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  • Beats me why so many people want to trash this action-packed screwball romantic comedy-chase thriller. Instead of comparing it to other Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn films, I compare it to basically similar type films, such as "What's Up Doc?", "Smokey and the Bandit", "High Road to China", "The Big Steal"(perhaps the granddaddy of this type of film) and, more recently, some of the Jackie Chan films. The stunts have gotten much wilder and more numerous in recent decades, including in this film. I love both Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson as actors, and to have them together in this type of film is just great.

    Gibson gets things started with a scary practical joke on his coworker. Goldie, a divorced lawyer, happens to drive into the gas station where Gibson is working and thinks she recognizes her almost husband of 15 years ago. He seemingly convinces her she is mistaken, being embarrassed about the circumstances of his sudden disappearance. Goldie returns in the evening to spy on him from across the street. Apparently, she intended to follow his car home, but instead witnesses a confrontation with 2 men intent on killing him. The assailants accidentally kill his coworker. Gibson manages to burst out of the garage in a car, but it is soon wrecked. He sees Goldie and pleads that she let him in her car, acknowledging that he is who she thinks he is. As the station explodes in a fireball, they drive off in a hail of bullets, with a murder charge soon to be filed against them. They're off to the races! Sound promising?
  • Willy_D23 July 2007
    I don't think this movie is as bad as some comments say, it is not a hit, but it is just the kind of movie I like very much and that IMHO are not being made anymore. It's a classical 90's easy-going action/comedy that won't disappoint anybody, who is not looking for a complicated plot and surprising end :)

    I really enjoyed watching this movie, especially thanks to a beautiful couple made by Mel Gibson and Golide Hawn. It's just one of those movies you can watch over and over again and it sill keeps you entertained (well, the final scene seems a little boring to me...).

    If you are looking for a nice action/comedy, check this one out, you won't be disappointed.
  • This is a middle of the road but enjoyable action comedy. John Badham a veteran of the action genre handles proceedings with flair and paces the movie well. The film hardly lulls despite a someone choppy ending set in a zoo. The film is routine but gets by with the likable leads, Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn. Gibson was making a name for himself as an action man by this time having already done 3 Mad Max films and 2 Lethal Weapon movies. Gibson's everyman likability and at the same time tough guy physique worked well in these movies, despite wasting his acting ability, with the exception of a great role in Lethal Weapon. At the same time as Gibson evading death by the pursuing dirty lawmen, David Carradine and Bill Duke, Goldie Hawn seems to be in her very own light-hearted Goldie movie about the posh bird who learns there is more to life than money and essentially she is still acting from her previous movie, Overboard. Despite this Hawn is likable and has good chemistry with Gibson. The trademark showing of her ass is once again here and Hawn parades her derrière in her movies even more than Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film also features the gorgeous and future queen of soft core, erotic, B-movies Joan Severance.

    The film has some good action scenes and plenty of on screen carnage and thanks to Badhams brisk direction it engages. The story maybe wafer thin but the film moves by so quickly it is difficult not to enjoy. The chemistry between the two leads more than make up for the clichéd by the numbers performances of the bad guys Carradine and Duke. Carradine is so far from his great performance in Kill Bill 2 that you have to wonder why it takes so much inspiration to coax a performance from the man whose wooden demeanour has led to him being a B-movie staple for nearly 20 years.

    Overall this is enjoyable stuff and typical of the sort of harmless and moronic fun action movies of the 80's. ***
  • Don't pay attention to negative reviews. This movie is really good and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it as much as I did. Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn are a wonderful couple and their performance is excellent. Don't wait any longer ... rent it right now!
  • wa5swd6 February 2007
    I love this movie but my wife hates it!

    This one combined great actors, comedy, action, bad guys, good guys, women, strong women, lions, tigers, (no bears), drama, explosions, gunfire, helicopters, deception, impossible situations and narrow escapes.

    Now I ask you. What else are you looking for? Education and information? The ballet it is not, although there is some action high on buildings.

    If you are male or like male type movies, you can't go wrong!

    Goldie is delicious as always, Mel Gibson is, well, Mel Gibson!

    This movie is a action thriller comedy that moves from start to finish!
  • The star power of Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn help this 1990 action film, which is about a witness protection program refugee who reconnects by accident with his old girlfriend. The two then run to avoid the people after him. And run and run and run.

