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  • I remember first seeing this movie when I was about five years old, and I found it hilarious. I caught the movie a couple more times on network TV, but this is the first time I watched it again in its unedited form.

    Needless to say, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are both wonderful talents with an irreplacable chemistry, and that chemistry is utilized very well throughout. Of course, the brilliantly original premise helps as well. A blind guy and a deaf guy who pair up to solve a murder? Classic! That premise is used wonderfully. There's a great line where they're interrogated and angry officer screams out, "Between the two of you, you saw and heard everything!"

    There's a lot of great fish-out-of-water humor involving Pryor's blindness and Wilder's deafness. One of the most hilarious gags, along with the car chase, is when Pryor helps another blind man to walk across the street, and they end up in the back of a truck. Now that's a literal example of the blind leading the blind. Each gag is delivered and timed very well, thanks for the great actors and veteran director Arthur Hiller, who has directed the two leads before in "Silver Streak."

    This isn't a perfect comedy. A few gags fall flat, but the key word is "few." Some reviewers and audiences have regarded this as the low point in Wilder's and Pryor's careers. I think of "Another You" as the low point, which is a horribly forgettable comedy that unfortunately was the last film they did together.

    A good deal of the gags are far-fetched, but this is a slapstick farce and you have to expect that. That's why I always say that this is a very tricky sub-genre and if not done correctly, the audience will totally stop suspending disbelief and simply scoff at its foolishness.

    Fans of Pryor and Wilder should not be disappointed. Also, if you want to see an early (comic) performance by Kevin Spacey, it's also worth checking out. Speaking of worth checking out, Joan Severance provides great eye candy, and she has a couple of nude scenes to boot. I was born in 1982, so this was the first movie where I saw the two comics together on screen, so "See No Evil" is more unique to me than it probably is to others. But come on! With scenes like a high-speed car chase involving a blind man and a deaf man trying to escape, how can this not be regarded as a "unique" comedy?

    My score: 7 (out of 10)
  • matija-trost1 November 2001
    Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are probably one of the best comedy couples around. And this title is probably one of the best they made together. The most of the credit goes here to Richard, who played his part really hilariously.

    Anyway, a nice late-eighties comedy, with some great laughs and not so great plot. But hey, who cares about that, when you "smile your pants off".

    7 out of 10
  • Just saw this movie again recently, and it still gets me laughing like crazy. This was the first Pryor/Wilder movie I ever saw, when it first came out on video, and it eventually got me to the video store several more times to see their other movies. Although all of them got me laughing (especially Silver Streak), this one was by far the funniest. It's definitely an underrated movie. I only wish Pryor and Wilder had done more together.
  • Petruchio15 September 2001
    "See no evil, Hear no evil"; a perfect title for an hilarious script that was brilliantly portrayed by Gene Wilder (Dave) and Richard Pryer (Wally). The tale of two "handicapped" (as Dave remarks at the end of the film, "I'm not handicapped, I have you") individuals who come together to be ones eyes. The hilarious duo get caught in a crime they did not commit and do everything in thier power to rid them of the accusation.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie tremendously. I remember watching it when it first came out in 1989 and thinking, "wow...what a funny flick". Being only 11 at the time, I didn't really understand the hilarity of all the jokes that was in it. The reason why I watch it again now... 13 years later is because of one Kevin Spacey (Who plays Kirgo, the crook). I'm in the process of collecting all of his movies... and this one just happens to be one in that list. I'm glad that it is. I find the script to be wonderfull, the acting brilliant and the time spent watching it a definate fun time. Great movie!!
  • SamBob20 April 1999
    Hilarious, side splitting, very clever humour by two of the best comedy actors ever.

    I have seen this film several times now, and each time is as amusing as the first.

