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  • Leviathan (1989) is my personal favorite film it is an underrated creature film from the 80's starring Peter Weller (RoboCop) and directed by George P. Cosmatos who directed my all time favorite classic sequel Rambo: First Blood Part II and he later worked with Stallone again on Cobra (1986) my two favorite movies. So Leviathan become one of my all time favorite classic creature films and I love this movie to death! I wish they would make more movies like this to day and it is really a shame because special effects that time in the 80's were really good.

    Stan Winston's creations, while on a second-tier level to some of his other work, are still shudder-worthy. Jerry Goldsmith's score is quite effective and it provides more prestige than this B-movie probably deserves.

    Leviathan was worth the hassle of those repeat visits to the rental store. The movie transcends its derivative plot structure ("John Carpenter's The Thing wins an ocean vacation and pretends to be Ridley Scott's Alien.") A lot of people are complying that the movie was a rip off Ridley Scott's Alien and John Carpenter's The Thing I personally enjoy it every time I watch the movie. I had an identical experience with Leviathan's underwater monster counterpart The Abyss and DeepStar Six the movie I watched previous month and I thought the movie was a boring, lame a time waster and identical copy of this movie.

    Plot: Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results. The crew of the mining base must fight to survive against a genetic mutation that hunts them down one by one.

    I love the cast, I love the set, production design, the story and the plot, the horror and action. I do enjoy the creature effects, a lot of people don't care about the creature effects, I disagree. The music score is beautiful, the film goes fast paced around, I am never bored with it. The acting from all the actors are good and enjoyable.

    All the people that were involved with this film are no longer with us anymore. R.I.P. George P. Cosmatos, Stan Winston, Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Carmine and Richard Crenna. It is really a shame that they are no longer with us anymore.

    We have the cast that I love: Peter Weller (RoboCop 1, 2), Richard Crenna (Rambo Trilogy), Amanda Pays (The Flash), Daniel Stern (Home Alone 1, 2, Bushwhacked), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters 1,2), Lisa Eilbacher (Beverly Hills Cop), Hector Elizondo (Beverly Hills Cop III) and Meg Foster (They Live).

    Peter Weller is believable as the calm-mannered supervisor who must maintain a cool head while managing any potentially volatile problems with the crew in an enclosed location where the slightest mistake could have deadly consequences. Amanda Pays, who was the ultimate object of infatuation for nerdy guys like me who enjoyed the The Flash TV series in the 90's and I still do enjoy her in the new Flash, is gorgeous and cool in Leviathan as a mining operative who plans to begin astronaut training after her undersea duty, and this role cements my opinion of her as one of the top 10 most beautiful women of the 1980s. Richard Crenna, excels as the seemingly-shady doctor who, like Ash in Ridley Scott's Alien, may or may not have an agenda all his own. Ernie Hudson and Daniel Stern lend some needed personality and levity to the equation. Lisa Eilbacher is competent in her role that provides one of Leviathan's most unsettling moments.

    Leviathan is a 1989 Italian-American science fiction horror film directed by George P. Cosmatos and written by David Webb Peoples and Jeb Stuart.

    Such negatives are distracting. Your ability to ignore such distractions will ultimately determine if you give this a 5 or a 9. Were it a little more humane as it stands, I give it a 10 because It is one of my favorite movies and it is very underrated.
  • Leviathan is one of those underwater scifi-movies wich were made 1989. Abyss was a success with all that fantasy it included, but Leviathan and for example Deepstar six never made it to the stars. It just wasn't the right moment. Leviathan was made with good budget, average actors(Peter Weller, Richard Crenna and so on) and with professional director(George P.Cosmatos, who made wonderful job in Tombstone 1993). So what went wrong? Personally I liked the movie, because it had a good plot, lots of action and little humour there and there. I liked it, let's see if you like it!
  • Dave-33021 March 2000
    This movie is always going to be compared to Deep Star Six and The Abyss, because all three films came out at the same time. It is an underwater "Alien" movie, but it doesn't rip off The Abyss, which came out third of the three and none of them did any real business.

    Anyway, this movie was one of those films that is engrossing in the theater and transfers very poorly to television and video. I would venture a guess that a wide-screen DVD version may be able to pick-up most of the considerable detail that was placed into this film. The acting is not awful and the story is well-paced, which is a step ahead of the other two 1989 underwater movies. This isn't Shakespere folks, so don't expect it. A little more polish to the script would have helped this movie greatly, but it is a fairly B horror flick so it was expected.

    The cast is Weller, Hudson, Crenna, and Pays doing their things. They don't exactly phone it in, but they aren't expected to deliver that many lines convincingly anyway. Whatever happened to Amanada Pays? After seeing this I thought she had a chance to break through, but instead she disappeared.

