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  • Melissa Alice13 December 2000
    It's interesting to see the same actress (Stacy Dorning--Jenny) on this show after seeing her on the earlier "Adventures of Black Beauty" show. The Doctor is also the same actor in both.

    It's a nice show about a girl named Vicky and the horse she finds and names "Black Beauty". It's continued from the earlier show. It's entertaining to watch, especially for younger people (I first watched it when I was about 7 years old). I still enjoy it, and I'm 17 years old now. People of any age would enjoy it, I think, though. Each episode is only a half an hour, so they're a bit simple, but still interesting.
  • It was nice to see the old farm again and Dr Gordon and Jenny. I like the way they now have a Vicky again as that was the original girl's name played by Judi Bowker and then followed by Jenny played by Stacy Dorning. The settings, clothes etc are all excellent. I felt though it was catering to a modern audience. A feeling of it being set in another era with today's views.