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  • Normally I run away screaming at anything labeled "horror comedy" but 'Frankenhooker' joins 'Motel Hell' as one of the few exceptions. This is an amusing take on Frankenstein with James Lorinz reveling in the role of a mad scientist obsessed with bringing back his girlfriend who died in a freak lawn mowing accident(!). Using the body parts of some local working girls and some "super crack" he ends up with a lot more than he bargained for! Frankenhooker! Played by the lovely Patty Mullen who is sexy and displays plenty of comic timing. Writer/director Frank Henenlotter had previously made the trash classics 'Basket Case' and 'Brain Damage', both of which are brilliant, and 'Frankenhooker' is just as good. Three movies as original and entertaining as those are three more than most film makers ever come up with, so it is a crying shame that Henenlotter has been strangely quiet for the last decade. Hopefully he will resurface one day with something new. In the meantime, watch 'Frankenhooker' for some serious fun. It's an absolute hoot!
  • A Hennelotter classic!

    This was one of Bill Murray's favorite movies (I remember reading a Fangoria article with Hennelotter telling Bill Murray constantly catching screenings of this movie)

    And who could hate a video box that had a button to press to hear "Wanna Date?"

    10/10 a pure classic
  • This movie is a cautionary tale about the dangers of pushing the boundaries of science too far. Hands down, it's the best movie ever made that features exploding crack whores. It also reminds us of the importance of lawn mower safety, and offers some exciting new possibilities for owners of power tools. Throw in its sensitive handling of foreign relations ("What are ya! Some kind of Swede?") and "Frankenhooker" is a classic. It's an amazing cinematic experience that is weird enough to be both deeply disturbing and hilarious at the same time. The people who made this movie are sick, God love 'em.
  • Bogey Man30 August 2002
    Frank Henenlotter's Frankenhooker (1990) is a funny horror comedy starring James Lorinz as Jeffrey Franken, a young man who is extremely interested in medical studies and becoming a doctor. He makes his weird experiments in his house while his parents are little concerned as they think their son is little weird, understandably. Soon a horrible but incredibly comical accident happens to his girlfriend Elizabeth so Jeffrey takes all the body parts he can in order to re-build his girl. But he needs various body parts in order to complete his love and he develops a drug which makes its users explode. He goes to the streets searching for prostitutes and you know what he wants from them. He gets the parts, but will the new Elizabeth, Frankenhooker, be the same as she used to be?

    This film is a must for lovers of B cinema and films which mix horror, gore and comedy. Franken's character is very mad as he talks alone all the time and inserts a power drill into his head everytime he is about to have some nervous problems under pressure. Usually when characters talk all the time without reasons in films it just shows how bad the script is, but in this case, the talking (especially for himself) is normal for this kind of crazy doctor and thus it doesn't feel irritating and bad choice.

    Henenlotter's other films like Brain Damage (1988) and Basket Case (1982) are so fantastic as they mix humor and horror so uniquely. They are creepy and very funny (and clever especially in Brain Damage's case) at the very same film. Frankenhooker isn't an exception and the first lawnmower scene convinces the viewer what will the film be like. There are many severed limbs and body parts, but they don't seem repellent as the tone of the film is so tongue in cheek and not wicked. The scene in which some ten hookers EXPLODE is as funny as possible, but not gory at all, since the film had to get an R rating. It is even funnier now as crimson doesn't fly all the time, they just explode!

    The mutants and attached body parts at the end are really creepy and almost nightmarish, and reminded me of Brian Yuzna's Bride of Re-Animator which has similar monsters. The effects work in Frankenhooker is fantastic all the way, and it all is now perfect, and wouldn't work anymore if done with computers or CGI. The pace is fast all the time and the viewer doesn't get bored. The Frankenhooker herself is also pretty outrageous and very deadly a hooker! The lady who plays her part is very talented with all her face expressions and movements. I like Basket Case and Brain Damage even more, but still Frankenhooker is a little classic by this talented and mad film maker genius. I give Frankenhooker at least 8/10 now after the first viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A strange film, frankly disgusting in many ways but also extremely funny, especially the scenes with the Frankenhooker herself which is a magnificent performance from the actress in question, combining every Hollywood Hooker cliché you can think off. I also like the fact that the mad scientist is actually a sympathetic character, he invents the supercrack but in the end he doesn't give it to the hookers and when they take it anyway he tries to stop them. The ending is truly weird but then any film with this premise is going to be. A shame they never made a sequel, it would be interesting to see where this oddest of odd couples eventually ends up

    Weird but a little wonderful
  • Hennenlotter does it again with FRANKENHOOKER. How can one man come up with such geniously ridiculous stuff??? Anyone who has seen the glory that is BASKET CASE or BRAIN DAMAGE knows exactly where I'm coming from. Although I like FRANKENHOOKER the least of the three films, that is by no means putting this film down. It is yet another true classic.

