The formula used in writing One Foot in the Grave (1990) is unique. The writer would first think of the most ridiculous circumstances Victor would find himself in and then work backwards, explaining the events leading to the final moments of the episode.

Although "I don't believe it" is the catchphrase of the show, the first time Victor said it was in the last few minutes of the final episode of the first series.

Richard Wilson initially turned down the role because he thought he was too young to play a 60-year-old character, as he was only 54 when the series was first broadcast. It was almost offered to comedian Les Dawson before Wilson changed his mind.

Victor Meldrew was voted "One of television's greatest idiots".

A number of complaints were made during the series' run for its depiction of animal deaths. For example, in One Foot in the Grave: The Valley of Fear (1990), a dead cat is found in the Meldrews' freezer; in another, a tortoise is roasted in a brazier. The programme was censured, however, for a scene in One Foot in the Grave: Hearts of Darkness (1993) in which an elderly resident is abused in an old people's home, and following complaints, the scene was slightly cut when the episode was repeated.[24] In the DVD commentary for the episode, David Renwick stated his continued opposition to the cuts. Another controversial scene in One Foot in the Grave: Tales of Terror (2000) saw the Meldrews visit Ronnie and Mildred on the understanding that Mildred had gone upstairs during a game of Happy Families and not returned; Ronnie then shows her feet hanging outside of the window, revealing that she has committed suicide. The Broadcasting Standards Commission received complaints about this scene.

Andrew Sachs turned down the role of Victor Meldrew.

Richard Wilson added quite a few instances of "I don't believe it!" that weren't originally called for in the scripts.

While their characters hated each other, Richard Wilson and Angus Deayton are good friends. Wilson was even godfather to Deayton's son.

Victor's middle name is Thomas.Whilst Victor's father was also called Victor Meldrew.

Richard Wilson dislikes saying his character's catchphrase ("I don't believe it!") and only performs the line for charity events for a small fee.

The 1995 Christmas Special was initially intended as the series' finale, and would have seen Victor being killed while saving Margaret from being attacked by a madman. The 1997 special was then intended to end the series with Margaret dying from a heart attack bought on from the strain of Victor's misadventures, but on both occasion the production crew got cold feet. It wasn't until the final series in 2000 that the team, in David Renwick's words, "plucked up the courage to kill Victor."

The shows finale was left on a cliffhanger. It was left to the viewer to decide whether or not Margaret took her revenge and killed Victors killer.