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  • It's easy to forget (or not even know) that at one point, Beverly Hills, 90210 (created by Darren Star who'd go on to Melrose Place before the phenomenon that is 'Sex & The City') was the biggest teen-orientated show in the world. Yes - the world! One minute, it was struggling to survive and the next, the stars of the series inspired scenes reminiscent of 'Beatlemania'. And justly so because in those halcyon days of yesteryear, 90210's blend of drama, cheese, humour, pure unadulterated escapism, great scenery in terms of cast and location and strong characterisation was compelling viewing.

    The early years concentrated on the Walsh family - who promptly became the emotional core of the show - and their efforts to adjust to life in Beverly Hills after relocation from Minnesota.

    Twins Brandon and Brenda (Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty) befriend a diverse group of mostly-rich rich kids at West Beverly High: spoilt son of a movie actress, jock and joker Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), persistently in trouble and always relying on Brandon to bail him out. Brainy (but not as affluent) crusader Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) doomed to an unrequited love for Brandon. Ditzy, naive Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) - probably the most (in)famous virgin on American TV. Insecure, school DJ David Silver (Brian Austin Green), desperate to be accepted by the gang. Blonde bombshell Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) who'd go on to sleep with her best friend's boyfriend and also, her ex-boyfriend's best friend. And last (but by no means least), moody alcoholic Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) - the quintessential troubled teen.

    From High School (Seasons 1-3) through to College (Seasons 4-7) and life after College (Seasons 8-10), they face a series of crises together ranging from the death of a friend to depression, drugs, physical and sexual assault and tumultuous love triangles.

    The earlier High School years are undoubtedly the best; the original cast is intact, the strongest scripts are to be found within this time frame and it's the period that, to this day, defines the show.

    However post-Shannen Doherty and with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as vivacious, vampy schemer Valerie Malone and Kathleen Robertson as the acerbic, sarcastic Clare Arnold on board, 90210 remained very entertaining viewing right up to College graduation at the end of Season 7 - notable as the episode in which High School sweethearts (and future spouses) David and Donna finally consummated their long on-again/off-again relationship.

    Admittedly, the last three seasons are weaker than previous ones. A deadly combination of changes to cast and crew (it survived the loss of Darren Star, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry in Season 6 but to all intents and purposes, the show ended with Jason Priestley's departure in Season 9. Not even Luke Perry's return could compensate for that), a more overt soap opera format and weaker new characters (embodied by the faux-Dylan imitator Noah Hunter ineptly played by Vincent Young) sounded the death knell for a series that had become a shadow of its former powerhouse self.

    Still, in the cutthroat world of TV, you've got to have something very special to last ten years on an American network and that's exactly what Beverly Hills, 90210 did. It outlasted all its contemporaries such as the infinitely superior teen drama 'My So-Called Life' starring Clare Danes and Jared Leto, which only made it to air for a year, and it gave the likes of 'Buffy', 'Party of Five' and 'Dawson's Creek' a recipe for success to follow.

