Journalist at press conference: What do you think about British cinema?

Cesar Valentin: Oh! That would be a very good idea!

Cesar Valentin: You don't know why you killed me? I don't think I like having been killed for no reason, and so you will think of one. *Now*

Cesar Valentin: Last year in the theatre we were doing "Othello". The moment I walked on stage the audience began to applaud and cheer. And I hadn't even opened my mouth. Clearly the audience couldn't possibly be applauding my performance as Othello as I couldn't begin playing him because of all the noise. So they're applauding me as a famous person. Valentin was getting all the applause while this poor chap Othello was standing there, hoping they would shut up.

Cesar Valentin: Have we met?

Merrick: Eh, my name is Merrick. Horace T. Merrick. No doubt you have heard of me.

Cesar Valentin: Horace T. Merrick? Oh! Yes. The Nobel Prize for literature. Aren't you the man who didn't get it?

Cesar Valentin: The story of a young man waiting for a telephone call from his mother or his lover or who was it?

Merrick: His brother who was his lover.

Cesar Valentin: That's right. The phone call didn't come, the young man fell asleep on the sofa, when he woke up there was still no phone call, and you squeezed all that into four hundred pages. Amazing.