    You have just got to watch this film!
  • benny-6217 May 2000
    Not quite as good as Silver Streak and Stir Crazy but this Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor outing never fails in putting a big smile on my face.Seen it loads of times now and it's as funny as the first time, brilliant stuff.
  • This has to be one of the funniest films ever made.Two of the best comic actors in recent history.Who has there been since?next to this film I would have to put stire crazy but see no evil just eclipses it with the perfect timing of the jokes and the best scene of all fuzzy wuzzy was a what?{HAS TO BE SEEN}
  • Unfortunetely, I watch this movie two days before Richard Pryor dies from an heart attack, he was such a wonderful actor. The teacher of many black actors of nowadays including Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Chris Rock. As for the movie, it's the kind of comedy you want to watch every time you watch a comedy. You see? I don't! You hear? I don't!! That's two man, Richard Pryor as the blind guy (perfect choice by the way) and one of his best friends of all time, the talented Gene Wilder, who make the guy who can't hear. So he follow the words on the mouths of people. The plot is yet simple but effective. The beautiful Joan Severance and a unknown Kevin Spacey at that time make the villains in this movie. They are so credible, that you believe them. So I would say one thing about this movie and it's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! You have 2 talented actors and you don't even care about the script anymore because they are so talented than they can make look good any movie they are involved to. Here, we have a good storyline, so it helps even more. You laugh about all the time even when you think ''It's too stupid to make this'', yeap, but you laugh because you are watching one of the best comedies of all times. The writing stuff is genius, they make this movie and probably at that time, it was another movie like this, but as of today, it has become a cult classic for every Richard Pryor fans! Thank you Richard for everything!
  • This movie is absolutely hilarious. If you are looking for a funny movie I would definitely recommend this one!! Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are classic together. The crazy antics of the two characters is incredibly funny.
  • This pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, while not "Silver Streak" and not the first half of "Stir Crazy", is still an amusing comedy with some absolutely hilarious moments. I mean, let's face it...the second half of Stir Crazy is as boring as it gets. This film lags in spots, but the chemistry of Pryor and Wilder does satisfy. Stay away from "Another You" (as I did). I figured that this film was as good as we were going to get from Pryor and Wilder. Was I right? I dunno. I stayed away from "Another You".
  • I love this movie! This is the best movie Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor were in together. (My second favorite is Stir Crazy.) How genius? A blind guy and a deaf guy running from the police and two murders and are wanted for a murder they never committed. Its just so simple yet so clever! I'm a big fan of both Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as well as Kevin Spacey and John Capodice. My favorite scene in the movie is when Wally is trying to drive the police car and the police and the killers are after him. That was great! A blind man driving, hitting everything and driving in places he shouldn't have bee driving. Woo! Next time you want to see a Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor movie watch See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
  • I love this movie and I love Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. On the face of it they're both so utterly unfunny that they come full circle on the crapometer right back round to funny. You have to hand it to them. These guys have made several films together, all of which are arguably quite rubbish, yet I always wizz myself laughing whenever I watch any of them. By the way, for all you Wilder/Pryor slapstick-duo film fan freaks out there, I stole that amazingly funny quote in my summary from the back of the Stir Crazy box. So sue me if I want to use the best line I've ever read on the back of a video box ever, anywhere in the whole wide world. You know, you should always judge a film by it's cover, and even more so by the description on the back. How could you not fall over, doubled-up in uncontrollable fits of laughter, face contorting, body spasming in the video store when you see Pryor/Wilder on the front cover of a video, one pretending he can't see, the other pretending he can't hear. Then you read the back cover and you nearly die laughing before you reach the counter due to the over-use of words such as, crazy, zany, nuts, wacko, crackers, mad-cap, caper, loony, escapades, hilarious, romp etc. etc. I mean, if you've ever seen this film, you'll know what a total load of lies that is, but they're real funny lies. All this and you have not even left the video store. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but any film that has normal, well adjusted members of the film watching community thrashing about on the floor of a video store, really should have cleaned up at the oscars. Ok, so I exaggerate. Or do I. Come on then. Lets hear some Pryor/ Wilder collaboration appreciation.
  • See No Evil,Hear No Evil is a decent movie with a mediocre storyline but a good comedic cast.I always like seeing Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder on screen together,the two always have great chemistry on screen and are clearly great friends,this movie is no exception,but it's just not the best movie either of them has done.I really enjoyed Pryor's performance,he did a great job pretending to be blind,he always looked straight ahead and was very convincing.I also appreciated Joan Severance and Kevin Spacey,Severance is very funny and attractive,and this is one of the first films Spacey has ever starred in,it's certainly not his finest performance,but he played his character well and this movie started off a great career for this man.See No Evil,Hear No Evil is worth the watch if it is on TV,it's short and has its some moments that are quite funny,but it's nothing outstanding.