    There are so many chase scenes in this movie, I lost count, but they lead to a very effective finale in the zoo. I enjoyed this movie because of its two stars. I thought they had great chemistry and repartee.

    The movie is short on plot and character development, you know, things that one would occasionally enjoy seeing in a film, and long on action, charm, Mel's rear, Goldie's figure, and fashion. On this basis, I found it enjoyable.
  • Terry-6225 February 1999
    If you like Goldie Hawn ( fellas ) or Mel Gibson ( girls ) this is one not to miss. It's non stop action from start to finish and eminently suitable for a younger audience than its certificate would indicate. To see poor Mel having to switch characters each time he meets some one else is entertaining , especially when he has to appear to be "gay". How so many bullets manage to miss them both is of course down to the director, after all he could hardly kill them off !! A hilarious film, played for the most part, strictly for laughs, I wish the widescreen version was available on video.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I dug it!, it's a lot of fun, with lots of laughs and awesome performances!. Most of the critics panned this film, however i had a lot of fun with it, plus Mel Gibson is always a huge bonus in any film he's in!. It has plenty of action, and all the characters were great, plus Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn had great chemistry together!. However i wish they wouldn't have wasted David Carradine, he is a brilliant actor in my opinion and deserved more screen time. I was expecting this to be nothing but average, however what i got was a very solid and quite enjoyable little Acton/Comedy with fun performances all around. The plot is kind of silly, and Goldie did get on my nerves a couple times, however almost all of Gibson's wisecracks are hilarious, and the finale was really cool, plus some of the stunts were great!. Overall i dug this a lot and i highly recommend it!. The Direction is very good. John Badham does a very good job here, with great camera work, good angles, and keeping the film at a very fast pace!. The Acting is awesome!. Mel Gibson is AMAZING as always, and is hilarious here, he is extremely likable, kicks that ass, had awesome chemistry with Goldie Hawnn, and is really one of his most underrated films, and he does what does best, and i always love that! (Gibson Rules!). Goldie Hawn is excellent here for the most part, however she did get on my nerves a couple times, still for the most part she was likable and pretty funny!. David Carradine is AMAZING as always, and is very good as the main villain, he does not have that much screen time and was kind of wasted in my opinion, he still rocks though! (Carradine rules!). Bill Duke does his usual thing as the henchman and does it well. Stephen Tobolowsky is good as the weasel. Joan Severance is okay here and nothing more. Overall i highly recommend this!. ***1/2 out of 5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This feature was a bold attempt to capture the magic of the first two Lethal Weapons, only this time with Goldie Hawn rather than Danny Glover. While it does fail to attain the same chemistry, it carries a different chemistry all its own.

    Mel Gibson portrays Rick Jarmin, whose character plays about 8 different "personalities," which effectively demonstrate his incredible depth and range as an actor. Goldie Hawn is her usual, adorable, professional self. Goldie is a rare breed, indeed, as she is quite the professional while maintaining that girlish quality that the masses do hold dear.

    The plot is simple, but the sub-plots are more than enough to entertain. Rick Jarmin has turned state's evidence against ex-DEA agents-turned-drug-dealers. Since, he's been in the federal witness protection program. But when he is spied and cornered by an ex-girlfriend (Goldie Hawn), he realizes he must relocate once more. Upon discovering his agent has retired, and the new one is a treacherous worm, he must go on the run, find his address book, and locate his old agent for help, all the while he's being chased and hunted by current DEA and FBI agents and the two men against whom he's testified.

    It was a lot of fun watching Gibson's personalities change as his character went from one life to the next looking for help, and making his way towards his address book.

    The action sequences were quite good, the comedic presence was well timed and expertly delivered, and the movie runs to a satisfying conclusion.

    While it is far from Oscar-worthy, it is really quite entertaining.

    It rates a 7.3/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • What it's meant to be cannot be broken but it certainly take a long and tumultous way to finally make the perfect circle. That's the story of the couple played by Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn in "Bird on a Wire", where they were split from each other in the early 1970's when the man had to disappear from view and enter the witness protection program when he denounced his former criminal comrades. When the business lady played by Hawn accidentally bumps into the man many years later barely she knows the problem both will get when the bad guy (David Carradine) is released from prison and with the help of a rogue FBI agent (Stephen Tobolowsky) he tracks down Mel and seeks revenge on him, which makes the pair go into a thrilling escape that besides the scary scenario it can also ignite the once brightening flame of love.