    FRANKENHOOKER is about a guy who's wife is killed in a freak lawnmowing incident. Distraught at his wife's early departure, our hero decides to take matters into his own hands and bring his wife back from the dead a la BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR. In search of "spare parts" for his project, he "taps" the most obvious source - New Jersey hookers!!! FRANKENHOOKER is ridiculous fun all the way through. Not really gory, but lots of fun stuff like supercrack-smoking-exploding-hookers (!!!) If you like good-humored sleaze, this one is right up your alley. Definitely recommended - 8/10
  • If you're a tiny bit familiar with the more light-headed and grotesque 80's horror cheese, the name Frank Hennenlotter won't sound new to you. "Basket Case" and "Brain Damage" are classics that prove creativity and dynamic motivation are actually all that is needed in order to make a fresh-looking horror film. Another triumph of ingeniousness in Hennenlotter's career is this "Frankenhooker". His most comic and personal film to date. It looks like slapstick, yet with a fair amount of gore, but it never at one point becomes entirely ridiculous or dumb. It's actually hysterical and imaginative (unless you're one of the humorless critics like so many on this review-list). A young electrician/brain surgeon (funny combination, isn't it?) loses his girl in a nasty lawnmower accident. Now, that thing alone actually made me chuckle! He wants to resurrect her, but since most of her body got hacked up, he has to collect new "parts". And where better to find those but in the red-light district of New Jersey. Naturally, both the preparations as the operation itself go horribly wrong and the 'hero' has to face absurd consequences. Like few other directors can manage, Frank Hennenlotter inserts his trademarks and typical styles. Frankenhooker is silly, but also very imaginative (exploding whores, anyone?) and it doesn't feature one dull moment. Hennenlotter surely was one of the most talented and self-educated directors in the horror industry. If he would have slightly more movies, I'm sure he would now enjoy a more justified status. I keep on hearing he will return in 2005 with a project called "Sick in the Head". Well I, for one, really hope it's true.
  • Frankenhooker is without a doubt one of the most stupid, ridiculous, moronic, pointless, fun and brilliant films that I have seen. From the film's opening; which sees our would-be hero working on a strange brain with an eye in it, with some ridiculously out of place, relaxed suburbia music playing in the background; I knew that I was in for a comic treat. This movie features several moments of delicious comic brilliance; such as the out of control lawnmower sequence that sees the central character's girlfriend get tragically murdered, to the rather tactless news report detailing said tragedy, to the exploding whores and all the way down to the weather report which details a storm that is coming, "for all you mad scientists out there"; there's plenty to make you laugh in Frankenhooker.

    The film takes obvious influence from the classic Frankenstein story, and it should appeal to anyone that is a fan of cheesy 80's gorefests. Of course, this was released in 1990, but that's incidental. As mentioned, the main character's girlfriend is killed in a lawnmower accident. The accident itself is a comic masterpiece; it's so absurdly silly! Anyway, this accident leads our hero to the brink of madness (to which his mother responds to by asking him if he would like a sandwich), and he decides to make his girlfriend a new body from the parts of various prostitutes that he picks up. Of course, it doesn't quite go to plan, which leads him into all manner of weird troubles. James Lorinz takes the lead role of Jeffrey Franken (and his girlfriend's surname is Shelly...can you spot the tribute?). Lorinz is great as the hero for the movie, he spends a lot of it acting on his own and he more than holds the audience's interest with his speeches and great accent. A film like this needs an offbeat star; and it has one in Lorinz.