    Two friends,one blind and one deaf,go on the run to clear their names when they become murder suspects.

    Best Performance: Richard Pryor
  • This has to be my one of my all time favorite Comedy movies... I love this film. The movie is based around two guys one Black and Blind (Played to perfection by Richard Pryor) the other, White and Deaf (Played by the equally funny Gene Wilder). Both are accused of killing the bookie of the Blind Guy this leads to a hilarious chase across the county and them trying to uncovering the people who set them up. I could easily go on and on about this movie but in doing so would ruin it for you. This is one of the only movies that I have seen that I remember laughing untill there where tears in my eyes. This gets a 10/10 from me and I only hope you love it as much.
  • see no evil hear no evil is a very funny movie.there are so many funny scenes in this movie.the movie is maybe at it's funniest when pryor and wilder are at a hotel pretending to be doctors.i don't know why critics didn't like this movie.i thought it was pryor's and maybe wilder's funniest movie.but theres two wilder movies i haven't seen yet.but see no evil hear no evil is a very funny,and great movie.i liked this movie the first time i saw it.and the more i watched it the more i liked the point it's the funniest movie pryor has ever played in.i give this movie ***1/2 out of ****
  • Of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's team ups, this one ranks as my favorite. Granted it is not the most successful as I believe "Stir Crazy" was their biggest hit together, I still find this one the most funny. The story has Gene playing someone who is deaf and Pryor as someone who is blind. Right there you have the makings of a funny film as each other has to cope with the others handicap as Pryor's character tries to get a job at Gene's news stand where they become friends and have a very funny altercation at a bar. Well things start to spiral out of control as a person is murdered and our two heroes as it were get the blame. So they are off on a wild chase to first escape the police, then avoid recapture and finally find the people responsible for the murder. It plays out very well as by now Gene and Richard work perfectly together. Kind of a shame that Gene does not really appear in anything these days or for the last several years. He was a very funny comedic actor to be sure. This film is funny to be sure as well. A lot of good humor and it never really has to many sentimental moments either. It moves quickly too so all in all a funny comedy from two very funny guys.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this endeavor very much. As an avid fan of both Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, I enjoy all their team ventures. And while I did find this movie very entertaining, it also lacked some of the magick of the first few.

    Wilder plays a deaf entrepreneur, and Pryor is an unemployed blind man who comes to Wilder for a job. From the very beginning, this movie is hilariously clever. I did enjoy it, though it was a very bittersweet experience, seeing Pryor so ill, and Wilder so much in pain. It showed through both their performances.

    Unfortunately, the unforgiving public did not understand, and assumed their talents were lacking, rather than there were other problems. I can only hope this will not be their last thespian collaboration.

    It is well worth a viewing or two.

    It rates a 7.4/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • This is probably the funniest of all Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor films. They are a class act as a comic duo.

    See no Evil Hear no Evil comes a close overall second to their best film, Silver Streak (1976). But for laughs this beats off both all 3 of their outings (inc. Stir Crazy and Another You.)

    The whole blind guy deaf guy thing is superb, and Pryor as usual has some great lines. Check out his response when Joan Severence asks him if he has any last requests!!

    Most people prefer Stir Crazy but See no Evil Hear no Evil IS definately funnier. And its one of only a few films you can watch again and again and still find hillarous.
  • It was hillarious , it was magnificent from the beginning to the end. no doubt this was very good even if you watch after 100 years , because there is two legends actors in it . Pryor and Wilder they have a strange chemistry that make every movie great . omg , I can't explain how I enjoyed watching this movie . recommend it for all .

  • This film was Pryor and Wilder's last real film, together and solo. It was a mild hit at box offices, but it failed critically. The story is pretty good in this one, deaf man and blind man uniting to escape from a crime they didnt commit. A few good laughs in there, but after a while the film slips downhill. Kevin Spacey gives a good performance in one of his first supporting roles. Overall the films not bad, but its nothing special, If its on TV some night, give it a try. 6 out of 10.
  • By far the funniest of the Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor movies, this one makes me wish there were 100 more like it. From start to finish, hilarious scenes kept me laughing until my throat was sore.

