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  • This is one of my favourite films, I have seen this movie many times and each time I see I learn more about Stephen/Stephanie's character and I admire the extremes he will go to because of his love for Shelly. The sub-plot of the tennis tournament is and excellent light relief to the otherwise serious nature of the film. This film deals with strong issues, such as plagiarism, lying and downright cheating (in the tennis tournament). I would recommend this film to any of my friends, definately 10/10!
  • I have seen this movie many times and it is a cute movie to sit through every time. It is not so much funny but it is the typical crush story only with a twist. Chad Lowe plays Stephen who is infatuated with a tennis player named Shelly(played by Gail O'Grady). In order to get closer to her without "busting" as Stephen says he turns himself into a girl hoping to win her over that way. I think this is one of O'Grady's best performances but her best was in NYPD Blue I believe. Chad Lowe is is adorable in this off beat movie about how far a guy will go just for love.
  • A college student falls in love at first sight with a lovely, blonde co-ed. She is dating the BMOC, and pays no attention to her fellow student. While this was not an award winner, it was a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes.
  • Nobody's Perfect is an idea and truth that perhaps a few of us could take more seriously and do a little less demanding of ourselves or others to be. Maybe close could be just as good only "perfect" is a word that sort of enlists expectations. Either way Nobody' Perfect is a Chad Lowe vehicle that he plays pretty well. Get the sort of pun, pretty well. Actually he does play it pretty well where I cannot decide whether Chad plays the 'female' portion of the character as if we're in on the bending while other characters in the film are not and can't seem to tell. Like a couple of other teen and 'tween films of this type, He's My Girl and Just One Of The Guys, Nobody's Perfect is no ones waste of time. Thank God it wasn't anything like a Miss Congeniality or something where Chad might have had to go up against others dressed in nightlife finery. That award/title would have been hard to come by and there just is not that much padding a man can do. Daughters of lock up your husbands cause Nobody's Perfect turns out the lights with laughs.
  • cathylr17 March 2019
    It´s a family film that has no other pretention than entertaining. I watched it several time when I was twelve or so and found amusing the efforts of that guy to act like a girl as most films are about the opposite, i.e., women trying to act like guys to get more respect/power. All actors are fine so, if you are looking for something to watch with your young teenager, just go ahead, it will most likely make you smile and have a nice time.
  • I saw this movie as a teenager and I'm so happy I found it again. I'm very nostalgic about romantic high school comedies from the 80's and this goes to the same series even though this is made 1990. Okay it's ridiculous and politically incorrect but it makes me laugh out loud! And Chad Lowe is <3.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A film that tries to be a college version of Tootsie but ultimately fails to make the grade. While the film attempts to tack on some serious moments, it feels forced and ruins the film's flow. For a cross-bending comedy it sorely lacks in that regard. I really only laughed at the physical exam scene, other than a few other moments that made me chuckle. The film just sits there, it's dull and not really funny.

    Also the entire plot fails in that nobody can tell that Stephanie looks like Stephen. Stephanie just looks like a boy with a bad wig on and dime store makeup applied.

    Ultimately the film fails to hit the ball out of the court.
  • Plot Summary: Boy (Stephen) who plays tennis falls in love with girl who plays tennis. When there's an injury on the women's tennis team, Stephen and his unscrupulous friend put him in a tennis skirt so that he can circumnavigate his love's violently possessive boyfriend.

    I'm guessing that the title is a play off of the last line of "Some Like It Hot", a classic gender-bender film if there ever was one.

    This film is a cheesy little romance, with an interesting plot twist or two and the occasionally witty bit of funny dialogue.

    Girl (hitting on boy): What's your favorite kind of pizza? Boy: Large. Girl: Mine too!

    I got a few laughs out of the love-struck protagonist's hijinks in a skirt. Nothing all that exciting, but decent entertainment if you don't have anything else to do.
  • cecrle11 August 1999
    This movie was on the Romance channel, and I thought it might be a goofy 80's movie that would be enjoyable on some level, so my brother and I watched it. Boy did it suck. Boy gets crush on girl--correction, his *dream*-girl (apparently there is a difference; and I'm surprised he realized she was his dream girl--he was smitten with her from over 30 feet away. I guess that just goes to show the power of dream-girls), boy ends up masquerading as a female to be near dream-girl (creative in the sense that it's a far-out plan, but un-creative in the sense that there are probably better solutions one might think up), awkward situations ensue, a match is made (all of which takes seems to take place around late afternoon--either the location was somehow responsible for this odd lighting, or the actors had to wait until they got off of their day-jobs to come to the set; I suspect the latter). Very clumsily done, very pathetic. It's almost never even amusing *accidentally*, so there really is nothing to redeem it. Unless you're interested in seeing Chad Lowe's early days, before he finally got his piece of the pie with his role as the HIV-positive gay guy on the series "Life Goes On", or Gail O'Grady who was on NYPD Blue and probably got to stare at Dennis Franz's buttocks). But those are unlikely motives--I'd say "systematic derangement of the senses" would be a more justified purpose. I'm surprised I watched it all. I guess it's the kind of thing where, halfway through, you find yourself *still* watching due to some morbid, self-flagellistic inner-issue, and think you might as well finish it so you can tell your friends and family that you actually sat through such a horrible movie, on the off-chance that it'll garner you some sympathy for the questionable state of your mental health. Can *You* Take the Challenge?
  • This film is a putrid example of not how to do a movie. It is childish, moronic, and detestable in every way. It is a complete waste of time and the only redeeming value to me is the background of tennis of which I play regularly. BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I concur with everyone above who said anything that will convince you to not waste even a briefest of moments watching this amazingly amateurish movie. Very poor acting, offhand production values, utterly pedestrian direction, and a script so inept and inane it should never have been written, let alone produced. Even Hollywood "professionals" apparently go to work just for a paycheck, although no one should have been paid for this bad work. Careers should instead have ENDED over this inconsequential drivel.

    OTH, there is something fascinating about watching something so jaw-droppingly bad. And Chad Lowe is terrifically and consistently bad.
  • estellle23 May 2000
    I saw this movie in the middle of the night, when I was flipping through the channels and there was nothing else on to watch. It's one of those films where you stop to see what it is - just for a moment! - but realize after twenty minutes or so that you just can't turn it off, no matter how bad it is. One of those movies that is somewhere in between being so bad it's good and so bad it's, well, just plain BAD, it's worth seeing just to experience the confusion of realizing that it's both! Great middle-of-the-night fare, if only for the fabulous tennis drag. Don't even bother asking yourself why nobody can tell that Chad Lowe is so obviously male, because logic does not apply.
  • I really wish that when making a comedy, the people actually tried to make it funny. This is a film that you can sit through, but nothing is special about it. After watching it, you will say that it was alright. It was not boring to watch, but gave the audience no jokes to laugh at. Entertainment should mean that you actually get something more than an o.k. story. This movie wanted to be "Tootsie", but instead it failed.

    I gave it a 1 out of 10.