• WARNING: Spoilers

    Luane is a bed ridden hypochondriac, a black widow who has sat for years in the center of a web of telephone lines. Her poison tongue spreads gossip and innuendos about the various denizens of the town. Years ago Luane's dead father scams $10,000 from Pete but dies before he can spend "the sugar". The money is never recovered and Pete strongly suspects Luane of holding out on him. Business at The Pavilion bar is down so Pete and Rags decide that the best way to get The Pavilion off the skids is to turn it into a strip joint. Pete "discovers" streetwalker Dannie Lee and convinces her to strip. Meanwhile, drug pusher Bobbie scams Ralph out of his maintenance job at the Park and gets Myra hooked on horse. It all hits the fan when Luane's husband Ralph falls for Dannie Lee and Pete finds out Myra's on the needle.