    This is unlike today's messy business one call films today. There's non-stop adventure and action, non-stop comedy and thrills, some romance and tiny chewed drama and even with such a paradoxal combo the film never fails at anything. Back when of my first view I just couldn't get anything special out of it except remembering Goldie Hawn shouting and screaming all the time, and a nice conclusion but the whole ordeal was too weak. I was to demanding then, of getting a more intelligent and well-connected plot. Now, I can see it as a simple minded flick that has plenty to offer with its exciting action sequences, helicopter versus plane chase, motorcycles and cars running, some shooting and the hilarious pairing of Hawn and Gibson.

    John Badham isn't known for a particular style or trademark, but he certainly could extract good performances and orchestrate good action sequences, all brilliantly edited and hardly ever wasting a moment. I absolutely had a great time with this picture, even forgiving some of its errors and lack of consistence at times. It's an almost mindless screwball comedy, simple, fun and thrilling experience. 9/10
  • d_carlotaj14 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bird on a Wire and Conspiracy Theory are both good movies. Especially liked Bird on a Wire. They are action movies, good cast, well directed. But after the first viewing, which I always do for effect, comes the purpose, or meaning, of the screenwriter. And the fun of decoding it. Why would a screenwriter put a coded message in a movie? Because of the Greek historical traadition of drama: to ensure cultural norms. Once you have a group's, or audience's attention, reinforcement of cultural expectations is absolutely a desired effect. Take the lone gunmen in recent American history in the political arena. Thirteen letters in the name equals a scapegoat. Even Lee Harvey Oswald: L. Harvey Oswald. And in Conspiracy Theory, the poor, paranoid scapegoat, Jerry Fletcher. In Bird on a Wire, all of the aliases of Rick (Richard Jarman) could be arranged into the thirteen letters required to denote scapegoat status. Won't go into them here. But suffice it to say, no thirteen letters in the name, the safer you are. In Japan, a child's name must be registered, and if it has thirteen strokes in the name, it cannot be registered. In Australia a child's name cannot be socially denigrating. In Greek historical society tricodecaphobia was very real for a good reason. But in America? It serves a purpose.
  • sarah.lean23 December 2000
    I found this movie highly entertaining! It made me laugh alot. Goldie Hawn is great in the movie and her and Mel Gibson make a great couple.

    The stunts are pretty good, and Goldie's costumes are stunning! You should definitely see this movie!
  • OK, so this may not be the best movie, in fact, its not really good in a sense of writing and such, but it is fun and enjoyable. Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson don't really have the best chemistry, but there not really suppose to throughout most of the movie. Both do good in their characters, and the acting from everyone who played in it was not bad. The movie does have a few cheesy moments, and of course the movie is far from being believable, but its fine. Besides the humor, what saves this movie is the action. Good action, not particularly original or suspenseful, but its fun and highly entertaining, which is what you should want in an action/comedy.

    Overall the movie is for people interested in the actors, or those who want an action comedy.

    I rate it a 7/10 PG-13-Action Violence, Some Sexual Content/Nudity, and Language (this isn't a kids movie either).
  • This movie rocks--so what that it's implausible, it's fun to watch! Just watch the car chase scene towards the beginning--it's more fun than most of the recent ones, (esp. when the little yellow trolley comes out instead of the train) albeit less realistic. I wish Goldie Hawn's character was smarter though, and more independent. But Mel Gibson rocks.
  • I've watched "Bird on a Wire" ever since my age was a one-digit number. The plot focuses on a man in the witness protection program (Mel Gibson) who is being pursued by the criminal that he put away (David Carradine). He teams up with an old flame (Goldie Hawn) and the two go on an action-filled road trip, ending in a climactic battle in a zoo.

    This has got to be one of the funniest, coolest, and most exciting action movies I've ever seen. I recommend it to anyone who knows that EVERY SINGLE action movie doesn't have to have perfect plot or perfect acting.

    Great action, 7/10.
  • I love this movie, it's Mel & Goldie at their best! Their chemistry on screen looks cute, flirty, frustrating, funny, and romantic. I found this movie was action packed with comedy, but not at the expense of gore and dirty language. You will find yourself smiling throughout the film.
  • I am currently attempting to con my wife into watching this, not because it's a great movie, but because I know it's the kind of movie that she is going to laugh at and enjoy. It has that humor that people that are ESL can really pick up on without having to be an expert native speaker to follow the word play...

