• WARNING: Spoilers

    Starring the epic Bette Davis (Miranda) & gorgeous Barbera Carrera(Priscilla) have so much fun in this campy movie from the early 90's. This wicked dou wrecks havoc upon a prudent couple. Set in old California, a couple comes home to find "father" has remarried. To the couples disliking, Miranda and Priscilla scrape their way top by putting daddy on a game show. But to their demise Jenny (Colleen Camp&daddy's daughter) filled with hate tears down Miranda's epic plot to strike it rich, While the Gorgeous Priscilla has a few TRICKS up her sleeve! But which WITCH is wITCH? The campy LT. Dawson & Private eye hired by Jenny, try to do all they can to ruin it. Sticks and stones will