    The setting and special effects are the keys to this one, though. Visually, it is as tough as they come. Like I wrote before, stick to the DVD version, because I already know the VHS version stinks because it is so cloudy and out of focus. Watch the DVD and I can almost guarantee that you will find this movie to be better than you have been lead to believe by others.
  • The movie is an obvious Alien copy, only that it's settings have changed from outer space to under water.

    In my opinion, '80s was the decade of low for good sci-fi movies. There were many really bad B sci-fi made during that time. But this is one of the few well made movies from that era.

    If you're going to be cooped up in a small area, you might as well be with sexy good looking people like they did in this movie.

    I liked the scene where "doc" just went right into the shower stall where Bowman was taking the shower, just saying "Bowman, it's doc". Doctor's privilege ?

    I don't have much bad things to say about this movie except that in my opinion, they spoiled the movie at the last scene where the creature comes to the surface. The creature looked so fake that I think it destroyed the good image of the movie.

    So asides from the ending, the movie was very well made, and was entertaining to watch.
  • The first half of "Leviathan" is competently made and surprisingly absorbing, with strongly drawn characters and good acting all around. In the second half, the film degenerates into an "Alien" rip-off (and later on, it even steals a classic scene from "Jaws"), with derivative special effects and too many familiar elements. But it is saved (and gets 6/10) by Cosmatos' professionalism; he certainly redeems himself here for making the absolutely terrible "Cobra" three years earlier.
  • In the Atlantic Ocean, 16,000 feet deep, the Tri Oceanic Mining Corporation keeps a eight-men crew with the mission of extracting silver and other precious metals. The geologist and leader Steven Beck (Peter Weller) works with Dr. Glen 'Doc' Thompson (Richard Crenna) managing the miners astronaut wannabe Elizabeth 'Willie' Williams (Amanda Pays), the prankster Buzz 'Sixpack' Parrish (Daniel Stern), Justin Jones (Ernie Hudson), Tony 'DeJesus' Rodero (Michael Carmine), Bridget Bowman (Lisa Eilbacher) and G. P. Cobb (Hector Elizondo). He is also the liaison with the Tri Oceanic executive Ms. Martin (Meg Foster).

    In their next to last day, Willie and Sixpack are assigned to work outside the base and Sixpack falls in a hole. Willie seeks him out and finds a Russian vessel named Leviathan. Sixpack finds a safe inside the vessel and brings it to their base. They find money, vodka, a videotape and documents and Beck keeps the content of the safe. However Sixpack steals a bottle of vodka and drinks with Bowman. Meanwhile Beck and Doc watch the videotape and the Russian Captain explains a problem that killed his crew. On the next morning, Sixpack does not feel well and stays in the sickbay. Soon Doc learns that his patient has a genetic mutation. When Bowman shows the same symptoms, Beck asks Ms. Martin to rescue them. But there is a hurricane on the surface and the rescuing mission is not possible.

    "Leviathan" is an Alien rip-off underwater, but it is nostalgic to see this movie in the present days to admire the excellent cast in the late 80's. The lovely Amanda Pays shines with her beauty and is always good to see the eyes of Meg Foster. Peter "Robocop" Weller, Richard Creena and Hector Elizondo, all of them in good shape, is another attraction. Another good point is the special effect with the monsters, usual in the 80's and 90's and different from the exaggeration of the CGI in the present days. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available
  • Warning: Spoilers

    The crew of an underwater research lab fall victim to a mysterious genetic mutation after two of its members drink a tainted bottle of liquor taken from a russian shipwreck. One by one, the crew are "contaminated" when they encounter the ever mutating monster derived from improperly disposed of bodies of the original two infected crew members. Once a member of the crew is attacked, they become part of the monster.

    Perhaps ironically, the film itself is a bit of a hybrid mutation, borrowing story elements from the Alien film and its genre, as well as "The Thing", especially John Carpenter's version. Like Alien, the creature stalks those inside the underwater complex through its maze of dimly lit, high-tech looking corridors, crawl spaces and labs. When the crew learns of a bogus cover story about their supposed deaths in the news, they realize the corporation they work for has lied to them about a rescue (the good doctor has supplied them with enough info) and struggle to survive while look for a way out.

    The characters are believable enough, especially Richard Crenna who does a good job playing the role of crew doctor who begins to unravel what's going on. The creature effects are very well done and they're shown just enough (until the laughably predictable ending with its [intentionally?] humorous borrowing from Jaws ) to build terror. There is a sub-genre of underwater movies just like this one, but for some reason none seem as tightly wound and enjoyable as Leviathan. Perhaps because of the cast (and there are two beautiful actresses in this one) or the sfx, none linger in the mind like this one did. A fun rental for a rainy day.
  • Leviathan is one of those films that has "rip-off" written all over it.

