie is for every age and a good movie to watch with a family. I suggest this as a must see movie. I have this movie 9 even though I could have easily given it 10. Don't miss this movie.
  • Geetanjali, a great movie by Mani Ratnam with arguably the best music album of Ilayaraja...

    This is the only Telugu movie directed by mani ratnam till date and he has ensured that his place in the annals of telugu movie history is safe with this movie.

    Ilayaraja, that maestro of Indian movie music is known for providing his best to Mani Ratnam. Even considering this, Geetanjali was Ilayaraja's greatest single album ever.

    Both Mani & Ilayaraja were at a great advantage, working in this movie because they were unencumbered by living up to the expectations of their native Tamil movie background.

    As it emerged both of them reached heights they never did before or after with this movie... (yeah, i know the entire series of maniratnam's movies and most of Ilayaraja's music...)

    The main protagonist's death is but a matter of ti me, and the leading lady is in a similar situation. But as it happens, the protagonist learns to live his life "in the now" from the leading lady and in the process they grow together. I wont say they fall in love because the movie never considers the romantic side of their life.

    Despite there being a whole song showing them kissing each other, it does not appear that they are sexually involved. That song depicts them getting together as companions in their struggle against their destiny, rather than sexually involved.

    Other aspects of the movie worth mentioning are the great photography and fabulous screenplay. Despite being saddled with a large number of songs, and no real story to speak of, viewer will never feel the time ticking by during the movie.

    And at the end of the movie, you think if only this movie lasted longer... That probably is the best compliment you can give a movie.

    The comedy track interspersed with the movie is the only part that sticks out like a sore thumb and i think that was mani's way of taking care of the commercial interests of the producer. Luckily in most versions on television that i saw eliminated this track and i never missed this piece. But i detest this track and so the movie gets only 8 out of 10.
  • suman-210 October 1999
    this perhaps is the best movie I have ever seen.The slender portrayal of the lead characters just doesn't leave you for a long time. Locales are very good, so is music and direction.

    A must-watch.
  • Gitanjali / Geethanjali (1989) : Brief Review -

    An Immortal Romance with Cult Music! What if told you that 'The Fault In Our Stars' was adaptation of this Mani Ratnam Classic and this Original Telugu Feature has better metaphors. By this time i mean 2021, i assume that many moviegoers have seen Hollywood Flick 'The Fault In Our Stars' or have read the Novel of 2012 or have seen its Bollywood Adaptation 'Dil Bechara' recently. And i also assume that many Indians must have over-praised the Hollywood flick. Well, here is the better version of the same story and it was made 25 years before Hollywood adopted the novel of the same name on screen. Or i can say that 23 years before that Novel was written. And i proudly state that this Mani Ratnam Classic has got everything which was missing in the Novel and the Hollywood film. My review of TFIOS is there on IMDb and you can read i have clearly said in my review that, TFIOS has missed metaphors. And i have found it here. I regret that Why i didn't see this film before watching that Hollywood film. *Slapped Myself* Gitanjali is one of the highest rated Telugu Film at IMDb, Rank #26 to be precise and I also learnt that it is quite popular among Telugu Audience. I don't wonder why.. It deserves all the Love and fan following. A film which had cult music and immortal love saga and made Nagarjuna a sensation and a heart-rob among Telugu Audience. The story we all know-On a fog swept chilly hill station, a terminally ill young man (Prakash) meets a boisterous girl (gitanjali). Love blossoms, but there's a shadow behind the light she radiates and the emotional climax follows. Young Nagarjuna and Girija both look very fresh and theirs characters are awfully lovable. Both make a solid chemistry out there. Ilaiyaraaja's memorable Music and Mani Ratnam's Terrific Writing and Direction makes this film a Must Watch. So, don't miss it. Start admiring our original gems than praising Hollywood Copies for a change, at least for a while.

    RATING - 8/10*

    By - #samthebestest.
  • If you have to see one movie in your life, this should be it.

    It has comedy, love, horror, emotion - everything.