    Love it or hate it (and I LOVE it) - Beverly Hills, 90210 is a TV institution.
  • This series aimed at teenagers and young adults was a major hit during the 90's. Leading the pack was the turmoil-ridden saga of rich kids at West Beverly Hills High School who all faced the common problems of love, pregnancies, drugs and family crises subjects that are somewhat more common to youth and young adults. The best stories centered on the Walsh family, newly arrived in town, in particular fraternal twins Brandon (Jason Priestly) and Brenda (Shannen Doherty). The gang then included friends Kelly (Jennie Garth), Steve (Ian Ziering), Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris), Donna (Tori Spelling), David (Brian Austin Green) and moody Dylan (Luke Perry). Later other characters came on like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen while others had left. In the final season of the show most of the original cast had left the cast saw many changes during the ten year run. Most of the stars became major celebrities due to the success of the show.
  • While "Beverly Hills 90210" was making its ten year run, I never watched a single episode. The affairs of rich kids in Beverly Hills really didn't interest me; and, even though Jennie Garth and Tiffani Amber-Thiessan are real eye candy, that wasn't enough to tie me to watching a weekly continuing drama with what I thought would be such an uninteresting subject. However, when the Soap Opera Channel offered the show in sequence five days a week and my wife encouraged me to watch it with her, I reluctantly agreed. I'm glad I did, because "Beverly Hills 90210" is, in my opinion, the best written and produced continuing drama in TV history. Why do I say this? Because "Beverly Hills 90210" survived two radical format changes and remained consistently watchable for its entire 10 year run. Actually, "Beverly Hills 90210" is three different shows: an excellent "high school teenagers in love" show; a very good "college kids antics" show and a good "Yuppies in love" show. The creative talent managed to produce three above average shows with an amazing consistency of story lines and talent, using mostly the original cast. Nobody else has ever done this, at least to my knowledge. The producers are to be commended for keeping the cast remarkable intact, even down to the minor characters. To the best of my knowledge, only one character was played by two different actresses, that being Andrea Zuckerman's grandmother. Compare that to the more prestigious soaps, "Dynasty" and "Dallas." On "Dallas" alone, two actors played Gary Ewing, Digger Barnes, Miss Ellie and Kristen Shepherd (who shot J.R.), and three actors played Jenna Wade, and all of these characters were more important to the show's plotting than Andrea's grandmother.

    While all three shows are above average, the "high school teenagers in love" episodes are the best. However, I believe they were also the easiest to plot, since teenagers have more restrictions on their behavior and their problems are generally more direct, easier with which to relate and generally easier to resolve. This is only slightly less true for college students, but it's a whole different ball game by the time one gets out of school and into the "real world;" and, by the time these episodes were written and produced, the characters were no longer fresh. The loss of Shannen Dougherty ("Brenda Walsh") was the series first major blow, and the series slipped badly her first season away (the fifth). However, after a weak start, Tiffani-Amber Thiessan ("Valerie Malone") became a very impressive cast member. However, Shannen brought an inventiveness to the series which was never regained.

    The second major blow the series suffered was the loss of Kathleen Robertson ("Claire Arnold"), at the end of "the college years". While other original cast members had left, including Gabriella Carteris ("Andrea Zuckerman"), Carol Potter ("Cindy Walsh") and James Eckhouse ("Jim Walsh"), I felt the loss of Kathleen Robertson the most. Kathleen's "Claire Arnold" was a fascinating blend of three of the main characters; she exhibited Brenda's daring, Kelly's poise and Donna's madcap sensuality. The show lost a lot of it's warmth with Kathleen's departure, as well as the (unfortunately) correct decision to place less emphasis on the older adult cast members. This happens in life as well as young adults leave school and are out on there own. The show also lost it's innocence when Donna (Tori Spelling) lost hers to David (Brian Austin Green).

    The final blow to the series happened over two seasons. The departures of Luke Perry, Jason Priestly and Tiffani-Amber Thiessan badly shook the show, but for very different reasons. Luke Perry (Dylan McKay) brought a lot of romance to the show; Jason Priestly ("Brandon Walsh") brought a brash, crusading spirit; and Tiffan-Amber Thiessan brought a wholesome, mature sexiness that was sometimes at odds with the character she played. Worse, for their first seasons at least, the replacement characters, Vincent Young ("Noah Hunter"), Lindsay Price ("Janet Sosna"), Daniel Cosgrove ("Matt ) and Vanessa Marcel ("Gina") while all fine actors, did not bring the missing ingredients to their characters. While Season 9 was clearly the worst of the season (due mostly to unconvincing plotting), Season 10 was a triumph, starting strong and getting better every week. Lindsay Price shed the somewhat dowdy image of his first season and a half and showed how beautiful and sexy she can really be (not to the mention, the best natural figure of the female stars). Daniel Cosgrove gained stature as "Matt"; and, while never acquiring the "Brandon brashness," certainly captured Jason Walsh's earnestness. Most importantly, warmth and romance returned to the series. I watched the last episode wanting more and that's a great testimony to any show.

