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  • I'm not sure why "Delta Force 2" gets such a bad rap. Is it just because it's a sequel? Or is it because it was the film that came out just at the point when Chuck was transitioning from feature films to Direct-To-Video and Television?

    In fact, is it really a "bad" film at all? Well, yes and no—depending on what your expectations are. For instance, is DF2 a bad film when compared with Norris' other films? Definitely not! This film is the pinnacle of the latter day Norris persona. He's the superconfident, superbearded superman of action, tough and gruff but also noble and likable. He a man of few words who shoots a lot of big guns, narrowly escapes a lot of very big, very orange explosions, and doles out justice to the bad guys with no second thoughts. (as a sidenote, this is very different from the early days Norris persona—a basically peaceable karateman pushed into action, often the pursued instead of the pursuer; sometimes he was mustachioed, sometimes his face was (gasp) naked.). The story is clichéd and the characters are clichés personified, but I don't think that was an accident. Cliché can be very effective in movies if used properly (see "Rocky"). DF2 pushes all the buttons—pushes them in all the right spots and pushes them hard. It doesn't try to be ironic, self-referential, a parody, or a "reimagining" of anything. Like a John Wayne western, it just is what it freaking is.

    Is DF2 a good film in the B-Action film genre as a whole? If by that we mean the Bronson/VanDamme/Segal level genre, then the answer is another resounding "yes!" DF2 is an excellent example of the kind of simple action flick that no one makes for theatrical release anymore.

    Is DF2 a good action film if your tastes run exclusively to higher budgeted, more elaborate action flicks like "Die Hard," the James Bond series, "Lethal Weapon," Tarrantino flicks and the like instead of lower budgeted action melodramas? Nah, no way in hell. In comparison to the $100 million action epics, the acting in DF2 is stiff, the action too basic, and the story style outdated by decades. Compared to the big studio tentpole Summer blockbusters, all Norris films are like home movies. To me personally, however, the line between these big budgeted action flicks and Chuck's is becoming thinner and thinner as time goes by (what at first seems like innovation soon becomes just another cliché as it is imitated by everyone everywhere, a la "The Matrix").

    So—Delta Force 2. Good movie? The answer's either "hell yes!" "good lord, no!" depending on who you are.

    Personally, I dig it.
  • Follow-up to ¨Deltaforce I¨ which based on the real-life hijacking of TWA Flight 847 on 14 June 1985 with Norris shinning ,resulting to be one of the best roles he'd made to date and here again Delta Force commanded by Chuck is called into service to eliminate all elusive drug lords and smugglers on the Colombian jungle . Delta leader/Norris leads the brigade into Latin America to snuff out a nasty drug baron and being starred by Chuck Norris , Richard Jaeckel, John P Ryan , Begonya Plaza , Mark Margolis , Billy Drago and directed by his brother Aaron Norris . As DEA and authorities don't negotiate with dope ringleaders , they blow them away! , as an America's special squadron led by Col. Scott McCoy along with his underlings take on mean villains .

