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  • This film is an absolute classic and it is a crime that it is not available on DVD.

    There must be something us film lovers can do to rectify this injustice.

    This film is hysterical, moving and poignant all rolled into one which is a rarity in itself.

    For me, Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Stern steal the show as the feuding brothers who constantly clash with great hilarity.

    Sterns performance had me in tears of laughter, especially in his moments of rage.

    A great cast, a great script and an extremely well hidden master piece which does not get the credit it deserves.

    I can not really say any more than that!!
  • Maisa111122 October 2001
    This is one of the best all time sleeper hits. I have yet to recommend this someone who hasn't liked it. A wonderful, brother film. A nice story about 3 brothers who learn about each other, and what they mean to their family.
  • Andy B-812 September 1999
    This is one of those films that slipped by virtually unnoticed. It's a shame because this film is one of best comedies I have seen.

    Stern, Dempsey and Gross are excellent as the squabbling brothers who drive a Cadillac Coupe de Ville from Motor City to Miami for their mother's birthday.

    They get into lots of scrapes along the way, most on the actual car. Their fight about the Louie Louie song is a classic.

    Funny and poignant. 10/10.
  • Let me start by saying how i feel about the movie and what i think of some of the comments i have read. I happen to love Coupe De Ville very much. I am the youngest of five sons so I can relate to this film on so many levels. When I first seen it I kept relating to all the scenarios, all the bickering and all the heartache. it is a simple and truly honest film which i feel is extremely underrated. I have five copies all in different stages of condition, but I cannot for the life of me understand why it has not yet been released on DVD. With all the lemons that are released each week, Coupe still remains unconverted. As for some of the comments which I have read, I feel that some people may be a little too critical of the story. What were you expecting, an epic, historic account of a legendary world event with "Oscar night" written all over it! It is just meant to take you away for an hour and a half and help forget your daily troubles, and hopefully put a smile on your face in the process. Try to take this film for what it is, an innocent, funny and heartfelt look into the lives of a not so functional family eventually being brought together by unavoidable, undying love. Let me finish by saying that it is probably not everyone's cup of tea, but just give it a chance, you might surprise yourself. I highly recommend Coupe De Ville!
  • I have watched "Coupe de Ville" nearly twenty times and I have loved it every single time. This is a textbook example of how great acting, a brilliant screen play, simple dialog, and clever plot twists all work together to form a wonderful movie. Every character is brilliant and original. It is hard to believe that I can still laugh at the same lines long after other more popular movies leave me bored and unsatisfied. The scene with the brothers arguing over the garbled lyrics to "Louie, Louie" has to be one of the best written and inventive five minutes of film ever shot. The relationship between the father and his sons is somewhat akin to that in "Big Fish." And the final scene brings tears to my eye every single time I watch it--the message and the subtle emotion is among the best ever.

    I cannot recommend this movie more highly.
  • Coupe de Ville is just one of those films that you like, but can't put your finger on quite why! The direction - by Roth - is straightforward and not terribly unique. The script is just the right side of sentimental. The actors are by no means A-League big-hitters. But this is quite possibly what makes this film so good. It is a film that you watch with absolutely no expectations. By the end of it however you know that what you have just watched, has touched some part of you that has not been touched for a long time. The trio of Stern, Dempsey and Gross are nigh on perfect. The beauty in their acting is, that they act just like brothers. They feel right as a bickering trio of siblings. But the real boon of this film lies in Alan Arkin. So often Alan Arkin has simply played a variation on a theme. But hear the bronchial tones of his voice are given a stage perfectly suited to them. It is with Arkin that the real emotional punch of the movie lies, and working like a super-extended episode of 'The Wonder Years', it suckers you every time. The pacing is perfect, the cast truly 'stellar', the music absolutely incredible. Besides I never would have known that 'Louie, Louie' was a sea-shanty, and for that alone this deserves viewing. A hidden gem.
  • A trio of feuding brothers who haven't seen each other for five years reluctantly embark on a road trip orchestrated by their dad. Their mission is to simply fetch a vintage Coupe de Ville from Detroit and deliver it to the family home in Florida - then dad plans to present it to his wife as a birthday present. Tensions run high as the three brothers, one military - one dreamer - and one rebellious teen, must survive each other and ensure the car comes to no harm or face the consequences.

