To Jaglom's surprise, this film was the official American selection at the Venice Film Festival in 1990, and this was the basis of Jaglom's film Venice/Venice. Jaglom went to film that movie in Venice while there to promote this film.

David Duchovny and Maggie (Jakobson) Wheeler were boyfriend/girlfriend in real life as well as in this movie. Also like her character, Wheeler had done voices for cartoons.

The final film in a trilogy of autobiographical films directed by Henry Jaglom. The first was Always (1985) and the second was Someone to Love (1987).

The "screenplay" for this film famously consisted of one mass, visually daunting flow-chart of ideas circled and connected to each other (in the center of this mass of ideas was written "New Year's Day (Time to Move On)". Typical to Jaglom's style, the actors improvised all the dialogue.

Maggie (Jakobson) Wheeler is introduced in the credits as if this is her first movie appearance, but she was in three previous movies in minor roles, including "Someone to Love," also directed by Henry Jaglom.