    Overall, this terrifying tale of sluts and bolts is sheer comic brilliance, and if you're a fan of weird and wonderful cult films, and even if you're not; you won't want to miss Frankenhooker.
  • In New Jersey, Jeffrey (James Lorinz) is a talented inventor in love with his bride-to-be Elizabeth (Patty Mullen). During a barbecue to celebrate the birthday of Elizabeth´s father, she activates a remote controlled lawnmower that Jeffrey built for his father-in-law. However she stays in front of the device and her body is cut into pieces. Jeffrey studies how to bring Elizabeth back to life and realizes that he will need body parts. He drives to New York to get the necessary parts from prostitutes but his experiment loses control and he blows-up several women with an exploding crack he had developed. Now he has the necessary parts to build his fiancée back, but when Elizabeth flees from his laboratory, Jeffrey has problems with the pimp Zorro (Joseph Gonzalez) that lost his girls.

    The cult "Frankenhooker" is one of the best black-comedies ever made. The plot is a grotesque joke with "Frankenstein", but the result is hilarious. James Lorinz and Patty Mullen steal the film with cynical and lovely performances. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Frankenhooker - Que Pedaço De Mulher" ("Frankenhooker - What a Piece of Woman")
  • Frank Henenlotter's "Frankenhooker" is an excellent horror/comedy filled with gore and tongue-in-cheek humour.James Lorinz plays Jeffrey Franken,a young guy who is obsessed with medical experimentation.After his fiancee Elizabeth Shelley(Patty Mullen)is killed in an accident by a lawnmower,he makes plans to build a new body for her.In order to get the parts for the body he cruises New York's Times Square luring hookers with his explosive super-crack."Frankenhooker" is truly amusing-there are lawnmower mutilations,drills in the head and exploding hookers.So if you liked this one check out two other gems made by Henenlotter-"Basket Case" and "Brain Damage".My highest recommendation.
  • Probably, "Frankenhooker" is one of the best trash comedies Tromas has never released..! It´s a brilliant parody on Stuart Gordon´s "Re-Animator", Bill Murray is a huge fan of it and the fans of flicks like "The Toxic Avenger" will surely love this film: the humor is silly but entertaining, the F/X are pretty cheap and there are a lot of naked chicks running over the screen. The finest surprise arises when you don´t expect it: watch out for the 3 second cameo appearance of Rutger Hauer!!!
  • Man, its funny when people don't get a good joke that you do, and even better when they get p***ed off about it. Pin Heads and Primadonnas need not apply; Frankenhooker is a monument to real bad taste and super sick fun. If you need to BELIEVE in the story, the hero, the *HOPE*, whatever - then you are paying to be lied to. That makes you a schmuck. Some dullards can't see that their standards and criteria for Quality are just products of an increasingly corrupt, deluded society. Huh?! You are all mindless, bleating sheep, nervously keeping to the herd. Or, Fuzzy Robots, programmed for outdated moralistic consumerism. No, really. I won't bore you with a rehash of the details, I'll bore you with my opinion. I gave it 9 Super Crack Rocks out of whatever I could spare. Just watch the freaking thing and relax... it all only gets worse. I'm gonna see "Brain Damage" and "Basket Case." Peace.
  • I use this deliciously grotesque film as a sort of Rorschach test on friends to gauge their level of worthiness. Only those who relish Frankenhooker's deeply depraved lunacy, its sublimely sociopathic silliness are permitted entry into my exclusive inner circle. It's a cold, scary world out there and you gotta know who your real friends are - who's got your back, who you can count on when the sh*t goes down, who is just as delightfully demented as you are - and this maniacally warped chuckle machine is a fine instrument by which to measure someone's capacity for enlightened idiocy. That's a quality that is sorely lacking today, the ability and willingness of people to find amusement and even joy in the incorrectness of our natural selves; people foolishly refrain from laughing at the seemingly darker, foreboding, threatening aspects of reality. But not me.

    Sure, horror films are embraced by society for their ability to shock us out of our routine emotions, to startle us momentarily into an alternate experience of our otherwise mundane lives. But horror films are rarely if ever appreciated for their unique power to reveal the utter absurdity of so many of our culturally propagated habits. We all caress and coddle and fetishize our own personal fears, guarding and nurturing them like tender, vulnerable infants, vigilant to keep them concealed, away from the critical and denigrating gaze of others. Most people do not like to belittle or mock or taunt their deepest fears, but this film so blithely, so candidly, so radiantly rejoices in burlesquing terrors that we ordinarily conceal, deny, and rebuke.

    It's a luxury and a privilege to be allowed to wallow in the sordid, sour swamp of Frankenhooker's campy indifference to our petty, tedious concerns. This magically mental movie is a festive rejection of all of our ancient, tired, worn out notions of civility and decency and normalcy. Only a stark raving bore could not madly love Frankenhooker.
  • Warlock-56 August 1999
    Frankenhooker, a lovable piece of Z grade comedy horror fluff that Australian distributors CBS/FOX video would love to forget.

