Rick Jarmin: I haven't had a girlfriend for 5 years.

Marianne Graves: Really?

Rick: Yeah - Mr. Wiggly's been on bread and water for 5 years.

[In an airplane.]

Rick Jarmin: Put you head between your knees.

Marianne Graves: [doing so] Now what?

Rick Jarmin: Kiss your ass goodbye. We got no wheels, and we're coming down!

Rachel Varney: [as a helicopter gunship shows up] Friends of yours

Rick Jarmin: No...

[pauses looks again]

Rick Jarmin: well I know them

Rick Jarmin: You come to Detroit and you rent a Beamer? That's like going to Germany and eating Jimmy Dean sausages!

Marianne Graves: What are you doing here?

Rick Jarmin: I missed you. Now hop on...

Rick Jarmin: That ought to cover the damages.

Raun: What damages?

[Rick rides a motorbike through the closed salon door]

Rick Jarmin: What does it matter to you - you're happily married?

Marianne Graves: I'm not.

Rick: Not happy?

Marianne: Not married.

Marianne Graves: I need a bed. I need a bath. I need a massage. I need a manicure... I need my therapist.

Marianne Graves: What are you doing?

Rick Jarmin: I gotta take his rotor out

Marianne Graves: [on surviving a plane crash] Are we dead?

Rick Jarmin: No but we will be this thing is leaking fuel and could still blow up

Rick Jarmin: What the hell are you doing here?

Marianne Graves: Me? What the hell are you doing here?

Rick Jarmin: Being shot in the butt.

[Repeated line]

Rick Jarmin: This can't be good for you.

Rachel Varney: Are you sure about that?

Rick Jarmin: When you've got a knife up my ass, I'm sure.

Rachel Varney: I'm engaged to be married.

Rick Jarmin: Well, flagellations.

Marianne Graves: Feels familiar doesn't it?

Rick Jarmin: I thought you didn't remember.

Marianne Graves: Remember when we saw those flying saucers?

Rick Jarmin: Yeah we were smoking some pretty heavy shit that time

Rick Jarmin: I think I see one now

[both see a helicopter gunship flying towards them]

Marianne Graves: You lying... gutless... son of a... yellow snodbugger, toad, bellybutton... I can"t think of enough awful things to say about you, you bastard!

Rick Jarmin: I guess that's a no on examining my butt.

[A motorcycle cop flips over his handlebars head first into concrete being laid]

Workman: What are you doing with your face in my sidewalk?

Eugene Sorenson: 15 Years... Fifteen years I've waited for this