    Standard action-packed picture , plenty of blow-up , derring-do and fast moving . The film has frenetic action , shoot'em up and spectacular set pieces and for that reason is fun . This is a straight-forward Action|Adventure|Drama|Thriller|War movie . It is tense and exciting , at time bemusing and in average budget . Uneven picture , however being entertaining , amusing and never tiring . Exciting rescue climax but realized in cartoon style , to say the least , with spectacular but silly action scenes . There five crew members were killed in a helicopter accident during filming , the film is dedicated in their memory . The film was originally to be produced with the cooperation of Delta Force's real-life founder and original commanding officer, Col. Charles Beckwith . This is a routine actioner with Karate star Chuck Norris as the veteran Delta, as he's fine as tough, cold, stubborn Colonel . It's a predictable, shallow and brainless film though will appeal to Chuck Norris enthusiasts because of it contains some acceptable action sequences . Michael Dudikoff and Steve James were attached to the project when it was known as Spitfire: Delta Force II . After they passed on it, Chuck Norris was given the script which he disliked and was changed into the final product . Nice acting by Billy Drago , he steals the show as a sadomasochist villainous . He is is a reference to Pablo Escobar, a similar flamboyant real-life Columbian drug dealer who also had such an entrance to his compound . Atmospheric and functional cinematography by Joao Fernándes filmed in Tennessee and Philippines . Cota's mansion seen in the movie is the real-life Palac located in Tagaytay City outside Manila, it was erected by former First Lady Imelda Marcos . Commercial and catching musical score composed by means of synthesizer by Frederic Talgorn including lively leitmotif . The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Aaron Norris , though Michael Winner was going to direct, but Chuck Norris didn't like the script. Aaron has usually produced , playing stunts and directed various vehicles for his brother Chuck , such as ¨Missing in action 3¨ , ¨Hitman¨ , ¨Hellbound¨, some episodes of ¨Walker Texas Ranger¨and three children films such as ¨Sidekicks¨ , ¨Top dog¨ and this ¨Forest warrior¨. The only film done by Aaron Norris to not have Chuck Norris in it was ¨Platoon leader¨.

    This a a sequel to ¨Delta Force I¨ that dealt with a a hijacking TWA plane and starred by an all-star-cast as Chuck Norris , Lee Marvin , George Kennedy , being professionally produced and directed by Menahen Golan from Cannon Productions along with Yoran Globus . It is followed by several sequels in comic-book similar style ; as it posteriorly continues with this ¨Delta Force II operation stranglehold or Colombian connection ¨ , ¨Delta Force III the killing game¨ with the sons Hollywood's bigger stars : Eric Douglas , Nick Cassavetes , Mike Norris and directed by Sam Firstemberg ; ¨Delta Force : operation Ebola ¨ (1997) by Sam Firstemberg with Joe Lara , Jeff Fahey , Ernie Hudson , Frank Zagarino, Rob Stewart , Natasha Sutherland and many others . Furthermore , ¨Delta Force one : The lost patrol¨ by Joseph Zito with Gary Daniels , Mike Norris and Bentley Mitchum , ¨Operation Delta Force 2 Mayday¨ with Michael McGrady and directed by Yossi Wein , ¨Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target¨ by Mark Roper with Jim Fitzpatrick , Bryan Genesse and Greg Collins ; plus ¨Operation Delta Force 4 : Deep Fault¨ with Gary Hudson , Johnny Messner , Greg Collins and Joe Lara , among others .
  • Let me put it forward. I didn't think all that much of the original, and that's exactly the same on this one. However for some enjoyable, light-headed entertainment it passed the buck for me, compared with the first outing. The two films couldn't be anything but different though. The first featured heavily on political terrorists, as this one plays out more like a comic-book revenge story with the drug cartel in his sights. Even though he's still apart of 'The Delta Force', this time Norris goes it alone, and tackles South American drug lords led by an impressively juicy and vicious Billy Drago bad guy performance of utter evilness and slime. Norris' personal, easy-going turn, is less mechanical to his first showing of the McCoy character.

    Now this one was full-throttle from the get-go, and looked like it had a sizable budget. The gritty action is furious, and at times unpleasant. Just look at some of those remarkably creative stunt works involving an intense rock climb and thrilling sky dive. Some of the potent camera work neatly dons some sharp angles, and works in the jungle locations to great effect. There are explosions. Big ones. Numerous ones. Norris is that hard to kill, that they use a grenade launcher to stop him. Alas with no prevail. And you gotta love the inter-cutting slow-motion. Aaron Norris (yep Chuck's brother) directs by throwing caution to the wind, and while it's not first-rate handling and freshly organised. He demonstrates enough to keep you watching, and lets it tick along. The material is the real weak point. The bloated screenplay is covered with coincidences, and dialogues are fairly leaden. The rest of the performances are a can of worms. John P Ryan gleefully hams it up as Gen. Taylor and Richard Jeckal skews in as a determined DEA Agent. The beautiful Begona Plaza is appealingly good too.