    The story of Frankenhooker revolves around Jeffrey Franken, a strange wannabe doctor who like to bore holes into his head with a drill when times get tough. And who can blame him, his fiance died in a freak accident involving a lawnmower and his mother isn't all that caring. EXAMPLE:

    Jeffrey rambles on about how his life is meaningless without his girlfriend and about his frequent rejections from medical schools for about five minutes. His mother replies, "Well, do you want a sandwich?"

    Yet nobody thinks about how strange it is at his fathers birthday party that he keeps a giant brain (complete with huge eye) in a glass container in the kitchen.

    Jeffrey steals the head of his girlfriend and the police are rather baffled. The press hound him....

    "Do you know where your dead fiance's head is?"

    "I don't know, last time I saw it it was flying through the air or something. Leave me alone with my grief!"

    But Jeffrey won't be grief-stricken for long. He hires some hookers and they smoke Jeffrey's own creation, "Supercrack" and they subsequently explode. He takes the body parts and fixes them to his dead gal's head and re-animates her. She is alive, but is a monstrous creation, the hooker parts of her take over and she heads to the streets to ask people if they 'wanna date' or 'lookin for some action.'

    It's all very hilarious, the highlight being the exploding hookers. The frequent nudity feels right at home in this film. But I have one complaint, there is not enough Frankenhooker action. The movie spends about an hour setting everything up before letting her loose on the unsuspecting public for the last 20 minutes or so.

    Don't take this seriously. I didn't and I enjoyed it.


    M 15+ Horror, Occasiional Course Language and Nudity.
  • msjaywolf30 April 2018
    This film has been my favourite movie since it came out. Frankenhooker will always be my favourite movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is not a great film, or even an illuminating one for that matter, but its not trying to be!

    As far as story-lines go this one is somewhat lop-sided, but Frankenhooker does have its own internally driven logic: how else could it explain the super-crack, the mis-aligned body-parts and, of course, the drill.

    Be warned, this movie has more exploding hookers than you could shake a rotisserie at. Along with its many other visual treats, there is a low-budget, sci-fi laboratory (complete with an obligatory Vander-Graf generator buzzing away in all its glorious sparkery) for us to feast our eyes and ears on. Trust me, this film ranks right up there with 'Young Frankenstein' when it comes to cheap, techno-gimmick ingenuity. For good measure, the lab itself also double budgets as a single car garage: albeit one with a two door roof opening -- you know, just in case an obligatory storm approaches.

    Its obvious, early & often, that most of the cast members here have never acted before, but this actually works in the film's favour because they don't try to 'act'.

    Patty Mullen, as Elizabeth Shelley, delivers an honest piece of work precisely because of the fact she doesn't try to be something she is not - an experienced actor playing a challenging role. On the other hand, James Lorinz, (Jeffery Franken) intentionally plays it so close to the vest you can see the straight-jacket peeking out from underneath (he's not great here, but his choices are fairly solid throughout). But, by far the best performance is from David Lipman (Frankenhooker's trick) in a tour-de-force display of upstagemanship: not only does he steal every scene he's in, he virtually chews through every stitch of upholstery along the way - and its truly a joy to watch. Nonetheless, Jennifer Delora (Angel) deserves special mention for being the glue that holds it all together; who needs to act when you've got a role this familiar and this much fun to play!