    Alot of it you've seen before in better films. The most obvious comparisons being Alien ( several isolated crew members, the dubious doctor, the suits etc.) and of course The Thing (a gooey monster spawned from human beings, it getting to the blood supply). I've viewed this one a few times and although it is an inferior movie it does have some pretty neat special effects, a recognizable cast and a decent music score by Jerry Goldsmith.

    Not a total wet squib - it certainly has its moments. I'd give it 7/10.
  • Leviathan is directed by George P. Cosmatos and then screenplay is written by David Webb Peoples & Jeb Stuart from Peoples' own story. It stars Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, Amanda Pays, Daniel Stern, Ernie Hudson, Michael Carmine, Lisa Eilbacher, Hector Elizondo & Meg Foster.

    Let me start off by saying that the rating I have given is purely for personal reasons, I love daft creature features and rate them accordingly. Artistically the film scores about the average mark of 5/10, the acting, story and effects really don't demand much better unless you have got a soft spot for the genre. Tagged as Alien underwater, the film was always going to struggle to live up to that particular tag for sure, but yes, in structure that is what we get. A group of deep-sea miners come across a wrecked soviet ship and after plundering what they can they end up with more than they bargained for. Enter the plot of deep-sea miners under attack from a very bad and creepy monster. Will they survive? How did it happen? And on it goes to a joyously (unintentionally) funny finale. The film crams as many creature feature clichés in as it can get away with, and sure enough the boo jump scare moments are not in short supply.

    The cast are all in on the joke (I'm pretty sure they are), so all in all you get a flipping great genre entry that isn't demanding much of the viewer, that is if you are so inclined to check the brain at the door first. So enjoy a B lister that has no pretensions other than to homage and entertain those of a certain persuasion. Quite a cast of pro actors assembled as well. 7/10
  • This science fiction horror film has what it takes to be a top notch monster movie. Like Frankenstein and Jurassic Park the moral of the story is that it's not nice to tamper with mother nature,and those who do so will have to face the terrible consequences. Not by any means an original story,but more like a takeoff on Alien or John Carpenter's The Thing. The big difference however being that it takes place below the ocean depths at a silver mine.

    Still it has it everything to be a good thriller,suspenseful moments and good special effects along with some memorable characters. Highly recommended for late night entertainment with friends. Guaranteed to be scary enough for the kids. I give this film an 8.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching some talk show where the host and another character went deep sea diving and mentioned a movie that had deep sea diving where they all die at the end. I recalled it as The Deep, so I saw that movie at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks, so I bought it and found a rather dull wreck-diving movie. So I asked my dad "What's the movie where they all die at the end?" he said "Leviathan I think." So years went by, I am once again at Wal-Mart and saw this film for 6 bucks and it immediately reminded me of that conversation. So I read the synopsis, saw that it had Peter Weller and Ernie Hudson, directed by George P. Cosmatos who directed one of the greatest westerns ever made; Tombstone. As well as this being a deep sea horror film, very few of those exist so I was intrigued.

    What I got was a movie that was so blatantly ripping off 3 other movies it was nearly insulting. I can forgive a movie that has lame special effects because it's old, but this was made in 1989, that's not that old! The first creature we see, is seen scuttling across the floor, however it's 8 legs didn't move at all. Alien was made 10 years before and it's special effects still stand up against most of today's films! The movie takes most of its "inspiration" from Alien, including some almost frame for frame identical shots. They even have the only black character as the mechanic. (Yaphet Kotto as Parker anyone?)Lets see who else we can compare to...Peter Weller as Tom Skerrit's character Dallas. Richard Crenna as Ian Holm's mysterious scientist character Ash, also combined with A. Wilford Brimley's character from The Thing in terms of cutting off the crew from being rescued...the list goes on. There's the flamethrowers of course, from both movies yet they do almost nothing against a SEA creature that's soaking wet! MY GOD! Who'd a thunk it!? Not to mention the flamethrowers "jam" when sticking it directly under pouring water to shoot the creature. The creature gestates inside people (alien) but then takes over and molds their cells together (The Thing) The one thing that impressed me is that at the very end of the film the last 3 survivors (it was obvious at that point that this movie was already too predictable and I knew my dad was mistaken and they wouldn't all die) One of the survivors was Ernie Hudson! I thought to myself "My god! Out of all the clichés in the movie, they didn't buy into one of the most common ones, the token black guy getting killed!" Then of course in the last 2 minutes of the movie the creature comes out of the water and instead of swimming towards the helicopter that landed in the water to rescue them, Ernie Hudson swims TOWARDS the creature in order to allow the others time to escape! The movie's one redeeming feature was flushed down the toilet.

    If you haven't seen any of the aforementioned movies (The Abyss, Alien, The Thing) you might enjoy this movie. I understand that not all movies can have the budget or script strength of those films, but...there could at least be effort. All in all, I'm not angry I bought it for 6 bucks but it won't be one I'll watch again any time soon.
  • Honestly, that's the line that seems to be running through Richard Crenna's mind throughout this flick. As if he can't imagine why he is in this pic.