    I was expecting worse of this sequel. Pure tempo-laced b-action fun, where the cold stare of Drago steals the show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very good but brainless sequel, that's a lot of fun, with a chilling performance from Billy Drago!. i enjoyed this sequel quite a bit as there is plenty of explosions and action to keep one entertained, plus Chuck Norris was simply amazing in this!. It started off pretty slowly, however it was never boring and i was always interested, plus Billy Drago portrays one of the best bad guys ever in this in my opinion!. While it can't match the original it's still a pretty enjoyable sequel, with some exciting action and fun performances!. These type of movies aren't going to win any Oscars however i am a huge fan of 80's late 90's action films, and this one is no different!, plus the sky diving stunts were spectacular!. . Sure it's routine and familiar however i enjoyed it quite a bit and i highly recommend it!. The Direction is good. Aaron Norris does a good job here, with good camera work, great angles and some spectacular shots during the sky diving stunts!. There is a bit of blood and violence. We get quite a few of very bloody gunshot wounds,bloody corpses,stabbings,head explosion,gunshot wound to the head, and an impaling. The Acting is great!. Chuck Norris is AMAZING as always and is amazing here, he is very likable, kicks that ass, had some great one liners, was very good in the acting department, and was really fantastic overall!. (Norris rules!). Billy Drago is AMAZING here as the main villain he gives one of the most chilling performances ever as a bad guy, he is also one of the most sadistic,he was amazing i loved it!. John P. Ryan really seems to be enjoying himself here, and gave a fun performance, however i am not a big fan of his.Mark Margolis is weak as the other main villain. Rest of the cast do okay. Overall highly recommended!, just expect brainless entertainment!. ***1/2 out of 5
  • Is this the best movie ever made? Probably. Certain people have described this and other films starring Billy Drago as "sleeper hits". Well let me tell you something - I was wide awake when I watched this one. While the action scenes are classic, the most memorable portion of this film is the dialog. Without saying a word, Billy Drago commands a presence so powerful that I almost hid behind my couch while watching him. General Taylor's blatant violation of military procedure reveals his hatred for the Columbian drug lords. This is evident in one of his greatest quotes from this film, "Why don't you....shut the f**k up!". Simply powerful dialog. To any who deny this film's greatness, I say you are a fool who deserves death as quickly as possible. I have watched this masterpiece over 180 times, and each time I find something new and beautiful hidden within its recesses.
  • An unfortunate, misjudged and misunderstood film that could have been something great but only clings to the bottom-rung of respectability. For a start, it has an unashamedly awful and truly despicable villain who oozes evil from every stinking orifice. When eccentric bad guys are not hammy, they are Ramon Cota (a sickening performance by villain's villain of choice and villain of the week Billy Drago).

    Cota is a Columbian drug lord, who ships massive amounts of cocaine into America. He kills DEA agents with unnatural glee, murders pregnant women, tortures people to death in a gas chamber, rapes women, murders their husbands, murders sick babies and uses their bodies to smuggle cocaine - you get the picture, this guy is lower than minus infinity.

    In a rare opportunity to catch him, Colonel Scott McCoy (the ever-bearded Chuck Norris) kidnaps Cota in mid-air and drags him into court only to watch him leave with virtually no charge. More DEA agents are kidnapped and it's up to Chuck to rescue them from death. So he heads off to the fictional South American country of San Carlos for some mighty kicking-of-ass. Killing Cota is not his mission, rescuing the DEA agents is, but you know that Cota is going to get what he deserves (with a little bit of slightly unsubtle philosophy from Norris).

    The script is generic and by numbers. Never before has a movie been so strictly routine, but there are some real cool action scenes and so much melodrama that it could fuel EastEnders for a decade. The direction leaves a lot to be desired. If someone other than Chuck's brother had made this, we would have a hugely enjoyable film on our hands. Instead plot holes, illogical moments and a general feel of immaturity bog it down.