    Here's my rating of the series pilot and 10 seasons

    PILOT – ** ½ SEASON 1 - *** SEASON 2 - **** SEASON 3 - **** SEASON 4 - *** ½ SEASON 5 - ** ½ SEASON 6 - **** SEASON 7 - *** ½ SEASON 8 - **½ SEASON 9 - ** SEASON 10 ****
  • "BEVERLY HILLS, 90210," in my opinion, is an absolute FOX classic! I don't think I've seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. It would probably have to be the one where Brenda (Shannen Doherty) has a fight with Kelly (Jennie Garth). However, I think it was always sad when friends fought. I always wanted to cry at that. It would have been nice if all the main characters stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, I hope some network brings it back on the air for fans of the show to see.
  • Well, growing up during 90210's run, I missed out on all the hype that this show received. Now, thanks to SoapNet, I can watch shows that were on while I was busy playing dress-up.

    Let me be the first to say, that I never ever thought that I would EVER watch 90210, or get hooked on it. During a few weeks that I was grounded from my computer, I didn't have anything to do after I did my homework at 5 o'clock, so I turned on the TV. I normally would have put on Angel, but it was an episode I didn't care to watch, so I stopped on SoapNet and low and behold, 90210 was on. Immediately I went for the remote to change the channel but then I stopped and actually watched it. I was HOOKED. Mostly what hooked me was the romance between Dylan and Brenda.

    Anyway, mostly what I remembered or heard people talk about 90210, was that it was all about drugs and sex and who was sleeping with who what week. (I don't know if that's true yet, but I have a feeling that it's getting to that point. I'm still in the "high school years".) As I watched more of the plot lines going on in the first, second and third seasons, things seemed really familiar. As I looked more at them, I really began to realized that 90210 curved the pathway for today's teen dramas like "Dawson's Creek", "One Tree Hill", "The O.C.", etc. Without 90210, these show's most likely wouldn't have been created.

    So, the question becomes, do I think 90210 is a good show? So far, yes. But I think it was essential to have something like this (at least in the first few years) on the air for teenagers to watch so that it could make a pathway for other shows of this kind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Beverly Hills 90210 was one of those shows you look back on knowing it defined its era. Along with shows like Saved by the Bell and Dawson's Creek, 90210 was one of THE 90s shows. It had an amazing ensemble cast, the music was great, it was generally fun to watch.

    However, many people say the downpoint was when Shannon Doherty departed, but for me, the real loss was Jason Priestley's Season 9 departure. As Brandon Walsh, Jason was central to the show. A lot of things revolved around him, and he played as amazing a guy as he was a sexy teen idol of his time. Seasons 4-7 were amazing because it was the time when Brandon and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) were romantically involved, and continued to love each other whether they were dating or seeing other people. I will forever disrespect the writers for what they do to Kelly/Brandon in Season 8. The whole calling off the wedding at the last minute when they were clearly meant to be together was pathetic and a huge letdown to fans who not only followed the show but followed their relationship through its ups and downs.

    And worse still - now I haven't seen all of Seasons 9-10 because I couldn't bear it knowing Jason wouldn't be in it, but I know Luke Perry returned as Dylan McKay. And personally I never really loved the guy anyway, even though he had a huge fanbase. He was great... with Brenda, Brandon's sister, played by Shannen Doherty. But having him get back together with Kelly after all those years and after she had chosen Brandon over him for real in Season 7? This really is taking the fans for granted. And the characters, too. Because I don't believe Dylan was the love of Kelly's life at all, it was Brandon. And the only way I can make myself feel better about this is just by knowing had Jason returned for the finale, Brandon and Kelly would have been endgame.

    So, unforgettable show it was, exciting and cool show it certainly was, but the way it ends? I'd rather forget. There are only two characters who end together like they should, David and Donna. And they didn't mean as much to me so that doesn't make the finale any easier for me to watch.
  • I did not watch much of the show when it was originally on TV. Now, about 25 years after it started I decided to watch something that "is 90's" and BH 90210 was the show that right away got into my head.

