In a fight scene with Manik Irani, Mithun says Even Public is bored to see us fight, because Manik Irani was a stuntman in many Mithun's films those days.

Kishore Kumar had used cuss lyrics in his songs like he word Saali for the first time.

Sanjay Dutt and Gavin Packard met in the sets who later introduced him to bodybuilding.

Debut film of Aziz Sejawal.

Two of the film songs Aaj Peeunga Main Behissab and Aaj Peene Ki Tamannah Hai were banned by All India Radio.

Sanjay Duty and Mithun Chakraborthy later worked together 20 years later in Luck 2009.In 1993 their film Jai Deva with Madhuri Dixit was to release which got shelved.

Madhuri had signed the film pre Tezaab. She felt the audience was cheated because her role was very small. The expectations from her after Tezaab were great.

The film was launched in May 1987 and posters splashed Dharmendra all over as he was riding high after the success of Hukumat. Many distributors thought it was a three hero film so all territories were sold within days of the film's announcement.

Mithun Chakravorty used to promote music composers Nadeem-Shravan and he got them Ilaaka and then also Hisaab Khoon Ka, Lashkar and Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri. This was all was before Aashique. Naeem-Shravan changed their style with Ashique and they didn't look back.

Ilaaka was Nadeen-Shravan"s first big movie with big Stars.

The director of this film Aziz Sajawel was the assistant of the major top director Dulal Guha.

Sanjay Dutt, Amrita Singh and Madhuri Dixit all three of them were to work together in Sunil Dutt"s Maseeha

Sanjay Dutt, Amrita Singh and Madhuri Dixit all three of them were to work together in Sunil Dutt"s Maseeha which was shelved.

Dharmendra and Rakhee act together in this film after long time, since the days of Rakhee"s first film in 1970s Jeevan Mrityu.

After this film, director Aziz Sajawel made comedy action films and he went to become successful director and made many films with major Stars.

This film was a hit at the box office and helped Sanjay Duty to increase his acting fee.

Dharmendra was in a Special Appearance.

The film was first announced in 1983 and was to be directed by Raj N. Sippy.