    ... but then again, she's actually gotten good enough with English that she's watching and enjoying Monty Python so, who knows if that still applies.

    As I said, it's not a great film, but it is memorable, and memorable for it's dumb humor and brainless action alone that is personified by Gibson when he was at the top of his game for fun, dumb, and entertaining action/comedy flicks.

    Historically we can call it a cult of personality, because, honestly, you are watching it strictly because of Gibson's personality and his sense of humor.

    And mind you, this was before he did that thing... which he asked forgiveness for very publicly... and I personally don't see why people feel it's necessary to continue to beat a man after he made amends for a mistake.

    Honestly, you're watching it and remembering it because it is a funny Gibson action comedy, and nothing more. Especially since he kind of outshines Hawn in the comedy department in this one, which is kind of shocking given that she can be pretty hysterical when she wants to. In this, however, I'm not sure she was really giving it her A game, or maybe she just sulked back to a co-star routine.

    But, it doesn't claim to be anything more, it achieves it's goals, and it entertains.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bird on a Wire starts as successful lawyer Marianne Graves (Goldie Hawn) stops off at a gas station in Detroit & recognises the hired help as Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) her old boyfriend who she thought was dead. Rick denies it & she leaves, since Rick has been living in hiding for the past fifteen years under the FBI witness relocation program he wants to move on before Marianne comes back. He talks with corrupt FBI agent Joe Weyburn (Stephen Tobolowsky) who passes his information onto the bad guy who Rick's testimony put behind bars, Eugene Sorensen (David Carradine) & his drug lord boss Albert Diggs (Bill Duke) before wiping his file altogether. Diggs & Sorensen head over to Detroit to kill Rick at the same time Marianne decides to go back & speak with him, Diggs & Sorensen fail to kill Rick & Marianne helps him escape. Everyone from the police to the FBI to Diggs & Sorensen are after them as Rick & Marianne go on the run...

    Directed by John Badham I thought Bird on a Wire was a fun little action adventure with a nice sense of humour that I rather liked. The script by David Seltzer, Louis Venosta & Eric Lerner plays like a mismatched cop flick along the lines of Gibson's earlier Lethal Weapon (1987) with Rick & Marianne paired as arguing ex-lovers caught up in an action adventure. This is where the film, in my opinion, works very well as I think Gibson & Hawn both have good on screen chemistry & are fun to watch as they trade insults. There are some amusing one-liners, the action scenes are pretty good with some decent vehicular mayhem & fight scenes. The bad guy's aren't great as they don't get much to do & aren't evil enough for my liking, in fact they disappear from the middle third almost entirely. At less than two hours Bird on a Wire never outstays it's welcome, it moves along at a nice pace although the farm scene might have cut down or removed entirely as it serves no real purpose & generally speaking I aways have fun whenever I've seen it.

    Director Badham does alright, there are some neat action scenes including a cool car chase, a motorbike chase & scene in which a helicopter chases a plane! There's some nice explosions & fights too although you may feel, like me, it was cut down to get a lower rating as some of the dubbing isn't great & it's all but bloodless. I have to say Goldie Hawn really does look rather good in this, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a body double was used on occasion but she looks pretty sexy in this.

    Technically the film is well made with high production values although how did Rick & Marianne get from that beam on top of the hotel to the window they let themselves in through? The acting is pretty good & as I said Gibson & Hawn are both very likable in this, Carradine & Duke are wasted in minor bad guy roles & despite near top-billing on the credits Joan Severance gets about 5 minutes screen time.

    Bird on a Wire is a likable, fun, light hearted, not to violent & entertaining action adventure that I personally liked. All things considered I think you could do a lot worse.
  • Goldie Hawn gives a performance which more than makes up for some of the short comings of this cliched comedy. Hawn is laugh out loud funny in this film as the spoiled lawyer for which she was perfectly cast, and it is one of the funniest roles I have seen her in. The scene where she is driving around using Mel Gibsons foot as the gas pedal is hilarious, and again when she is being chased by chimps, I found myself in hysterics. Surprising, considering I'm not usually a fan of this kind of comedy.