    So I went through all the 10 seasons, now in my 30's and I must say I really enjoyed it. The fact that the actors were older than the characters doesn't bother one at this point anymore, actually it helped. It almost brought the feeling back of me watching the show about the older kids who are already in high school, just like it was back when I was 10 and caught a few episodes.

    It is of course very cheesy, yet entertaining. One can see how Aaron Spelling started and set up the formula for the teen dramas that followed Beverly Hills. It is also great to see the 90's go by in their clothes and the things they live through.

    I loved their high school years, but I enjoyed the show pretty much until Valerie left. After she was gone it went downhill for me, but by that time the show was almost over.

    While Valerie was my favorite female character, David was my favorite guy. He was a sweet kid from the start, although he has done a lot of stupid things during the show. Most characters had their charm. But even though I liked the show pretty much until the end, when it came to the adult time most of the original cast has lost their charm. I liked Kelly at first, but in the final years of the show I couldn't stand her. Steve stopped being fun but an annoying guy who will have a kid. And when Dylan came back he seemed like an annoying parody of himself.

    Still, the show is a classic for me. As somebody who once in a while likes to watch some cheesy soap, this was a good entertainment with a great cast that fitted the show very well and will always be the faces that I associate with the 90's pop culture.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 is one of the best drama shows of the 1990's! Especially since this show aired on FOX were most of the good drama shows air. This series is about the lives of a group of high school students living in wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then in the later seasons of the show they move on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS. Jason Priestley was one of the coolest actors on this show and so was Ian Ziering! The best actresses on this show were Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Kathleen Robertson. Tiffani Amber Thiessen was also on another FOX series called Fastlane and Jason Priestley is currently on another good FOX series Tru Calling! I can not believe that this series went all the way through the 1990's! I can't wait until they start putting this show out on DVD!
  • This is one of the best shows you will ever see !! I remember the first episode, all of the characters being sophomores in high school, just starting to gain some identity . To me, each character is a fantastic representation of the different situation a teenager faces in life. You've got the girls Kelly , Brenda, Donna (the good girl) , and Andrea (pronounced ON-dreea), and the guys Brandon (won my vote for best looking!) Steve, nerdy David, and soon to follow cool hand Luke - Dylan . The gang is as close as a bunch of high-schoolers are going to get, but let me tell you why to watch . This show crosses everything - drugs, sex , abuse, you name it . The characters bring the topics into their own hands and show how it affects their friends, family and lives. It has actually taught me a few lessons as well . One being that you never know your friends, and don't be surprised by their actions . This show proves that you never really know anyone . 90210 doesn't hold anything back, it shows emotion, and best of all rescues

    My favorite episode, well let's just say I don't have just one, because I happened to enjoy all of them, but I will narrow it down if you're looking into checking it out . One episode that you must see is the episode where Dylan's dad dies, I myself was sympathetic to the character . The next best episode was of the 97-98 season, when the gang takes a trip to Hawaii, love is in the air, and everyone for that moment is just happy, but until the end where Kelly is shot .

    If you are looking for a reason to quit doing drugs and drinking, check out the episode where David is addicted to speed , or when Kelly's co-dependency leads to her addiction with cocaine. Watch the chain of episodes where Dylan is over his head in drinking . If you are looking for abuse intervention, tune into the episode where Brandon mentors a physically abused boy, or when Donna overcomes her battering boyfriend (ray). If you are looking for some good-old fun episodes , check out the early college ones, when everybody is either pledging a fraternity or a sorority .