    Coupe de Ville is directed by Joe Roth and stars Arye Gross, Daniel Stern & Patrick Dempsey as the brothers, Alan Arkin & Rita Taggart as the parents & Annabeth Gish drops in as the love interest angle. Though holding few surprises with the basic conceptual formula, it's a film that can brighten up the darkest of days and really deserves to be better known. Anyone who has been involved with sibling rivalry can identify with the brothers from the outset, whilst the ultimate revelations of the narrative hit all the emotional beats.

    We open with a sequence of the boys as youngsters, naturally they are fighting in the bedroom. Fast forward twelve years and they undertake this journey that has cunningly been set up by the father (a delightful turn from Arkin), cue arguments and a number of humorous set ups executed skilfully by Messrs Stern, Gross and Dempsey. Along the way they of course run into problems and obviously encounter the usual array of interesting characters that tend to fill out the "road movie" genre. Fun as it is though, pic is not all about the comedy, it has something to say, and it's possibly through the more serious and poignant moments that Coupe de Ville soars a little higher than your basic coming of age picture.

    The cast are strong right through and Roth has a very easy on the eye directing style, while the soundtrack is top dollar for those into 50s and 60s rockers. There's no new ground being found here, something that has in the past been used by notable critics to beat it over the head with. Yet it's an easy film to fall in love with, it has a lot of resonance to those in tune with the themes pulsing away, and ultimately it's as funny as much as it is a worthy message picture. Go on, give it a go if you get the chance, it just might strike the same chord with you as it did with myself. 8/10
  • I don't know who owns the rights to this film, but I am not alone on my rating of this film. I have checked the main page of this movie on this web site every 2 days or so. I like to think my DVD collection is full of all of the classics ever made, including very famous movies and the greatest movies that people have never seen. This is the only movie that I am dying to have in my collection. How is it that with Patrick Dempsey's recent fame and Alan Arkin's new Oscar (it was about time) this movie is still not available? The movie is absolutely hilarious, it's full of great scenes and classic lines. It's funny, it's emotional, it's dramatic, it's realistic and it's all in one movie. So rare these days. But, how do we get it?
  • MzPepperPotts20 February 2012
    I caught this film on one of the premium channels and boy what a treat! Alan Arkin is perfect in the role of Fred. As the patriarch of the family, he has given over a responsibility to his sons. The brothers rapport made it just so funny and poignant to watch. Patrick Dempsey is perfect in the role of the rebellious youngest son Bobby. I gained a new respect for Daniel Stern in his role as the eldest son, Marvin. Arye Gross was excellent as middle brother Buddy. What results when these three come together is the stuff the best comedies and heartfelt life lessons are truly made of.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the acting, the dialog, every part of it. If you have siblings and even if you don't, you need to watch this film.
  • lmhoops23 November 2006
    I come from a large family (4 brothers and 3 sisters) and I could identify with each character in this movie. The three brothers in the movie reminded me of each of my brothers, including myself AND my sisters ... The bossy brother/sister, the reserved brother/sister and the wild brother/sister. I laughed the whole movie and kept comparing the characters to my own family, including the uncle and the parents! If you have siblings you will absolutely love this movie!

    I also enjoyed the ending and the message that the father tells the brothers, because it is the message that every family should share with each other and should live by. The message reminds you of what should matter most in your life and tells you how to keep it that way. This message should also be shared with other families.

    This is a perfect movie for a family get-together, to kick back and laugh after a Thanksgiving or holiday meal!
  • paul2001sw-15 September 2003
    The premise of "Coupe de Ville" is hardly original - eccentric father gets his three sons, who all hate each other, to drive a car across America for him. Standard road-movie fare, then, and you know they'll all love each other before the end of the trip. Also, the characters are one dimensional (and, in the beginning, impossible to like), while the inevitable disasters that assail them are predictable and yet desperately dull and umimaginitively conceived. The continuous soundtrack sweetens thing up. And yet the film retains a certain charm. It's nicely shaped, not too pretentious, and oddly appeals in a cartoony sort of way - its almost like an adults' film made with the limited sophistication of a children's one. It may not be great film-making, but it's a lot more watchable than you might expect.
  • We can go the moon and we can even clone but it just seems impossible to get this GREAT MOVIE on DVD. I only saw it once and I was hooked on the movie Coupe de Ville. It was fun to watch, acting was great, moral of the story great. Why can't Universal Pictures transfer it to DVD or Morgan Creek Productions transfer it to DVD. A great movie for all generations to sit down and watch and have a great time doing that.I love Alan Arkin as the father. Do the world of movie buffs a favor please transfer this movie to DVD and make the world a happier place at least for 90 minutes.