    Sometimes the laughs are few and far between, and this is pretty much your average run of the mill film where someone is on the run to prove their innocence, despite this there is something endearing about it. There is no doubt Goldie is that endearing quality, backed up by Gibson, who to his credit gives a good performance, and a script which is relatively original. If your fan of Ms Hawn, or if your just looking for a laugh without much thought then I would recommend this film. 8 out of 10
  • If you love adventure movies, this is one of the best I've seen. While around the same time as Air America, in 1990, here might of been one for Gibson lovers, that would take second place, if choosing to go and see it. I have to be honest, I really enjoyed this movie. It has a great story background, constant action, but also humour as well, as if on Goldie Hawn's part. At times, it seems she's overacting, and it could just be her character doing it. Mel and her make a great duo. Long haired Gibson, as Rick, who worked for Air America, had discovered he'd be used in some illegal smuggling, has gone under a new identity. Some bad arses, still after him (Carradine and Duke). He used to be the fun of the party in Hawn's life, while being a husband too. Presumed to be dead by Hawn, her absolution is thrown back into doubt, while recognizing Gibson at a gas station. Later that same night, the desperate, pain in the butt, Gibson, and I'm two terming it there, is forced to team up with Hawn and another adventure like olden days, begins. You so much wanna be part of their adventure. Here's one of those smaller mainstream movies, that really surprises you like they did in the nineties. And when the climax scene is set spectacularly in a zoo, with lions running loose whatever, (what a choice) it just another reason. Think of the original climactic setting in Kill Bill 1. This movie is just fun all the way, with funny circumstances, of course taking place during the action. It's what so good about this, it's not just action, but it's comedy, on a even keel I like. Too, we also feel Mel's bullet in the bum. He plays his irresponsible character here well. Carradine as the chief bad guy, also impresses. The only thing that really sucks here, is it strung together title. It's just out of whack, unfitting, no title appeal, as if unthinkingly slapped on, at the last moment.
  • It's nothing mindlowing of a movie, but pure entertainment. The action and jokes were great, the plot was fast paced. I loved it.
  • mrzimpasulj2 April 2020
    Mel Gibson plays a guy in a witness protection program gone wrong, and Goldie Hawn is his never-forgotten-but-long-gone girlfriend from a previous life. They cross paths, and the gang of stooges is after them. Running from the mob and the corrupted federal agent, Mel's and Goldie's characters come across all sorts of dangers, with the excellent finale in a small town zoo, where loose animals are not the dangerous enemies! As I said, SUPER-DUPER FUN!
  • Something about this movie, its just so classical to watch, the music is great, the action is great, the soundtrack is the best ! im suprised this movie has such a low rating...
  • ...on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. If you are looking for something else, don't watch it.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for some laughs, some actions scenes (on the edge of the impossible, a.k.a. James Bond scenes) and some romance, you got it. Sadly, in a small amount.

    You could say, that if there wasn't Mel (with his jokes) and Goldie (with hers legs), the movie probably sucked. Thanks to them, this movie still deserves an o.k. grade.

    5 out of 10
  • This was "cute" and "funny" the first time I saw it, but "annoying" on the second look. A big part of that was my pet peeve of hearing God's name used an exclamation all the time and Goldie Hawn was absolutely brutal in that regard. Every time she was in trouble, which was often, it was "Oh, God!, Oh, God!, Oh, God!"

    Puh-leeze, stop with the bimbo blasphemy. I am so sick of people doing this, especially women who are the worst abusers and especially dumb blondes. Anyway, the profanity in addition to the above-mentioned, made this film deserve an "R" rating, not "PG-13." How many movies have we seen where that is the case? Parents, beware of films labeled "PG-13."

    If none of this stuff bothers you in the least and you like a fun comedy-adventure then I heartily recommend the movie. You'll get a lot of laughs and entertainment out of this. Hawn and Mel Gibson are always in some kind of trouble and they are a likable couple to watch. This movie personifies both actors: Mel, the handsome macho guy with the sense of humor and Goldie the cutie who is smarter than she looks.... and not as innocent, either. She really likes to show off her butt in this film. It's nice, but the fanny jokes are overdone here.

    The bad guys in the movie? The DEA, who else? That's Hollywood's most hated group, I think, even more than the military. Anyone who might takes drugs away from them is a definite enemy of movie producers, directors and actors!

    In this weak-plotted film, our two "buddies" are chased all over the country and we viewers just go along for the bumpy and crazy ride.
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