    I strongly recommend this show to anyone who is interested in a reality based show, that is not focused on just the snobs of Beverly Hills, and is always teaching a different lesson .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the show that helped me get through the 90's! From sophomores in high school to college graduates, I was hooked to the entire gang. I will never forget Brandon, Kelly, Steve, Donna, Dylan, Valerie, David, Brenda, Noah, or Clare. In 1990, Aaron Spelling (Dynasty, Love Boat, Charlie's Angels) unleashed the FOX teen drama Beverly Hills 90210, a show based on the lives of the rich, snobbish high school students of Beverly Hills. Who would have known the show would last 10 years? New to California, siblings Brandon and Brenda made friends with the students of West Beverly High. Through high school, David witnessed best buddy Scott accidentally shoot himself, Donna kept her virginity, Brandon and Andrea became great friends, Steve was the sexed up prankster, and Brenda found out Dylan and Kelly were together when she was in Paris. After graduating West Beverly, the gang moved onto college. Donna got involved with abusive musician Ray, Brandon and Kelly dated, Brenda moved away, Dylan got married only to have his bride shot and killed by his rival, bitchy Valerie moved into the Walsh house and made enemies with Kelly, Kelly's druggie boyfriend Colin got arrested, and many of the gang had already had addictions (Dylan, Kelly, David, Valerie, Colin). After college, the gang got out into the real world. Brandon and Kelly nearly married, Dylan returned, Valerie accused Noah of rape, Steve met and married Janet after getting her pregnant, Donna's sister Gina moved to Beverly Hills, and in the end, Donna and David got married. The memories will never be forgotten. Kelly getting shot at LAX, Donna loosing her virginity to David on graduation night, Dylan's father "killed" in a car explosion, Kelly caught in a fire at Steve's rave, Brenda/Dylan/Kelly/, Valerie and Kelly rivalry, Andrea sleeping with married man, Gina slapping Kelly, and David and Donna's series finale wedding. Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, David, Donna, Brenda, Steve, Valerie, Clare, Andrea, Gina, Noah, Carly, Matt, and Ray: You will never be forgotten!
  • David, Film Freak10 September 2000
    Before Dawson's Creek, Felicity and Freaks and Geeks hit screens, there was an equally-popular Teen Drama show called "Beverly Hills, 90210". Now, 10 years after it's entrance, after being put up against Dawson's and Felicity, the show has finally had to admit defeat.