    Thanks. Martha
  • fubal15 February 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe this movie is still not available on DVD. It's one of my favorite comedy movies ever.

    The three brothers are fantastic in this movie: Patrick Dempsey (Can't Buy Me Love), Arye Gross (Soulman) and Daniel Stern (Home Alone. The youngest brother (Dempsey) is the wildest and reminds us all who we were or wanted to be at that age. The middle brother (Gross)is the wise one, with a lovely girlfriend and a college degree. The oldest brother (Stern) is the tough and stronger brother with a lot off discipline. They don't get along but because their dad tells them to, they have to drive a Coupe De Ville from Detroit to Florida together. During the road-trip to Florida they're getting to know each other and find out what brotherly-love means. And an impressive supporting-role by Joseph Bologna.
  • Coupe de Ville is on HBO Family this month. Good movie about these three brothers' and their dad's relationship, or any family relationships, fraught with mischief, hijinks, and adventure.

    Enjoyed it, even though it may now seem dated, the movie had it's great moments. Consider it timeless, or consider it an entertaining coming-of-age period piece from the 1980s... I found it very under-rated, well worth seeing, and I agree, it could be worth watching again.

    The situations, conflicts, and their solutions were not only very entertaining, but ultimately satisfying, somehow. It has some qualities that reminded me of dynamic relationship films like Breaking Away or Stand by Me.

  • This Movie I watched with by brother a long time ago and to this day we still talk about it.

    I am specifically looking for the Soundtrack list of songs, I have scoured ebay looking for a version that is compatible with Australia systems and am yet to locate it.

    If anyone has any leads they will be truly appreciated.

    My brother just talk about the song " Speedo" not the song by Rubber Biscuoits we just laugh ourselves silly, if anyone knows the complete play list of and can forward them to me I would be grateful....

    A Awesome movie.......

    please email me at Thank You.
  • I watched this film 6 months ago at TV, and I completely loved it. It's an emotional comedy, and despite the great humor, it makes you think about family in general, and how important are things that we, unfortunately, sometimes think they're banal. Anyway, I saw the movie again last week and I enjoyed it even more, and now I'm absolutely desperate to get it, because I can't wait for the next time when TV1000 will show it. But I didn't find it neither on youtube or torrent sites. So, if anyone of you knows how can I download, or even watch this amazing movie online, please let me know about it, because I think you loved it too and you know that it's a real cruelty not to be able to see it again. Thank you in anticipation. Sorry for my bad English.
  • Kind of a slow start, but ended up being a good movie.
  • A touching story between three brothers. The roles are nicely cast, (I especially enjoy seeing Daniel Stern). Being a brother myself, I could relate to some of the situations they got themselves in, and the emotion they felt between each other. A gem of its own, Coupe De Ville, should be seen by more people. It's brilliance is warming and Alan Arkin ties the whole thing together. His performance as the straightforward, loving father is charming.

    Plus, the soundtrack is nostalgic! The whole part about the song Louie, Louie is classic.

    Recommended for fans of Daniel Stern and Alan Arkin.
  • Sibling rivalry happens to the best of us. Most of the time, though, it happens when we are little and we grow out of it. Three men, who are brothers, cannot seem to grow out of fighting with each other. Coupe de Ville brings out the best of the three characters, who all set off to their hometown in Miami for their mother's fiftieth birthday. The symbolism is shown quite directly here, as everytime the brothers fight, something happens to the car. The best way to get them together is to fix it. Coupe de Ville is a very entertaining movie with lots of laughs, but I did have a few problems with it.
  • Smart screenplay in this fabulous road movie where three brothers had different kind of personality who grew up together but somehow never liked each other, now his dying father asking them to bring home in Florida from Detroit an old car which they suppose to be his mother's former car, in this trip they'll face a lot of troubles together and unexpected happenings along the road that will certainly approach them in each mile in the route to Florida, a clever comedy where the trio gave us, in special way Daniel Stern as older one!!!

    Resume: First watch: 1994 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD-R / Rating: 7.5