    Basically, Leviathan is probably the best of the '89 glut of aqua-horror-action movies. It's made on a decent budget (unlike DeepStar Six) and doesn't have bloated pretensions of greatness (unlike The Abyss). It's got a decent cast (hey, Hector Elizondo is a class act!) who seem to know they're not making a classic here, but are willing to give it their all for what is basically a cheesy horror flick.

    The plot also seems to at least bother to explain itself (unlike DeepStar Six, there' s an explanation for the monster). The cast is likeable (Peter Weller's another can't-miss sort of actor). I wouldn't give it high marks, but it's competently done.
  • I'd been wanting to see "Leviathan" since I had somehow, out of nowhere, heard of it. Negative reviews (from IMDb, FYI) dulled my interests, but finally, I figured what the hell, and as it turned out, this isn't a bad movie.

    A deep-sea mining crew, counting down to its last few days (well, first, of their project, and later, of their lives--ouch, that was pretty promo-like, huh?) and, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the crew members becomes infected with an odd sort of skin disease, which may lead back to a small, spider-like sea creature brought on board. In any event, things don't look good, and this disease is apparently something more. Something very deadly. This may also explain the sunken Russian ship they find, with the mysterious captain's log and, thing leads to another, and "Alien"-style fun ensues as members of the small crew are infected or killed (or, in one rather unique case, kill themselves), leading up to a somewhat flat climax, where the film falters.

    Indeed, we'll start with that. "Leviathan" has a good amount of build-up. Bores the hell out of some people, but it really isn't boring. (And doesn't take THAT long for the screaming to start, so to speak.) We get to know the characters, and what is going on here, and what is causing this whole fiasco. I, for one, liked that, and liked the way the characters are developed. Peter Weller as the pacifist head honcho, Beck. Richard Crenna as the doctor, Dr. Thompson. Amanda Pays as the requisite tough-but-likably-innocent miner, Willie. Daniel Stern as the slimy Sixpack, and so forth and so on. All in all, a great group of characters. (Loved Ernie Hudson's Jones.) And you don't really want to see them all die. So, when it all goes down, the movie manages to envoke some sympathy for them all.

    But once it's time to get into action mode (running around steam-filled corridors, toting a flame-thrower, screaming and hollering and all that fun stuff) the movie doesn't deliver. Sure, the final trio of survivors gets to do their fair share of it, and they do it well. But then it just seems like the ending came too quickly, and there was still more to be milked. Let's look at "Alien" again. (I think it's a prerequisite that anyone who reviews this movie mention that one, too.) In the end, after everyone but Ripley is killed, we get a pretty harrowing thrill ride through the soon-to-be-detonating ship. Sure, it goes to the extent of Ripley going back to get the cat, but it's SCARY! And you're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Here...well, no cat, but the the mining ship was going to implode, due to lack of oxygen. So, what happened to all that drama and suspense? I felt a little cheated. Would have loved to have knocked off the others and left Willie running around doing all that fun stuff, trying to escape before she ran out of air. Instead...well, you get the point.

    Since we're talking about characters a little, let's move on to the acting. For the most part, the cast gives a good show. Peter Weller is leading man material, and he pulled it off well. Richard Crenna never gives a downright bad performance, and I liked him here. Loved Amanda Pays's British accent, and she gave a good performance. Would have liked her a little bit more gun-ho, though, she seemed to need some saving a little too much. Daniel Stern has a surprisingly smaller role, considering his billing, but he does well with what he has to do. Ernie Hudson is a dependable actor, and you can always trust him to give a great performance. Here, he does it again. I really liked his character, he was probably the one I liked the most of them all. Another great actor is Hector Elizondo, and here he gives another very Hector Elizondo performance, and he does a great job. Lisa Eilbacher also gave a great performance, and I really liked her. Michael Carmine may have seemed a bit like the "we'll think of a character later" Hispanic, but I thought he did quite well, too. Last but not least, Meg Foster, who actually only appears on a television communicating with Beck (she sent them all down there) and a little bit in the end, but, well...she's got the most amazing eyes I've ever seen, and that's the most I could say for her.

    The special effects are excellent, and with all this CGI crap we have today, its great to see these "genuine" effects, and they look great.

    Overall, the movie isn't bad. It sustains a good amount of suspense in parts, and George P. Cosmatos can handle a swift action scene quite well. Check out "Cassandra Crossing" (the only other Cosmatos movie I've seen--I'll be sure to check out more), it's very Italian but it's a pretty good 70s disaster flick of his. The Jerry Goldsmith score is good, too. Not "The Omen" good, but he never fails to give a pretty rousing score.

