In 2012, Sarah Bird, author of the film's source novel ("The Boyfriend School") and screenwriter of this film, told Texas Monthly Magazine "My exceedingly mediocre screenplay was made into an exceedingly mediocre movie."

"The Boyfriend School" was the film's working title until the marketing department at Hemdale, its studio, learned that the title tested poorly in its surveys. Alternative titles considered included: "Two of Gus", "What She Knew", and "Don't Tell Her It's Me", with the final title finally making the cut. However, the film was retitled "The Boyfriend School" for cable television airings, as well as the DVD release.

Steve Guttenberg received a one million dollar salary for his work in the film.

After filming ended, Hurricane Hugo swept through Charleston, South Carolina, where the movie was set, destroying much of the exteriors featured in the film.

Steve Guttenberg's character in "Three Men and a Baby" (1987), Michael Kellam, was also a cartoonist

Steve Guttenberg and his character Gus both have brown eyes and Steve Guttenberg and his character wear blue contacts.