A line from this film where Turner yells at Hooch to not eat the car was used in animation test footage for Toy Story (1995). When Tom Hanks saw the test footage, it convinced him to take on the role of Sheriff Woody.

Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux, one of the most ancient French breeds.

Henry Winkler was originally hired as the director. But, two weeks into filming, he was fired by Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg who was dissatisfied with Winkler's work.

Scenes with Turner walking Hooch took a lot of takes as 'Beasley The Dog' was so strong, Tom Hanks frequently dropped the leash.

The last film project of John McIntire.

Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase were all considered for the role of Turner.

A pilot for a "Turner & Hooch" television series was filmed, starring Thomas F. Wilson (of Back to the Future (1985) fame) and Wendee Pratt. It aired on the The Magical World of Disney (1988), but the series was not picked up.

Dudley Moore turned down the Turner role.

The two other investigators are Foster and McCabe which were the same names of the second team to tail Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), also written by Daniel Petrie, Jr.

Tom Hanks father's name is Amos, just like the elderly man in the movie.

John Larroquette was considered for Turner.

When Hooch first wakes Turner up the time is 10:02. 1002 is the hotel room number from Tom Hanks movie Bachelor Party.

In an interview, Tom Hanks said that this movie could have been much more successful if Hooch had not died.

The scene where Hooch dies, was the final scene filmed between Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog, Hanks did a great deal of bonding with Beasley and used the fact that he'll never see him again to get himself to cry.

An alternate ending was filmed in which Hooch survives. Both endings were tested with different audiences. The endings scored the same. But the original ending provoked a passionate emotional response from the audience while the alternate ending elicited a quietly positive response. Disney production chief Jeffrey Katzenberg decided to use the original ending because that is what the filmmakers wanted.