    The action ranges from Norris flying through the sky, swinging through the jungle, falling off cliffs and dodging rockets. The main problem with the direction is that Aaron Norris uses the logic, "If it is in slow motion, then it is cool." He wants to drag out every bloody detail, every death dance and every penetration of every bullet. It's a shame Delta Force 2 isn't hyper-kinetic, because the slo-mo becomes very noticeable.

    Chuck Norris' methods are also highly questionable. For a man who moves at 48 frames per second he sure does lay waste to thousands of Drago's henchman very well. And beating up the new Delta Force recruits to train them in the deadly arts is just bizarre.

    General Taylor (John P. Ryan), a character so relentless gung-ho and over-the-top that he really should be in a pantomime, is McCoy's boss and he enjoys himself way too much when he tags along on the mission to blow away zillions of nameless henchman from a helicopter that is so indestructible and equipped with a never-ending supply of ammo you wonder why the REAL Delta Force doesn't use this thing over in Afghanistan. Ryan certainly did wrap himself in the American flag for this character. But hey, it worked for Stallone with John Rambo.

    The single spot-on aspect of the whole movie has to be the strong and rousing musical score by Frederick Talgorn. If the rest of the movie was as good as this, then everything would be different. Instead Delta Force 2 is a mixed bag. There is a good film here, desperate to get out, but you have to claw your way through to find it.
  • The original Delta Force was a classic. There was no surprise when its sequel was greenlit. However, if the rumours on the internet are to be believed, it suffered from numerous rewrites and had plenty of people with different ideas as to how it should play out. Not only that, but actor, Lee Marvin, died during parts 1 and 2, therefore taking him out of the entire sequel, obviously.

    So, we're left with the square-jawed baddie-killer, Chuck Norris, all by himself, packed and ready to take on the next wave of faceless henchmen and thugs.

    And he does okay. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what's missing from the second Delta Force. On the surface everything appears to be there: Chuck, action, fight scenes, outrageous stunts, explosions, evil bad guys - it's all there. But, despite it all, there still feels like there's something missing.

    This time, instead of Middle Eastern terrorists, we have Columbian drug lords (who follow every stereotype of South American cultures ever) who have kidnapped a load of DEA agents and, not only that, but they've only gone and murdered Chuck's best friend and his family. Hence Chuck better dust his beard down and kill absolutely everyone he meets. Which he does.

    It's all good harmless fun (if your definition of 'harmless fun' is 'killing thousands of people in gruesome and fiery ways), but, for some reason, definitely feels lesser to its predecessor. If you enjoyed the first, you'll probably enjoy the second, too. But, if you're new to the franchise, I'd advise checking out the first one before you sit down to this.
  • Aside from its propagandistic aspects (it seems to argue that America has the right to invade any foreign country in the name of "law and justice"), this is a standard, brainless actioner, with lots of explosions and large-scale stunts, but not much excitement. Billy Drago, as the slimy villain, is the film's only redeeming factor. (*1/2)
  • This movie has very little in common with the first movie, the only real connection between the two is Chuck Norris is in both of them. That and the movie does involve the Delta Force once again. It is also a very unmemorable movie as there are very few scenes in this one that I can recall. While I remember the older movie Delta Force almost entirely and I did not exactly watch that one a whole lot more. One of the few scenes that I even remember is the scene involving the Delta Force doing a sky jump with the drug lord and the fact this film had a bit of a similar plot to the James Bond film "License to Kill", however that film is superior to this one as I can remember a lot about that one too. I do not remember this one being particularly horrible or anything, I just remember it not being as good as the original and that I got a bit bored during this film, another thing that did not occur during the first film. In the end I think it is just one of those sequels that uses the success of the first film to try and market an almost unrelated film. Like this one was supposed to have Chuck in some sort of drug task force, but they thought they could get some more bucks by making it a sequel to the Delta Force movie.
  • When DEA agents are taken captive by a ruthless South American kingpin, the Delta Force is reunited to rescue them in this sequel to the 1986 film.

    Almost as long as the first movie, this film retains none of the cast of the first film except for Chuck Norris. It also doesn't focus on the Delta Force team so much as part one.What this movie does offer is more Chuck Norris, more action than part one and more American jingoistic patriotism. They just don't make them like this anymore.