    In the beginning the show revolved around Brenda and Brandon Walsh who move to Beverly Hills, and form friendships with those who attend their school. Although there are only 4 remaining originals left (5, including Dylan), 90210 has become an era for drama-junkies, and has taught teens valuable lessons (aswell as some other things...) and we've all seen them grow and develop. And while the soap opera antics it shows on the latest episodes are corny, Bev Hills will never be forgotten - it started the Teen Drama fad. R.I.P Beverly Hills, 90210. 1990-2000
  • I came to the BH 90210 universe pretty late. I didn't start watching until the third or forth season, but became immediately hooked. Luckily I was able to catch the prior seasons during reruns a year or two later. I've always felt that the Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley) character was the heart, soul, and moral center of the series. He had his demons of course, but don't we all. The other majors characters were well cast, and really made you think about the years when we were in high school. But there's one thing that's bothering me, especially since I looked up the IMDb page when the show was finally being released on DVD. I've seen almost every episode of this series. I admit I didn't watch it as much after Jason Priestley left the show. But for the life of me I can't remember a character called Keith, who supposedly according to IMDb was in 291 episodes. Does anyone know who this guy is, or is this a typo by IMDb?
  • denis88826 September 2006
    I remember seeing this serial in my home country, Russia, somewhere around 1996 or 1997. That was quite a sensation. A real American show, and about real American young people, like me or my pals. And what was the best thing in all that was that all those problems and joys that they had in their sunny California were very close and clear for us in colder Russia. We, men, soon fell in love with beautiful girls of the serial - Jenny Garth, Kathleen Robertson (who was especially cool as Claire Arnold, the rascally sweet daughter of President Arnold), Tori Spelling or any other lady in there. Girls went slightly mad (Do not bite me for this, I am just being kiddingly nostalgic!) with Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green or endearingly correct and always clean Jason Priestly. Well, all that the main characters had in the film was so clear and understandable for us - love, hate, school, money, family troubles, cowardice and friendship - no boundaries exist for such things. We followed each episode so closely and so attentively. Of course, the BH 90210 is not devoid of weaknesses - some roles are pretty shallow and some moments are way too sentimental. It seemed that each of the main heroes had to overcome all the possible and impossible hardships and ordeals in this life - drugs, sects, deaths, losses. Sometimes, it was too too much. Anyway, the serial still stands out well and still looks fresh and dear, which is a big asset of the film.
  • This show has lost it's footing. Once about a group of high-schoolers surviving in the world, the show quickly slithered through the college year and is now in the after years. In it's final season, the show has the very bitchy Gina (Vanessa Marcil), which is the reason I still watch this show. Every once and a while this show has a good event or shocker, but I prefer the 90210 spin off, MELROSE PLACE. If you liked DALLAS, 90210 is the show for you. If your more of a DYNASTY fan, you would like MELROSE more.
  • hit of its period, it remains charming. for courage to present many closed problems of teenagers. for its friendship spirit and nice characters. for art to be universal and to propose models. for music and beauty and drawings of dreams and a really good bad guy as new James Dean and a good guy , source of best solutions, for a new generation to hill of Hollywood and, sure, for the definition of freedom not only as state of soul but as guide for actions. it was beautiful and charming and fascinating. and, like each piece of a lost age, it is a precious memory. more important after you forget the details and discover than the years of youth are almost smoke and dust.
  • sammy14049 November 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of my favorite shows. I really Love Kelly and Donna. There great teens. Kelly has the most beautiful hair and Donna is such a true and nice person. Kelly had her fair share of drug problems but was helped out by her friends. And Donna deserved to be happy with high school sweetheart David. And i was so happy when Brenda (Shannon D) left, she was so selfish. The show watched the teens go through high school, living on their own, going to college, dealing with adult stuff, to becoming adults. It was such a good journey. Kelly and Donna remained best friends throughout the show. For me being a teen, it's a great show to know you're not the only one having problems
  • Kirpianuscus29 October 2016
    a series about the life of teenagers. stories of love and friendship and hate and family. dramas, tragedies, secrets, school and parties, classic heroes and, sure, the James Dean - Prince Charming who becomes the axis of rivalries, bitter past and wise gestures. nothing new. at the first sigh. but Beverly Hills 90210 remains a legendary series. for the science to reinvent the film about teenagers. for the young cast who grow up and conquer Hollywood with more or less success. for the music, clothes, the exploration with grace, care and precision the universe of a not easy age. for its spirit. in the long chain of series from the "90's, this series is a special title. for a not ordinary mixture of realism and poetry. sure, I am more than subjective. because I saw it in the period of high school. but, today, it represents the same fresh air about a delicate theme. and this is the only important thing.
  • I have always adored Beverly hills 90210, since I was a kid. Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Donna, Andrea, Dylan, David, Steve, Clare, Valerie & co accompanied me through elementary school years, then high school, then life. This TV show is certainly the best of the 90s decade(if not the best ever!)and the new 90210 has nothing to do with it, really: it is just a boring, full of clichè and pale imitation of something that was almost flawless. The characters of the Original 90210 are so real that they manage to make us believe they really exist, somewhere in the amazingly beautiful Beverly Hills. We all feel we know deeply each of them, we all feel that warm sensation when we see their well-known faces on TV or on the page of a magazine: it is pure nostalgia. We all know by heart the amazing OST song and we miss them all now that TV shows characters mostly look like shallow, boring, selfish people with no ethic or good feelings inside, it is only a matter of "appearing"; maybe that is the portrait of what we have become nowadays, and this is more than sad. I still dream of meeting friends like them (and living in Beverly Hills, of course!), I will never forget what their adventures meant to me, to all of us.
  • Dusius5 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's one of these series that have made history on TV, it's a legend and as the decades pass I feel that people will always talk about it. It's always interesting talking about its stories, its cast members, their characters and their off-screen lives and relationships.

