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  • tybet-8641915 September 2018
    Very interesting. I watched this film many years ago ans still remember it.
  • this movie is drawing a picture of the young roman, who has to do his civil service at an retirement-home and who has also to care for an old nazi-major - he calls him "general" kulat. kulat cant move anything but his head, he was shot by an sniper in WWII, but what he is able to is giving commands to roman, just the way he was used to give them in the army. roman is a pacifist. he chose civil service over the army because he doesnt want to serve with a gun in his hands.

    a movie full of conflicts (roman:kulat, roman:other nurse-personal etc.) made in the era of the iron curtain, where "the wars are different then back then. one button pushed and everything is over"