    So, in the end, "Leviathan" ain't bad. Try the much frowned-upon "Sphere" (I liked it) or "The Abyss" for similiar fun. Enjoy.
  • An interesting case for sci-fi fans and a missed opportunity for the director, having a generally decent cast, a sufficient budget and a story, let's say 'not overused enough for that time'. The totally obvious Alien rip-off is technically surprisingly well executed and pleases with almost top notch set designs and very good creature effects. Now that all this didn't make an absolutely satisfying, or actually even really good sci-fi movie can be blamed on the lack of tight pacing in the script, occasionally bad editing or I guess generally the rather inconsistent lead of George P. Cosmatos, resulting uncalled-for moments of amateur filmmaking entering into a movie otherwise to be taken serious. These then start accumulating and gradually getting out of control as the movie gains speed (among others resulting conversations on the subjects of popcorn and puzzles) and then ultimately explode into a 5 minute orgy of total C-Movie crap, actually even added after the anyways forgettable climax of the movie (how the hell did that happen by the way?). Otherwise, we can say, that the first 2/3rd of the movie is pretty okay, not counting a few minor downers and then gradually messes up in the finale. In the end you decide weather it was worth watching or not. Though for genre fans I guess this is absolutely obligatory.
  • An undersea mining troop looking for precious minerals accidentally comes across a strange compound that mutates the genetic configuration of whoever touches it and forces them to battle their hideously-mutated friends to get away alive.

    This wasn't all that bad at all and definitely has it's moments. During the later half, when the creature's loose and begins to hunt them down, it takes full effect of a perfect hunting ground for the creatures and lets them have some good moments in the stalking to derive some fine suspense, and the tactics of self-protection are certainly worthwhile, coming off as creative and logical and helping in the action nicely. This suffers from several problems however. The most notable is the film's reluctance to fully embrace the horror of the situation and trying to keep it as classy-looking as possible, from a lack of screen-time for the mutants to the near elimination of gore during the kills and keeping it looking classy instead of revealing in it's horror-based origins. Some pacing issues and a really contrived story are also to be worried about, but luckily the make-up effects, especially the final stage of the mutant when we do see the creature make-up for it, so overall, it's flawed but definitely watchable.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Robocop, a ghostbuster, a suspicious doctor, some pervert called 6-pack and some women who are hot and.. not so hot are stuck deep underwater while a hurricane blows above. After finding a Russian boat an exercise in film rip-offs begin. wait the opening was like the Abyss... anyhoo i digress. Although ideas are homaged/taken from other films, the end result is a unique awesome underwater monster movie.

    Part alien, part the thing, the real, non cgi creature fx are nothing short of superb. Its hard to rate the creature as it looks like slugs that attack people, mouths in hands, and many people cobbled together in a lot of pain. The latter reminded me of the thing, but is unique in its own way. There is some decent gore, a solid pace, and some glaring pot holes, or more things left unexplained. This film feels incomplete in some respects, and heavily censored in certain scenes. When Peter Weller gets grabbed and reaches for his power tool, he just jumps on screen after a nasty jump cut. like a 60's horror, the slow close ups of the ominous safe from the Russian boat amused me, and the fact that the hip flask containing some genetic mutating experiment/sea creature is left for you to have ideas about. which i liked. Throw in the doctor that figures out to much and screws his crew-mates and some message about corporations employees being expendable and you have the mixed bag Leviathan.

    Out of 'the deep', 'Deepstar six', 'the abyss' and 'deep rising' Leviathan is my favourite, heavily enjoyable, even if somewhat restrained at points, and all out gore at others.

    If you dig creature features or underwater films that go wrong, check Leviathan as soon as possible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."Leviathan" (R - 1989 - US)

    Sub-Genre: Monster

    My Score: 6.8

    Cast=7 Acting=8 Plot=7 Ending=8 Story=6 Scare=7 Jump=6 F/X=6 Monster=8 Gore=5

    Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results. The crew of the mining base must fight to survive against a genetic mutation that hunts them down one by one.

    "Look at my foot! This bitch put a goddamn sea monster in my bunk!" You don't know the half of it, buddy! This movie was trying to be "John Carpenter's The Thing" except the water was a liquid instead of a solid. It didn't live up to that, but I liked it anyway. Solid action, good acting, and a strong ending is exactly what I wanted from an 80's horror movie. I'm sure Peter Weller wanted to be Robocop (I know I did), but hey we can't have our cake and eat it too.
  • After reading numerous reviews about this film I wasn't expecting to much. Many top critics have condemned this film like it was absolutely a waste of time. In my opinion, this film was worth the hour and half. The director of this film, George P. Cosmatos has been ridiculed for making some of the most mediocre films in cinema history. Well better mediocre than terrible! Leviathan isn't even really that bad as critics say it is. This movie has a really good cast and the special effects make it even more enjoyable.

