[repeated line]

Francis Urquhart: You might well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

[speaking to camera]

Francis Urquhart: I'm the Chief Whip. Merely a functionary. I keep the troops in line. I put a bit of stick about. I make 'em jump.

Francis Urquhart: She trusts me absolutely. I trust she does. And I, I trust her absolutely - to be absolutely human.

[repeated line]

Francis Urquhart: Me? Well, I'm just a backroom boy.

Francis Urquhart: [Following fatal bomb blast in the street] Don't worry, no-one we know.

Elizabeth Urquhart: [talking about Henry Collingridge] I hope he's not going to sack you, Francis.

Francis Urquhart: He better not bloody well try.

Francis Urquhart: Playing with the hopes and dreams of a daughter, now gentle, now hard, rebuking and rewarding, chastising and forgiving. The pleasures of a father. Of a father of daughters. What greater power is there than that? Why should a man want more? Why should I yearn to be everybody's daddy?

Ben Landless: Damn good story, wrong damn paper, who do you think we are, the Statesman?