Gary Nicholson: Where is he? I want my son.

Laura Hendricks: Leave us alone! Gary, leave us alone!

Gary Nicholson: Not until I find my...

Josh Hendricks: No! Leave my mom alone!

Gary Nicholson: Son?

Josh Hendricks: You're not my daddy!

Laura Hendricks: Josh, get out of here, quick!

Josh Hendricks: Leave my mom alone! I hate you!

Gary Nicholson: Son?

Josh Hendricks: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

Gary Nicholson: You don't hate me. A son doesn't hate his father.

Josh Hendricks: You're not my daddy! Leave my mom alone! I hate you!

[Laura grab the pitchfork and push the convicted murderer Gary Nicholson and fall to his death in the hayfork machine. And now it's over. Laura was sobbing in the treehouse]

[Matt Hendricks went back to the law office. He hear the noise in his office]

Matt Hendricks: Laura, is that you?

[He checked in his office and see who is the man sitting]

Matt Hendricks: Laura?

[That's no Laura. It's the nutcase]

Matt Hendricks: Who are you?

Gary Nicholson: I'm a friend of Laura's.

Matt Hendricks: How'd you get in here? Where's Laura?

Gary Nicholson: You don't need to worry about Laura anymore, man. I'm taking care of her now. I'm taking care of Josh.

Matt Hendricks: Look, I don't who you are or what you want. But I want you out of here.

Gary Nicholson: That son of yours is a hell of a kid. But then you wouldn't know, would you? You've been too busy with your job. Too busy screwing around.

Matt Hendricks: I want you to leave, please.

Gary Nicholson: A beautiful woman like Laura needs a real man. Somebody that she can count on someone who appreciates her someone like me.

Matt Hendricks: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Gary Nicholson: Mm-hmm. I made love to Laura last night. And one thing I can tell you was better than she ever got from you.

Matt Hendricks: Okay, pal. Get out of here.

Gary Nicholson: Laura's mine now. She wants you out of her life for good starting right now, you got that?

Matt Hendricks: What?

Gary Nicholson: You heard me. I want you to leave this town. You'll never gonna see Laura and Josh again.

Matt Hendricks: You're nuts. You stay away from my family.

[Matt is going to dial the number to the police by phone]

Matt Hendricks: Now, if you don't get the hell out of here in 2 seconds, I'm calling the police, you got that?

[Matt call the police. But suddenly, the murderer convict Gary got the gun]

Gary Nicholson: Put it down... now. I... I don't want to hurt you. That, you're Josh's dad. He's my little buddy. But... you give me no choice.

Matt Hendricks: You don't want to do anything right now. You don't want to hurt Josh's dad, right?

Gary Nicholson: You call yourself a dad? A dad is someone who's always there for his kids. Somebody teaches them how to throw a baseball. How to catch a fish. You never have the time, did you? Did you?

Matt Hendricks: Right, right. No, you're right.

Gary Nicholson: That's why. I'm taking over now. That's why. I have to do this.

Matt Hendricks: Laura, get back! He's got a gun!

[Matt stop and struggle Gary with a gun. But shot Laura's husband Matt and he's wounded]

Gary Nicholson: Nah. You don't need him anymore. I'm taking care of you now.


[Laura heads back home. But suddenly, Gary has arrived]

Gary Nicholson: I've been waiting for you. I remember what happened.

Laura Hendricks: Nick.

Gary Nicholson: Those cops at ease, how could they suspect you?

Laura Hendricks: They think I have a motive.

Gary Nicholson: They don't know you. Not like I do. They don't. They don't understand. Listen, don't worry, I'll get you out of this. I'll take care of it.

Laura Hendricks: It's okay. My husband's handling everything, I'm meeting his office in a 1/2 hour.

Gary Nicholson: I thought was over between you and Matt. I thought... after last night.

Laura Hendricks: I don't know. I--I can't think straight.

Gary Nicholson: That's why you need me. Please. I don't want you to see Matt anymore.

Laura Hendricks: Matt's an attorney, Nick. And right now I need him more than I need anybody else. I'll call you, okay?

[Laura heads in the house and closed the door]

Gary Nicholson: Don't you see? He's using this to get you back!