    The cast of this film has actors from various genres. Peter Weller, Amanda Pays, Ernie Hudson, Richard Crenna, and Daniel Stern to name a few. Even though this film is sci-fi part horror, there are so parts of comedy under the mesh of genres. Same thing goes for Cosmatos' film Cobra (1986); a serious movie with some comedic moments. Weller and Hudson are fun to listen to. Mostly these two actors have all the fun lines to say. Amanda Pays is nice to watch too, mostly because people enjoy the scenes where she has barely any clothes on. For me though it's her accent and her eyes. She just has a very innocent character and she does it well. Even though the cast is not massive, I don't want to give away all the character's personalities. The viewer will be able to figure it out when they watch the movie.

    The effects are the second best thing in this movie. Stan Winston who also did a series of other amazing creature effects in previous movies such as Alien (1979) provides the creature effects. For any horror fan that doesn't like things that squirm and wiggle, this will be a good movie to see. The only issue I had was how the characters were picked off. What I mean is how much gore was involved. Although this movie was rated R, it is mostly for language and some blood. There is blood but I felt that there could've been more. Either way it works well in creating tension. Jerry Goldsmith who I think did a great job composed the music in this movie. Never have a heard a movie soundtrack that has whale sounds in it; it's very eerie.

    Finally what I like most about this movie was the whole idea. I don't really understand why but 1989 was year that underwater thrillers were the up and up. Along with Leviathan was Deepstar Six (1989) and The Abyss (1989). All three of these didn't really fair well but I feel that this one is the best, even though Cameron's Abyss is now the most famous. But the creature in this movie is like a hybrid of Alien (1979), and John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). Just like The Thing (1982), this movie uses flame-throwers and they look a whole lot meaner too! To some, this film is a cheap knock-off. This is not cheap knock-off, it is a well done knock-off. It has good effects and nice cast to back it up. It hurts to hear people scorn this film, all it is a mixture of previous ideas.

    With the suspense from The Abyss (1989), the setting from Alien (1979), and a creature like The Thing (1982), Leviathan is a true knock-off. But what makes it better than other knock-offs is its distinguished cast, exceptional special effects and a murky soundtrack.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to watch all of these low budget horror films that were cranked out during the eighties. My buddies and I would watch the worst movies and make fun of them. This movie was one of three deep sea monster movies in 89,and i thought it was pretty good.However...****SPOILERS****

    ....Ernie Hudson survives all the way to the end of the movie,(rare for a black man in horror film) he even makes it to the ocean surface along with Peter Weller and the female lead...the end credit music triumphantly swells....the rescue helicopter is directly above our heroes..AND THE MONSTER RESURFACES TO EAT THE BROTHER. Now maybe that was supposed to be funny? I remember we were busting up laughing at the time...but thinking back...that was kind of weird.

    This movie was very similar to Deep Star Six,( No..the Brother did not make it in that one either..)but this was a little better.6/10!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Of the three aliens underwater movies of 1989 this one is certainly the best . THE ABYSS might be slightly more remembered but that's possibly down to James Cameron as director and it was also the film that brought us CGI which changed the face of Hollywood but not necessarily for the better . DEEPSTAR SIX felt like each of its three acts belonged in different movie genres and at least LEVIATHAN sets its stall out from the start that it's going to be a straightforward horror movie set under the ocean

    None of the films did much at the box office that year but watching the movies more than 20 years later this is the most enjoyable one . Interstingly cast would probably have the bigger names of the three movies with Murphy from ROBOCOP , the black guy from GHOSTBUSTERS , John Rambo's commanding officer and the posh chick from MAX HEADROOM. in a film directed by the same guy who directed RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2 and the screenwriter of BLADE RUNNER so it's not really a film that has to sell itself down to the plot

    Perhaps this is just as well because as so many people have said this is like a cross between ALIEN and THE THING . Definite B movie material but if you dig a little deeper you'll notice that it contains a somewhat prophetic criticism of corporate capitalism ( As did ROBOCOP ) and perhaps a dated subtext involving AIDS . It seems somewhat ridiculous now but at the end of the 1980s television would broadcast adverts warning people of the very public danger of AIDS while some so called experts predicted the decimation of the world population before the end of the century due to the disease . In some ways the film also owes a bit to the body horror of David Cronenberg

