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  • The USA network has put out quite a few clunkers over the years, more than a cable channel of this type should be entitled to, but Counterstrike was one of their few, shining successes. I remember being 13 when this was on, and staying up until midnight so I could watch it. I think it was on Wednesdays (school night), and my father would always tell me that it was too late to be up watching TV, but I would beg and insist that I had to see it.

    Ok, so most of the time I didn't really follow those complex, international-intrigue plots, but the whole premise of this rich guy that had his own Justice Squad to stomp out evil... It was just totally cool to see such a heroic good vs. evil action show that was gritty and believable and set in the modern era. It gave it such realism to address big business, corrupt politicians, terrorism and other real-life evils. For once, we had a hero show that didn't rely on gimmicky costumes or over-the-top villains or some imaginary "Gotham" as the funky parallel to the modern world because the show wasn't bold enough to address real issues. At the same time it had the "Touch of USA Network," but finally in a *good* way: slight overacting, serviceable amounts of blood and explosions, and just enough, uh, "adult situations" to make it perfect after-hours fare. If "Counterstrike" were on today it would certainly and sadly earn a PG-14, its morals and messages not permitted to reach the audience that badly needs to know them. This show had such a mature angle on idealism. Like 'America's Most Wanted,' it was born out of one anguished person taking a stand against cruel deeds to try to better the world.

    "We must fight evil. No matter where, no matter when. No matter the cost."

    This was a brave, proud series that I and many others would love to own on DVD.
  • One of the best shows ever. I was very upset that this one was cancelled. A Canadian cross between "Mission Immpossible" and "The Avengers". The romantic antics of Simon and Sophie are the greatest. If it can be found in reruns, definitely worth watching.
  • After our Russian TV airs this TV series, I fall in Peter Sinclair starring Simon MacCorkindale. His character is magnificent. I saw many films, that include Simon and I think, in this show he is at the peak of his career. I remember, for this role he received a GEMINI nomination for Best Actor in a Series. Also he was an executive production consultant here. I had seen he exerted influence to creation of this show, plots etc. I have found out, that it's fine, fast-moving show, with the very interesting characters, remarkable actors, unusual humour. I like the various plots: together with detective investigation, mysticism, psychological thriller, love affair, in every episode they contemplate any important problem. I watch many detective show (European, Canadian, US), but I think, it's one of the best.
  • Why this show was cancelled so soon is a mystery to me. Very believable storylines stemming from many current events in real life! If you enjoy suspense, mystery with a tad of humour all wrapped up in one then seek the reruns. I enjoyed it from the beginning but really got into it after the second season with the new charcters Gabrelle and Stone. Most people I talked to about it loved Peter character, I happen to think Stone had a very unique character and Purcell played it well. You can't help but love Gabby-a photo journalist with a hugh curiosity for info on anything with a heart beat! Good work guys!
  • W_P_C9 October 1998
    I loved this show! I wish that the USA network had kept it on. For anyone who loved Mission Impossible, The MOD Squad or The Man From U.N.C.L.E, you would have loved this show! It was about a millionaire whose wife had been kidnapped by a terrorist group. He then assembled an elite group of people to help other international groups or people against terrorism. The group was lead by an Englishman who was a terrorism and hostage specialist with Scotland Yard and investigated the kidnapping of the millionaire's wife. He chose an ex-art thief and an ex-con to join him for the first season. The second season he was joined by a former French journalist and an ex-CIA agent. It was the best!
  • CheshireCatsGrin22 September 2000
    I rarely like TV as much as I liked this one. I wish USA had kept it on. I have so many fond memories of the plots and actually have some old BETA tapes of some of the episodes. The second and 3rd seasons were the best, IMHO, but the entire series was 5 stars of 5. For me to remember a show after all these years that was so little known says a lot about the quality of the writers etc.
  • Is there anyone out there who knows if Counterstrike is up for sale? I would love to own it!

    It is too bad that such a good show was canceled in its prime. Counterstrike had a good cast, and good story lines every week. The show came on at a time when I was not able to watch it, so I had to record it. I regret that I did not save any of the recorded episodes.

    Christopher Plummer was perfect as Alexander Addington. The relationship of Peter and Gabrielle was predictable, yet very well done. But I liked the addition of James Purcell as Stone. Here was an ex-CIA operative being brought in from the cold into an elite organization like this. Almost like a fish out of water, but he quickly learned the ropes.

    Hopefully, Counterstrike will return to television in the form of re-runs.

    It is not too big a stretch to believe there might just be an organization out there, like the Counterstrike team, actually fighting crime behind the scene, going after criminals who think they are "above the law."
  • It was Mission Impossible for the 90s. I also was drawn to the show by the teamwork of the group and that it was such a moral show that was honest about corruption in high places - but never made a big show any of this. No tribute sites anywhere?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been looking for this series without success ever since it first played on television until now. I never saw more than 10 or 12 episodes when it originally played, but I was absolutely crazy about it at the time. I watched the entire series in a binge, planning to go back and start again at the beginning and watch it more detail oriented the second time. Unfortunately, I really really wish that I had not found the last episode. It left me feeling absolutely sick to my stomach. That one episode devalued the entire series for me. I would cheerfully have given it 10 out of 10 stars for pure enjoyment until then. Instead I am giving it 4 stars out of 10, and seriously considering giving it only one. Whatever other people thought, I enjoyed the actors and I thought that the acting overall was perfectly acceptable. I like the plots and enjoy the overall feel of the series.

    The whole theme of the series is that honesty and integrity would always triumph in the end. And then they copped out and went out on a complete and total denial of that premise. Please don't preach me a moral for 3 years, and then totally make it a lie in the very last episode.

    It is my understanding, whether it is true or not, that Simon MacCorkindale had a great deal of control over the content of the series. Well, Simon, thanks for nothing. I'm sure that after I get over the shock that I will go back and watch the series again probably many times. But I will never cease to be disappointed that you sold out so completely at the end.