    Chuck Norris fans have all they could ask for with Delta Force 2. Norris and a dozen US marines fly into the South American drug capital San Carlos, destroy half the country's cocaine production, and rub out the land's untouchable drug czar, in a blaze of exploding missiles and flying fists.

    Norris is a minimalist actor, rightly concentrating on the action. As the sadistic Coda, Billy Drago has a Medusa-like presence that produces shivers just from looking at him.There are some terrific action scenes, fighting scenes and explosions!

    Delta Force 2 is yet another awesome Chuck Norris action picture and one that adds to the ass-kicking mystique that he would be legendary for decades later. The Verdict: 9 / 10 - Explosive!
  • Delta Force 2 (1990) was a sequel that was a little too late. With Cannon all but a memory, the crew decided to make one more Delta Force movie starring an aging Chuck Norris. This time the story deals with drug running and the cocaine king-pins of Central America. Alas, this one is nowhere in the league of part one. It doesn't work, period. I mean why would the U.S. Government care about apprehending drug lords in some tiny country in Latin America? The movie is by the numbers, late 80's/ early 90's Chuck Norris action vehicle.

    I don't know why the called it Delta Force 2. The movie is unworthy of this title. Maybe they thought they could get a few more rentals by tying this movie in with the original Delta Force. All of the elements that made part one enjoyable are missing. Don't waste your time on such video tripe. Because it's not worth it.

    Not recommended, best to avoid!
  • Ah yes. What can I say about this movie? It was total propaganda and gave you the strong impression that countries outside of the U.S.A are pretty backwards and in desperate need of America to come in and kick some butt. Despite this film's political insensitivity, I really enjoyed it. I think back to the 80's fondly and remember when everything was black and white. There were the good guys and there were the bad guys. Chuck Norris essentially plays Superman in this film using his martial arts skills to avoid every bullet and destroy all evil doers who dare cross his path. Hi ya!! Drago plays the bad drug lord who is so completely over the top wicked that some of his actions warrant an unintentional laugh. I was half expecting Drago to start killing nuns and the pope, just in case the audience wasn't convinced of his absolute wickedness. During this entire film, there was no doubt that Drago was eventually going to be vanquished by the mighty Chuck. You gotta love it.

    This is a fun and predictable action film. It has some great stunts and some unfortunate deaths as a result. My only complaint is that in one stunt you can clearly see the parachute under the bad guy's shirt. It's not that I don't endorse safety, I just wish they would have done some better editing. Don't look for academy award material here and you should be entertained. As a concluding note, I miss the catchy theme song from the original. That was a cool theme.
  • Let's admit that there was not much of a plot here but some great martial arts. Sounds like another Arnold in Terminator? Not quite! I would rather see Chuck Norris fighting than Arnold fighting the machines any day.

    I like the villain Cota in the film as he portrayed a bad guy very well. I don't think he could have done a better job in my opinion in acting...superb! You get to see a lot of action at a fast pace in this movie. If you are looking for some excitement and action movie this is it. One of the best I have seen.

    Honestly, I do not know why people don't give a lot of credit to Chuck Norris in his films. If you combine a good villain as an actor with strong action then you get this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This one was on AMC one night, so I resolved to watch it. My brother already said it was bad, but I still wanted to see it for myself.

    Sadly, my brother was right.

    Personally, I am very interested in the 1st SFOD-D (First Specialforces Operational Detachment-Delta.) or Delta Force. I know my facts pretty well. This movie, however, had none of its facts right. Here is a list of movie flaws.

    1. Why are all the Delta Force soldiers or D-Boys dressed entirely in black, rather than in fatigues. I know what D-boys look like and the gear they use in this does not make sense.

    2. Why are they using French weapons? I mean, these are American soldiers, not French men! They should be using their own weapons.