    As it stands LEVIATHAN is a tense and exciting B movie set beneath the waves and beautifully shot and avoids the cliché of having the token black guy getting killed first. One wonders though how different things might have worked out for Hollywood if George P Cosmatos had directed THE ABYSS while James Cameron had directed this film . Would we have got a film industry that was too reliant on CGI . One wonders
  • To be clear, the creature feature "Leviathan" is the movie that gets muddled in your memory with "Alien", "The Abyss", "DeepStar Six", "Deep Rising" and several other claustrophobic undersea or outspace sci-fi films. If, for unfathomable reasons, you needed to draw a distinction, this one has the really lame fish monster. And the human / mackerel / alien hybrid mess is unfortunate because the writers made a laudable attempt to imbue its eventual victims with realistic personalities, foibles, petty gripes, jealousies and sub-plot lines. For some reason many of the cast members playing these characters are distractingly thin particularly Peter Weller, Daniel Stern and Amanda Pays. Stern appears positively emaciated while Pays manages not to pose much threat to censors even during the obligatory scene where she is stripped to her underwear and doused with seawater. One assumes the film's craft services sucked. The high point of the cast, as he is with most of his films (which is not saying much given he costarred with Sylvester Stallone in three "Rambo" pictures), rests with the permanently at-rest Richard Crenna. Crenna exemplified square-jarred, middle American, straight-shooting authority and was criminally underutilized. In particular, he deserved a much high level of stardom by using the instant trust he generated in audiences in work where he turns out to secretly be the heavy (as he sort of is here). Theorizing why Hollywood failed to impart on Crenna the stardom he richly deserved deserved stands as a valuable pastime while wading through the wildly unconvincing scenes of miners supposedly 2 miles undersea ("remember actors, walk really slow and deliberate because all that water would probably be heavy!") and any scene involving Aquaman's congenitally deformed fourth cousin. In short, rent "First Blood" and watch all scenes where real men (a now extinct species) Richard Crenna faces off against Brian Dennehy (skip any scene with Stallone) instead of sitting through "Leviathan".
  • nicopatrizi20 February 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Partly turned in Italy aboard a Saipem Agip platform built on Adriatic Sea,this movie beats easily Deep Star Six and Endless Descent. We've a crew of workers on a ship placed on the bottom of the ocean and some of them go to make some explorations outside the base, near to a Russian wreck.Six-Pack (Daniel Stern of Home Alone) finds a bottle apparently containing vodka, but this particular is for a moment let aside because De Jesus (Carmine)is in danger.Only the ability and cool blood of Beck (Peter Weller-Robocop & Screamers!) ,the crew's leader, saves for the moment the life of De Jesus.Back on the ship, despite Beck's ban,Six Pack and the second female worker Bowman (Elibacher) drink the bottle of "vodka". Unfortunately it isn't vodka,but a mutant gene that will cause the 2 to become a powerful monster that will possess one by one the rest of the crew!Despite their best efforts and the massive use of hi-tech buzz-saws and flame-throwers,only 3 people are still alive at last:Beck,his love interest Elizabeth Williams (the gorgeous Amanda Pays-The Flash and Max Headroom) and Jones (Ernie Hudson-Ghostbusters!).More and more, Dr.Thompson (Crenna-Rambo 1,2,3!) has activated the escape pods still empty in order to avoid that the monster could reach the surface.So,are the three survivors doomed? Not at all!Beck arranges a system to reach the surface fitting three suits with oxygen cans,so he and his 2 friends manage to escape before the ship could implode on a very impressive scene!Once at light Beck and Williams manage to defeat the monster once at all causing him to explode with high amount of gore.Unfortunately Hudson is killed,the only low moment of the movie.At last back on the platform,Beck punches his boss (Meg Foster-Blind Fury,Tripwire,Masters of The Universe!) that formerly refused to rescue the crew and also considered them already all dead. Great FX,skilled actors,a beautiful heroine,continuous perils for the heroes,a powerful monster,a more than good script (that seems to foreshadow Mimic), make Leviathan a great sci-fi movie.And George Pan Cosmatos demonstrated that he wasn't skilled only for Rambo.

    10 stars out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I give it a 3 because the effects of the monster-mutant thing creature(s) are pretty convincingly done.

    But this movie is pure B-movie schlock, just with a studio budget. It's a jumble of bits of other, better movies; and is about as generic and predictable as it gets. You feel no tension at all; firstly because it takes half the movie for anything to happen, and secondly you know what's going to happen and who's going to bite it well before the tentacle monster gets them.

    It really is just "Alien" meets "The Thing" under the sea. Heck, the crew are even mining minerals. All it needed was a nuclear self-destruct.

    I'd compare it to "Life"... which is practically the exact same movie, now in space, with an even bigger budget.
  • rmax30482322 November 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    An underwater mining station with a diverse crew discovers a sunken Russian ship, which they loot. Among the loot is an organism that takes over the people exposed to it, one by one. It raids the blood supply, it absorbs its victims, and in one case it tears itself out of the guy's chest. The remaining three crew members search the station for the slimy monster, wielding ungainly looking flame throwers. But there's no stopping the thing. Three of the crew -- Weller, Pays, and Hudson -- escape and rise to the surface as the station implodes behind them but the monster has followed them to the surface. It eats Hudson and as it tries to gulp down Weller, he throws a flare into its mouth and shouts a wisecrack, something like "Bon Appetit." Boom! A Coast Guard helicopter ferries them to safety.

