[first lines]

David Banner: In each of us, there lives a kind of beast made of rage. Years ago, I used science to study this beast to bring him out of me. I used gamma radiation to release him. But I used too much. Far too much. Now the beast is out of my control, emerging whenever anger strikes. My name is David Banner. The world thinks I'm dead. I travel alone. I try to keep the beast caged within myself.

Wilson Fisk: Isn't that a perfect plan?

Edgar: Well uh, well no.

Wilson Fisk: Good man, what's missing?

Albert G. Tendelli: I was sighted until I was fourteen. I remember green.

Matt Murdock: You have to believe your eyes, Tendelli, don't you? And I have to believe what you tell me.

Albert G. Tendelli: If I tell you about some giant with green skin, do you believe that? You know what I mean by green?

Matt Murdock: I was sighted until I was 14. I remember green.

David Banner: I'm a doctor. I would like to have a look at your eyes.

Matt Murdock: You doctors know nothing of radiation.

David Banner: I happen to know a lot about it.

Matt Murdock: Can my sight be restored?

David Banner: No.

Matt Murdock: I appreciate your honesty.

Matt Murdock: Good luck. You take my secret with you"

David Banner: And I leave mine with you. I have a brother in the world now.

Matt Murdock: Yes, you do.

David Banner: Maybe I belong in a cage.

David Banner: I can't stand trial! I have to avoid people, conflict! I change! I change.

Ellie Mendez: I am a person with rights! How dare you take them away! Just you the hell do you think you are?

Wilson Fisk: I want the Mendez woman taken alive. I want David Belson dead.

Farm Supervisor: Lots of men pass through here. Working families, migrants. I was hoping you might be one to stay.

David Banner: So what I.

Farm Supervisor: It's not all hard labor on this spread. Plenty of different jobs.

David Banner: It's not the work.

Farm Supervisor: What, then? Man like you can have a future on a place like this.

David Banner: Not a man like me.

Farm Supervisor: If there's trouble, you could tell somebody. Somebody might understand. Can't just keep going on, you gotta stop somewhere.

David Banner: You have a nice place here. Good luck with it.

Farm Supervisor: Where will you go?

David Banner: The city.

Farm Supervisor: That's not a good place. People get lost in that city.

David Banner: You have to stop someplace.

Ellie Mendez: She tried to kill me. And he helped me.

Orderly: [awed] Daredevil.

Daredevil: [to Turk] That's a very noisy knife.

Henchwoman: You were crazy to come here.

Daredevil: I like it here. It's quiet.

Henchman: This time we finish the job.

[pulls axe from wall]

Henchman: See what I mean?

Daredevil: No. I don't see at all.

Wilson Fisk: Gentlemen, it is with the greatest pleasure that I declare Daredevil officially dead.

Daredevil: [goes through wall] Intermission.

Matt Murdock: Good luck. You take my secret with you.

David Banner: And I leave mine with you. I have a brother in the world now.

Matt Murdock: Yes. You do.

David Banner: My hand is in front...

Matt Murdock: I know.

[they shake hands]