    All started when the Walsh family from Minnesota moved to Beverly Hills and siblings Brandon and Brenda became involved with a group of spoiled and coming from wealthy families kids. Actually I was never a regular viewer of the series in seasons 1-4. I wasn't into all these issue-based episodes and their morals in the first two seasons, although there were some good stories. And after that, the love triangle Brenda-Kelly-Dylan...OK. And let's go to the characters:

    *Brenda, a selfish and rebellious girl who was interesting enough and was involved in some entertaining stories.

    *Kelly, for some reason it was Kelly the girl I couldn't stand very much even if she grew throughout the show.

    *Donna was always a foolish second-rate female character which I found funny enough.

    *Andrea, who barely slept because she was too busy dealing with all her activities, most of the time went unnoticed for me.

    *Brandon, the guy who tried so hard to adopt a cool way of walking and talking etc, a boring character who was involved in boring stories and fell in boring love with boring girls every now and then. Everything about him was so brandoning... sorry boring.

    *Dylan, I always saw him as a junkie who caused me some kind of depression, the guy with the burned brain cells.

    *Steve was Donna's male version but he never entertained me.

    *David, the guy who rarely seemed in a good mood, barely smiled, dumped his best friend Scott to be with the cool gang of BH.

    Maybe what was going on behind the scenes was way more catchy, Shannen Doherty behaving like a big-headed diva, her non-stop fights with Jennie Garth and all these onset troubles.

    All of a sudden something changes in season 5 and guess what, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen arrives. I admit I had a huge crush on her and I still am a fan. Valerie, the sexy bad girl from Buffalo who came to fill the void after Brenda's departure, was the most interesting character of the entire show. Although she was the youngest of the cast members, she really brought some mature sexiness in the series (yes I know I'm not the first to say that). And Thiessen, the former America's sweetheart from "Saved by the Bell", was wonderful in portraying a charming multilevel character.

    In the Valerie era the stories became much more interesting and although most of Brenda's fans stopped watching it, the show got better at least for the following three seasons. Kathleen Robertson's character Clare was also a good addition to the show. The renewed group of female characters, Kelly, Valerie, Donna and Clare was more appealing than the previous one with Brenda, Kelly, Donna and Andrea. I still wish I could watch Valerie and Brenda together though. Seasons 5-7 were the best for me and to be honest I could not wait to see the next episode. I didn't miss Luke Perry when he left, but Robertson's departure at the end of season 7 was a bit disappointing.

    And then coming in the three final seasons, 8-10. Season 8 was still good enough but not as much entertaining as seasons 5-7. It was the beginning of kinda failed cast additions like Hilary Swank, Vincent Young, and later Lindsay Price, Daniel Cosgrove and Vanessa Marcil. I didn't like either of them. Furthermore, the show had the normal decline after so many years, but the major blow came in the beginning of season 9. At first we saw Jason Priestley, who seemed to me more and more boring, leaving the show. And then it was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen who left and that meant "Beverly Hills, 90210" was over for me. The episodes with both departures were season's peak in ratings and after Thiessen had left each episode was a new rating disaster until the end of season 10 and the series finale. Even Perry's return didn't help the show which was so deformed.

    It's difficult to rate a series as a whole since it has its ups and downs throughout its running. But in my opinion I have to rate it according to its impact on me at least in a certain period that I was a regular viewer. My favorite seasons were 5-7 and they made me such a huge fan of "Beverly Hills, 90210". Even now I am always interested in everything around that series and I feel lucky that I'm part of that generation that grew up watching the most famous TV teen drama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is actually so great. It's so fun when I watch this show, considering it started seven years before I was born. I can't believe it started twenty-four years ago. Wow. I mainly started watching this show when I found out that Shannen Doherty was in it, because I watched Charmed and loved her from that. When her character, Brenda, left the show, I was sad. But I realized that the show didn't need that character to be great. It did that all on it's own. It's truly a great watch. Anyone with good taste will enjoy this show. Seeing the rich and famous live in the nineties, on the streets of Beverly Hills, is truly enjoyable.