    Upon deciding to make this film, Gene Wilder made many changes to create a kinder, gentler script about people with disabilities -- the result is the funniest movie possible about a blind man (Pryor as Wally) and a deaf man (Wilder as Dave) who witness a murder. Dave is hesitant and reluctant to do anything that would make him look foolish to others while Wally is so self confident that he walks around without a cane as if he could see. But trouble lies ahead when Wally leads the way -- literally.

    I enjoyed 'Silver Streak' immensely years ago but 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' is more a classic - no matter that you've seen it before several times, the irresistible charm of Gene and Richard in amazing scenes make you laugh all over again.
  • After nearly 25 years of reading about See No Evil, Hear No Evil, I finally watched it on Netflix Streaming. It stars Richard Pryor as Wally, a blind man and Gene Wilder as Dave, a deaf one. They form an unlikely friendship as both become "witnesses" of a murder. The villains are portrayed by Joan Severance and Kevin Spacey who I remember were also bad people on the TV series "Wiseguy" during this time. There are a lot of gags concerning both blindness and deafness but I don't think there was any meanness in intent in doing those scenes as both Pryor and Wilder have that sweetness inherent here that also served them well in their previous collaborations in Silver Streak and Stir Crazy. Though the fact that Ms. Severance is soooo fine here meant that, yes, she's the target of some what would now be called sexist jokes, I don't think they're that offensive. So on that note, I highly recommend See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
  • Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder were a very funny team. They are both at the top of their game in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil". There are a lot of laughs in this movie. Yes, it's kind of silly but who cares? Sometimes when you watch a movie you just have to go with it. This is that kind of movie. Pryor and Wilder both deliver very strong, and very funny, performances. The rest of the cast does a nice job as well. Even the never likable Kevin Spacey is watchable in this movie. "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" is always a fun watch. Honorable mention: a wildly dreamy Joan Severance.
  • I've noticed, looking back on eighties movies versus today's output, that back then (the best of them) just threw the audience into the action and went from there. There was little in the way of 'back-story' or a long period of the film's run-time dedicated to 'setting up' the characters. We were just sat down with them and left to get to know them.

    I watched 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' many times during my childhood and I've only just re-watched it again (having found it on an online streaming service). I have to say that it's held up over the years perfectly and is still as perfectly funny today as it ever was. Okay, so judging by today's uber politically correct standards it may be a but 'un-PC' here and there, but - in my opinion - that's no bad thing.

    It takes two comic legends and puts them together, allowing them to play off each other wonderfully. Richard Pryor is blind. Gene Wilder is deaf. One day, during their job working at a news stand, a murder is committed. They get the blame. Now, it's up to the pair of them to apprehend the bad guys and prove their innocence.

    Yes, it's a little far-fetched and 'screwball' in nature and you may have to suspend your disbelief a bit in order to fully appreciate everything that happens (a blind man driving a car for one!). However, it's not meant to be a great work of art with lashings of realism. It's there to make you laugh and if you allow yourself to go along for the ride then laughs you will get.

    The plot is driven by the pair's banter between them as they try to get through this ordeal with their respective disabilities and, perhaps more importantly, try to get along with each other's disabilities. The nice thing about 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' is that it never really makes fun of people with disabilities and provides a small - if humorous - insight into the perils they have to face in life while never showing that they can't achieve great things.

    It's worth mentioning the bad-guys (and true killers) who are on their tale the whole time, simply because when I first watched it I never knew either of the male/female actors who played them. Now, I was actually quite amazed when I realised that the man of the duo was none other than Kevin Spacey (sporting a near-flawless British accent). I know these days he's not many people's favourite, so if you can overlook his input (and when judging Spacey on his acting alone I think few can say a bad thing about him) then there's nothing to stop you enjoying this silly, over-the-top (and yet poignant) film from yesteryear. Long may it keep up its sheer playful cheekiness.
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