    3. Aside from all that, the acting was terrible, the script awful and the cast is bad too.

    In conclusion, DO NOT SEE THIS!
  • Chuck Norris returns as Maj Scott McCoy the delta force commando who this time takes on a sadistic drug dealer named Ramon Cota(Billy Drago)who is holding a group of DEA agents hostage in this cold blooded and pointless sequel which is a total bomb until it's final 20 minutes of cool sky diving stunts.
  • Delta Force colonel Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris) and his super secret military unit The Delta Force are called back into action due to the activities of a ruthless cocaine kingpin named Ramon Cota (Billy Drago). Cota is well protected, and seemingly untouchable, making him a very arrogant adversary. His empire has just kidnapped a couple of Federal agents, including Scotts' associate Bobby Chavez (Paul Perri). Also along for the ride are a gung-ho general (John P. Ryan) and a young woman (Begonya Plaza) who wants revenge.

    Chuck and his filmmaker brother Aaron serve up more of the same in this sequel. It's got plenty of gunfire and explosions and enough of a body count (but not very much gore) to satisfy undemanding action genre fans. Having the enemy be a drug kingpin certainly does make the story topical. A lot of the characters are disposable types, but the actors all fit nicely into their roles. It does help to have old pros like Ryan ("Runaway Train") and Richard Jaeckel ("Grizzly") among the supporting cast. Ryan makes the most of the situation. Cast in one of his rare good-guy roles, he delivers a jovial performance and chews on the scenery a bit. Drago (Frank Nitti in the "Untouchables" feature film) once again offers a master class in supremely oily villainy. This creep is just pure evil, and can't die soon enough. People will also notice character actor Mark Margolis ('Breaking Bad', 'Better Call Saul') as a crooked general in league with Cota.

    What could have been a more interesting set piece, when Scott is required to scale a mountain in order to reach Cotas' lair, isn't as satisfying as it could have been, but at least it offers something fresh in an otherwise formula plot.

    Adequate pacing and a truly excellent, rousing score by Frederic Talgorn help to make this an agreeable diversion for action fans.

    Six out of 10.
  • Chuck Norris returns after the death of actor Lee Marvin (rip) in 1987 to reprise his role as Scott McCoy head of Delta Force Team. In the 1986 original film he and his men were fighting cooky Islamic airplane hijackers, this time around the team is gone and it is up to one man army McCoy to take on the sadistic South American drug lord Ramon Cota, played by the pure evil on screen known as Billy Drago. Cannon Films produced, so the budget is moderate and the hard R violence and heavy handed conservative social commentary are a plenty. The ending is cheese-ball, but there are a lot of gung ho jungle fights, extended car chases, and hand to hand combat to keep this revenge/war on drugs crossover story pretty damn entertaining.
  • GOWBTW4 December 2006
    This sequel to "Delta Force" is a rather subtle and entertaining at the same time. Chuck Norris returns in the movie as Col. Scott McCoy, leader of a covert team who rescues commardes who gets captured by the enemy. This time, they deal will a ruthless drug lord named Ramon Cota(Billy Grago). He and his cronies kidnaps some DEA agents, and had the ones in the van killed. The widow Quiquina(Begona Plaza) helps the Col. find Cota, and tells him the quickest way to get him. The training scene is a classic. Good old Chuck Norris with his moves. The kicks are outstanding, and the holds are overpowering. The attack scenes are great too. The copter showdown was no contest. Quiquina did her best to track down her husband's and baby's killer, at least she died a hero. Well, getting the DEA agents was worth the getting, the drug lord could be tracked down by someone else. Great movie, no puns added. Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars
  • Chuck Norris returns as Scott McCoy the commando from # 1 who puts the boot to the bad guys represented by Billy Drago. Seems Drago is a Colombian drug lord who kills babies, rapes innocent women and gases soldier boys. (And I thought the sequel would be less overwrought...) Norris rarely loses his cool but after his friend's massacre it's time for even Norris to get mad and run amok. Delta Force 2 can be seen as a comeback for Norris after the dismal likes of Hero And The Terror and MIA III, Delta Force 2 isn't a great movie, in fact the movie is a muddled mess but it's all fairly watchable and the action sequences are frequent enough to qualify this as dumb fun. Also you have to love Norris' one liner to which he denies that he didn't beat up skinheads but rather taught a motivational seminar. What a wonderful guy!