    Overall, I give this show a 7 out of 10.
  • This is the best show ever , it is my favorite show , i have seen every episode. I have watched the show since its debut in 1990 . I admit it's not as good as it used to be, but i still watch cause i am a loyal fan. I miss Brandon, but Dylan is back.It's the best show ever
  • I grew up with these guys, since their and my high school years were the same. From 1990 to 1992 I had probably not missed a single episode. After graduation though, my interest faded out quickly and eventually so did this series. Periodic glimpses over the years revealed a completely empty and pseudo-pedantic soap. Of course, this might very well have been the case from the beginning, but the good memories I have from the high school era prevents me from being too harsh. After all I remember I considered both Shannon Doherty and Jenny Garth really hot, a primary reason for a teenager to watch a TV series.
  • This was my all time favorite show. From the first episode to the last I was there with them. Shannen Doherty is my all time fave. Brenda was the best female character and I never get when people say Brenda was a bitch. She was nice and sweet and down to earth. Kelly was the slut who stole her boyfriend. Brenda should have come home on the final episode and got back with Dylan. But the characters just swapped partners all the time. It was kind of sick in some ways. I wouldn't want to sleep with someone my friend had, gross! They had some really good guest stars too like Jason Wiles and Jamie Walters. I felt like I knew the characters and wish I could have them back on TV. I'm waiting for all the episodes to come out on DVD so I can watch my favorite episodes again. Probably my fave is high school graduation. I cried and loved all the flashbacks.
  • So it all started in 1990 with the original cast members (Jason Priestly) playing Brandon, (Shannen Doherty) playing Brenda, (Jennie Garth) playing Kelly etc. This show had its ups and downs but mainly ups, I was quite sad to see Shannen Doherty leave, but I heard she was causing trouble. The show had some great storylines and big name stars and guest stars like Dean Cain, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Luke Perry, Tiffani Theissan, Emma Caulfield, Christine Elise and many others. I loved and worshipped this show and always watch the re-runs it's a classic, it built into a popular teen soap opera and was great to watch and left you with suspense and drama. Shannen Doherty and Tiffani Theissan played excellent characters Brenda Walsh and the super b***h Valerie Malone, I also adored Ginger LaMonica and Susan Keats it was and still is a teen classic.
  • I remember the first time I watched 90210. It was in early 1991, and I was in fifth grade. Brenda and Brandon were going to a party at Donna's and Steve spiked Brandon's drink which culminated into a shocking turn of events as good-guy Brandon was arrested for driving drunk. I tuned in every week after that, and it had become my favorite TV Show, next to the Simpsons.

    I caught up on season 1 during the FOX re-runs in the summer and in syndication. Season 2 was great, but seasons 3 and 4 were absolutely the best 90210 ever was. The Kelly/Dylan/Brenda triangle was awesome! Brenda was a great character, and the show was not the same without Shannen Doherty, but the show was still good after she left. Val was a great addition to the cast. I enjoyed seasons 5-8. In my opinion, the May 1998 finale in which Kelly and Brandon were going to get married but called it off should have been the final episode, except they would have actually gotten married. I started college when season 9 began and decided to keep watching it. However after Brandon and Val left, there was no point. The show lost its luster. I occasionally tuned in to see what was going on, but I laughed at it because this was not the 90210 that had once been so great.

    As much as I loved it once, it shouldn't have continued beyond season 8. I tuned in for the final episode, and I didn't even slightly enjoy it. It was poorly written. Yes, some former cast members came back, but none of the Walshes did. What I would have loved would be for all of the Walshes to come back and or everyone to reminisce about old times before Donna and David's wedding. And Brandon and Kelly would join them in a double wedding, and they would all live happily ever after. But you can't have everything. I will treasure seasons 1-8, and pretend that it didn't go on beyond that.

    My favorite episode? It aired in January of 1993 when Kelly and Dylan were in the pool and he chose her, and they finally told Brenda the truth about the summer when they were together. Greatest moment of the show.
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