    It's not "Alien". It's a shameless ripoff of "Alien," done more confusingly and less artfully. There is little of the tension in the original and this production adds nothing in the way of innovation. "Alien" at least got rid of the stereotype of the sterile environment. It had rusty cargo hold, swinging chains, and unfriendly maze-like interiors. This movie has the same sort of sets but it breaks no new ground. Come to think of it, though, there may be nothing new here but it's NOT all stolen from "Alien." Weller's final wisecrack is from "Jaws." Steal only from the most commercial successes.

    The acting is okay. I've always kind of liked Peter Weller. His acting style is "cool" but intense, and he has an appointment at Syracuse University teaching Ancient Civilizations. You have to admire that kind of versatility in an individual. William Blake and Marcus Aurelius are among other admirables. I admire Ernie Hudson, too. He was my co-star in "Weeds." But his role here is tightly bound up with the character and it has no spark.

    Oh, well, I guess I admire Amanda Pays too, but for entirely different reasons. She's an actress of modest talent but precise and conventional beauty. Makes one wonder where that beauty comes from. Genes, of course, but why does it take the shape it does? A few millimeters less or extra, here or there, and the beauty becomes base.

    Anyway, if you like "Alien" you might like this, but less so.
  • I love Leviathan to death I am huge number 1 fan of this film. A perfect mix of "Alien" and "The Thing"...except underwater :) I love the cast they do a great job. Stan Winston makes effects which are well done. Stan Winston R.I.P. he made effects on Aliens (1986) which is my favorite horror monster film and on this film. Leviathan is my third favorite horror film of all time. It is in top 10 favorite horror films of mine, so much I love this film. I love Leviathan's underwater monster counterpart.

    It come out the same year as James Cameron's The Abyss and Deepstar Six, but none of those movies I like. The Abyss is boring as hell film i havent seen that film in a long time and it is overrated. Deepstar Six is a step back from Leviathan.

    "And Sixpack, if you call me Becky one more time I'm going to pop your tops, all six of them."

    I love the cast: Peter Weller from RoboCop 1,2 and Unknown Origin, Amanda Pays from The Flash (1990), Richard Crenna from Rambo trilogy, Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters 1 , 2, Daniel Stern from Home Alone, Lisa Eilbacher from Beverly Hills Cop, Hector Elizondo from Beverly Hills Cop III and Meg Foster from They Live. Directed was by George P. Cosmatos who directed Rambo: First Blood Part II, Cobra and Tombstone. Great music score from Jerry Goldsmith who made the music score for the Rambo trilogy.

    Amanda Pays as Elizabeth 'Willie' Williamss is great heroine in this movie I love her to death, I love the actress so much. Peter Weller is not Alex J. Murphy in this movie, in here he is a normal guy Steven Beck who is afraid for the savety of his crew and he doesnt want to be a leader, but he has too. He is reading a text books to be a reader. He has to practice his speach in front of the mirror. He is reading the books so that he is doing his job better. At the beginning in the film when one of his guy's suits are malfunctioned, he is worry and panicing and not acting like everything is alright, he try's to be calm. He is very likable character my favorite Peter Weller's performance. I love him in RoboCop 1 and 2, but Leviathan is my favorite film from Peter Weller he ever did. I love Daniel Stern as Buzz 'Sixpack' Parrish I love the character. Lisa Eilbacher was excellent as Bridget 'Bow' Bowman she was excellent in Beverly Hills Cop and she was excellent in here. Ernie Hudson as Justin Jones is excellent I love his dialogues and his lines "Gone? B***h, we're still here!"

    On the dark and forbiding, ocean floor, the crew of a deep sea mission rig discovers a sunken freighter that harbors a deadly secret: a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. With a storm raging on the surface and no hope to rescue,the captain and his team are propelled into a spine tingling battle for survival against the ultimate foe - a hideous mosnter that cannot die and lives to kill.

    The movie is smiliar to Alien and The Thing but I don't care I love this movie to death and with Aliens (1986) is my personal best favorite underwater action sci-fi horror film. I love the effects by Stan Winston I know people are make fun of them they call them crappy I disagree they are great. I always enjoy the effects I love when the creature pops his head in and Peter Weller try's to escape and gets crushed. a little bits of pices gets cut off and flew away. A little creature come out and kills 'DeJesus" (Michael Carmine) in his chest. The arms come and grabs Peter Weller and he takes the saw and chops it off.

    I love the sea-creature how it was designed I don't mind it. I love everything about this movie. Jerry Goldsmith music score in my opinion it is very underrated. I would say Levaithan is very underrated. I love Amanda Pays to death I love her perfomence in here so much. John Carpenter The Thing is also my favorite film with Leviathan in my opinion this movie works well as a horror movie. If you like Alien and The Thing watch this movie it is not bad but verry underrater sea- creature feature monster horror film.
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