Gus Kubicek: Spirits for the spirits.

Gus Kubicek: I am Lobo. I hunt alone. I need no one.

Lizzie Potts: No! Annabelle! Don't play with the space heater coil. Piglet, if you breath gas it will tie up all your available hemoglobin and there will be none left for oxygen transfer. Your lips and nail beds will turn cherry red and you'll die of carbon monoxide poisoning. I like to acquaint her with consequences.

Emily Pear: [Emily tries to get her car started up again] No! Not now! Come on, baby! Come on, baby! Just one last trip, and I promise then you can die. Come on.

[successfully manages to get her car up and running again]

Emily Pear: Yes! Yes! Ha!

[drives off]

Lizzie Potts: Well it will all be history soon anyway. At five o' clock sharp, when he leaves his place on Caleechie Drive. 909 Caleechie Drive.

Gus Kubicek: And now, ladies and gentleman, the one the only microwave lounge singer!

Lizzie Potts: Oh great, look at this. Hungry Man, cup o' soup, cup o' stew, cop o' noodles...

Gus Kubicek: Do you mind not indexing my garbage?

Lizzie Potts: What's this?

Gus Kubicek: Oh please, by all means, review my mail.

Lizzie Potts: Get well cards?

Gus Kubicek: When you're through, my diary is upstairs.

Emily Pear: What's your daughters name?

Lizzie Potts: Annabelle. Or piglet, mostly piglet.

Trout: [Takes Lobo's totem necklace from Emily] Baby cakes what is this?

Emily Pear: It's nothing I found it.

Trout: Oh, I like it. Let me have it. For an engagement present.

Emily Pear: Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the man supposed to give the woman an engagement present? Something in the form of a ring?

Emily Pear: Gay? Diseased? Married... ugh!

Gus Kubicek: Emily.

Emily Pear: Lobo!

Gus Kubicek: I have something to tell you...

Emily Pear: No, I have something to tell you. To ask you. Two questions: Are you gay?

Gus Kubicek: Gay? No, I am not...

Emily Pear: Great! Are you free of disease?

Gus Kubicek: I've got an ingrown toenail, but, Emily I am...

Emily Pear: Don't talk. That's all I wanted to know. God help me, I don't care if you're married. I know that you're leaving, I know we'll only have this one night but I want it Lobo. I want the memories.

Gus Kubicek: Emily... I...

[Emily proceeds to kiss him interrupting his words]