    * * out of 4-(Fair)
  • Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold or Delta Force II: The Colombian Connection is in My opinion a very good action film! I thought Chuck Norris was really good in it. His fights in the film are awesome! Billy Drago was tremendous as the villain! His performance was a really a dandy! He made his character have a great personality which it made the role very interesting. Also he made it where you just hate him! Richard Jaeckel, John P. Ryan, and Dick Warlock also appear in the movie! The action is really good and realistic and the fighting scenes are also realistic. Some parts in the film are a tad rough. The scenes like the skydiving and Chuck Norris' exhibition scenes are really caught on film quite well and its some of the best I've seen in a movie! I think that this is film is a great one and its arguably better than the first! If you like Norris and Drago and the prequel then Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold is something else to watch!
  • I do not know how you can not say that this is a good movie. Chuck Norris is not supposed to be a realistic actor...his soul purpose is to be cheesy and take it up the gut everytime against the bad guys. So yeah, he is invincible to bullets, but aren't all good guys? And on top of that, he uses the total gym which makes him even more all powerful. You better watch out buddy, cuz Chuck is coming for ya...
  • Delta Force 2 is a cheap,stupid, no brainer film. It has the exact same plot as the first one. Good guys get kidnaped, by some crazed lunatic and are held hostage. Who are you gonna call, The Delta Force! Even though Delta Force 2 is ation packed, the look of the film is very enexpensive. The fist Delta Force movie was a team effort, this one is all Chuck Norris. Screw the team. The cardboard characters and the lack of thrills, make this film very tiresome quickly. The first one had such a terrific cast and made the film even more enjoyable to watch.This one only contains two familiar names, Norris and Billy Drago.The others in the film are no names, even the director. When you have Aaron Norris directing the film you know your not going to get your money's worth.Why do you think the guy's never made an actual Hollywood film, for a huge company.Chuck Norris looks bored and so does everyone else involved in the film. The only person who looks like he's enjoying himsef, is Billy Drago. But then again in this film Billy isn't doing anything different than he had done in his past films. past films. He's just acting like himself.
  • blakeboyuk11 February 2002
    Well, I recall Delta Force 2 being a bit of a disappointment when I first saw it. As Delta Force 1 is my all time favorite action film I guess it was up hill from the start. How ever, recently I have watched it again...and again and so on. I missed the beauty of this film which although is less evident than its predecessor is still visible in abundance. The fight at the restaurant (look out for the elbow), THE ABSOLUTELY SIDE SPLITTING fight circle in the training camp, and the death scene of Cota with possibly the best end to a film you will ever see. Although sometimes General "Always The Hard Way" and the camp portrayal by Drago let the film down Chuck and some fine one liners really make this a must see.
  • adycoro13 March 2019
    Norris style? Yes. Action? hell yeah. Bad? Extreme

    C'mon, it's Norris...I know, but let's face it. So badly done, so unrealistic, so poorly executed that i was tempted to stop it several times. I know it was the 90's, but long story short, the movie is extremely bad. In every way. And that's the way it is
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know it's not a quality production when even Chuck Norris is on record as saying he didn't like this film (which was incidentally directed by his brother). The original Delta Force film was not all that good, but at least it had some credibility with a star studded cast of past-their-prime old Hollywood stars to bolster the weak story and action. This time we're left with direct-to-video quality of stars, led by Norris, now commanding the Delta Force with John P. Ryan (who almost died during production in a helicopter accident) against the evil South American drug kingpin Billy Drago. I suppose Richard Jaeckel qualifies as a past-their-prime old Hollywood type of star who appeared in the first film, but that film had multiple stars, which made it a bit classier and more like a 70s style Irwin Allen disaster film, but really there's no reason to watch this film unless you're a Chuck Norris die-hard or if (SPOILER ALERT!) you want to see another film where Billy Drago falls to his death (can you name that film?).
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