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  • Hailed as a major first work by "la saison cinematographique 1991","fortune express" fell into oblivion afterward:it's sure easy to see why:except for the hold-up,it's a very austere movie,sometimes close to a documentary.Its main originality is the disabled people's revolt against the others.They want to show the outside world that there's not only sport (par excellence basketball)to assert the fact that they are still leaving.We could go as far as to say that sport is for them some kind of repression.So they try other ways with some success : on a small scale,with the bumper cars;on a large one,the hold-up.But ,more than the hold-up,it's the disabled boy's attitude towards the straight well-meaning staff of the bank that holds the attention.On the other hand ,the love affair seems very conventional.

    I must admit I did not catch on very much,in spite of the originality of the subject;part of the reason can be found in the directing:it's undistinguished .Schatzky was a scenarist in the first place.