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  • An accurate portrayal of the events aboard the Italian cruise ship, Achille Lauro. Karl Malden accurately portrays the helpless victim of terrorist thugs. Most accurate of all is the brutality of the terrorists killing an unarmed man in a wheel chair and then throwing him overboard as witnessed by one of the ships porters. Leon Klinghoffer's defiance is conveyed very well by Karl Malden and seems to accurately reflect the actual events. Lee Grant is wonderful as the victims wife agonizing over the whereabouts of her husband. Her walking in front of the captured terrorists at the end probably is an accurate portrayal of the real Marilyn Klinghoffer's response to her loss.
  • A very impressive cast assembled for this movie. I think that "The Hijacking Of the Achille Lauro" movie sticks very closely to the reality of the true events that occurred. It is very well acted and edited nicely. There are some very impressive fresh talent in this movie. Would like to know more about them. That is the actors playing the hijackers. The movie tells both sides and shows the tragic killing of the old man. The oppressed and the oppressors- the outcome of such actions that people find themselves living under. I rate this movie 10 for the effort and professionalism that it clearly shows. The director has an impressive record -worked with Henry Fonda as well as of course other film legends Karl Malden.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It doesn't get any better than this. A real life true terrorist incident that does not pull any punches makes this a must-see! SPOILER ALERT! The entire cast is uniformly excellent but the real standouts are Karl Malden and especially Lee Grant. The film is also extremely terrifying, thrilling and suspenseful every step of the way. The only modern equivalent that even comes close to this kind of real life true incident is UNITED 93 which also is about as suspenseful a movie as they come - even though you know how the film ends. The final scene of the film where she confronts each of the terrorists responsible for the completely unnecessary and heartless murder of her husband is one of the most powerful cinema images ever recorded on celluloid.