    It begins with the hero winking at his senior citizen vice-chancellor. Then he asks his doctor to marry him, who very sweetly says she will ask her husband and answer.

    But impending death. He can't manage and goes alone too Ooty. Here he meets this girl. Wait a minute. why have we never seen this girl again.

    God ! what a girl. More a devil in disguise.

    Then some very beautifully done songs later. The end.

    There is a comedy track that was added later as the movie was a bit on the heavy side. It has nothing to do wit the main story.

    The movie was made direct in Teluge. A first for Mani.
  • the guy (nagarjuna) has a rare disease where his days are numbered , he wants to get away from his surrounding. so , he goes to a hill station. there he meets a girl (girija) who is naughty and teaser.later, he finds the girl is also suffering from a rare disease where her days are numbered too. but, she is not worried . he begins to like her and vice versa. but, hides about his health. later, the heroine does'nt want to be with him as she is afraid he might die before her. but, what happens later is the movie.

    a must watch movie. good performance by the heroine (girija). good music by illayraja and good direction by mani ratnam.

    the movie has won national award for s.p.balasubramaniyam for best male playback singer.
  • I feel wonder why this movie did not receive oscar. Music, songs, screen play, locations, acting every thing is awesome.
  • pgargey12 February 2000
    Great story and great action! Needless to say anything beyond this!!
  • hari-igniter12 May 2014
    This movie is just a classic of all love stories. It can easily compete with any Hollywood film in terms of story line,technical departments. Direction by Mani Sir is just superb. Using fog as a medium of communication in a scene before the climax shows his approach towards passion film making. Cinematography by P C Sreeram is another asset to the film. The locations of Ooty are captured in a different and unique manner. His usage of light in the film is awesome. Shooting the Om Namaha song using a trolley has stand out as an landmark till now. Sets by Thota Tharani are natural and fit the quiet and romantic atmosphere. Actors performances are good. They act naturally without letting the love and pain feelings fade away. Totally an out standing film. The best love story according to me. I've seen this movie like 100 times. Music by Maestro Ilaiya Raaja sir lifts the movie to a new level. The back ground scores of the movie elevate certain scenes. Lyrics by Veturi added a new flavour to the music. Lyrics of Nandi Konda song are a new kind. Om Namaha and O paapa Laali are songs which perfectly suit the narration of the story.
  • very nice movie with romance and lovely music by Ilayaraja and dance by Sundaram. The photography by P.C.Sriram is beautiful
  • balagnt14 August 2020
    Never get bored..i must have watched 40 times by now.
  • vivekdatla17 April 2006
    I Like ManiRtanams movies

    But Geetanjali is something different and its a class of its own in the sense even if you see after 15-20 yrs its still looks fresh story. all the characters Justified it. They are lively and well suited.

    Ilayaraja supplimented this with excellent music.

    Girija acting in her first movie was the center of attraction as she suited for the role and acted very professionally.

    I wonder not to see her again in films. Nagarjuna did his job perfectly but the credit goes to the director who portrayed these roles and refined them.

    Hats Off Mani Sir. Expecting more from you like these classics.
  • I heard lot about Geethanjali but when watched was disappointed. I had lots of expectation on Mani Ratnam but was disappointed. I feel the success is only due to the great music. Thanks to Ilayaraja's work. But for that the story is poor.The comedy which has no connection with the main story, in my opinion is horrible. I felt like it was introduced as fillers. The film lack continuity in many scenes. it mostly focused on sentiments. The camera work in some scenes don't even cover the subjects completely. The climax is another illogical act. No human will react to a situation like in the climax. To sum up, its a hit only because of its Music.
  • great movie,great music and fantastic is not possible for any directors to direct such a story with heart touching scenes.even the one who hates love will have a thought of doing love if he/she watches this is very hard for everyone to believe that this is the first movie for both hero and heroine.they played such an attracting role.songs like "OH PRIYA","OM NAMAGA",OH PAPA LAALI" make to watch this movie repeatedly.the movie's story is simple but the way of direction and cinematography makes us to love this movie.this is one of the biggest hit for the director in all major languages in India.definitely a must watch movie for all ages.