    Make no mistake about it, Frankenhooker is not a great film, but it is a truly brilliant one in its own right!
  • Frankenhooker (1990) is yet another classic horror film from Frank Henenlotter, who also directed my fave horror film of all time "Brain Damage". I love Frank Henenlotters movies, he didn't make many, but the ones he made including this one are so much fun. They are so original and full of interesting offbeat characters!!! This movie is about Jeffrey, a young man whos girlfriend Elizabeth dies in a freak accident by a giant sized lawnmower during a family barbecue, she gets chopped into many pieces during this tragic event!! Jeffrey is distraught and determined to bring Elizabeth back to life, but he needs body parts because he only managed to keep hold of Elizabeths head, hand and one of her feet!!! Jeffrey is abit of a scientific wizard and during some experiments with animals, he discovered how to make some drugs that can blow up living things. So then he decides to go downtown and get together a bunch of hookers, and after taking Jeffreys "super crack", the hookers start to explode!!! He takes off hastily with various body parts in his bags, and on the night of a big storm he puts Elizabeth back together using all the best parts of the hookers, but this backfires on Jeffrey when Sweet innocent Elizabeth turns into "Frankenhooker", a purple zombie hooker creation!!! Elizabeth goes on a killing spree in New York with Jeffrey in hot pursuit looking for her, can he save her in time or is she beyond saving?? Frankenhooker is great fun, its fast paced, has fun characters, there's plenty of gore and nudity and its got a classic ending too!! if your a fan of 80's low budget horror then i highly recommend this movie to you. 9/10.
  • If you are hesitant to see this movie because of the "schlocky" nature of most of Frank's films, you seriously need a drill to the back of the head! This is by far one the best movies ever made! It has everything you could want....Blood, boobs, gore, boobs, comedy, boobs, etc. The actual dialogue between most of the characters is hoaky, but at the same time, it makes it more true to life. Where else can you see exploding hookers? Not in Jersey..... I'm anticipating a box set of all of Henenlotter's films. Frankenhooker delivers the goods in every aspect; comedy, acting, screenplay, storyline, and cinematography. His work should be placed in a museum somewhere, where the whole world can gaze upon the outrageous work that is Frank Henenlotter!!!
  • This movie is hilarious. I think people who hated this film are those who either don't appreciate tongue-in-cheek or who weren't expecting it when they sat down to watch this movie. It really shouldn't be listed under "horror," Frankenhooker is no more a horror film than Young Frankenstein is. I think the fact that it is listed under "horror" has a lot to do with the unhappy reviews. This film is definitely a comedy, a clever, sensational comedy. ("sensational" for exploding hookers on super-crack, runaway killer lawnmowers, Zorro, and that crazy weather forecaster! MOOO hu hu ha ha haaa!)
  • An aspiring mad scientist, but at the moment an electrician Jeffery Franken watches his fiancée get literally shredded to pieces in a lawnmower accident during her father's birthday. So devastated about it, he becomes house bound, but within that time he comes up with a outrageous plan to bring his loved one back to life. Within two days there is going to be a thunderstorm and to get the finish product done, he needs some body parts and that's where the prostitutes come into the picture and with some help by a super drug that causes a real explosion, he's able to recreate his fiancée from their limbs. But during the experiment things don't turn out like he thought when she runs amuck in the streets.

    Gee, this was twisted entertainment, but hey it's a Frank Henenlotter film. What else do you expect!? Similar in vein to his charming, but vile Basket Case films, Henenlotter pulls out a sleazy and silly approach for his trashy version on the Frankenstein legend. When I mean sleazy, boy its sleazy galore… but in a cheesy way, so steer clear for those who are easily offended or not used to this cheesy smuck. What I just enjoy from Henenlotter's seedy films is that he sure does surprise you and his not afraid to use tastelessness and absurd situations to amuse. That's why there's nothing stylish about his films or direction, but he never fails at making his film highly entertaining because of its wackiness and for me that makes it hardly lousy, or dull. I just expect the unexpected when watching a film with Henenlotter name on it and they somehow seem rather refreshing. He just knows when to work in the humour and also getting the film to move so briskly. Along with Larry Cohen, I believe their films are misunderstood and should be enjoyed on there quirkiness (Cohen) and bad taste (Henenlotter). Enough of my ramble on Henenlotter's greatness… back to the film.

    "Frankenhooker" has to be one of the better (and demented) horrors of the 90s, but its trashy and low-brow comedy appeal is probably why its not held in high regards. Sure it's outright absurd, with such a sordid nature, but it's highly enterprising with its comically offbeat approach on the mad scientist theme and where else will you get a story like this which uses the Frankenstein theme in this unpleasant manner… no where! It did kind reminded me of "Bride of the Re-animator", though. Anyhow just like any of his films there's whole a lot sharp wit and cheap grotesque effects and makeup. Also some good gore and bizarre creations, similar to those in the Basket case films. We get plenty gratuitous nudity, but really it's the dazzling body explosions where the fun is had. Thrown into the paper thin plot, well really it basically just sets up one sleazy and odd act after another (definitely the drill in head scene)… but who's to complain. But back onto to what I was originally going to put down was that there's some nice touches of social commentary, like some satire on the media and prostitution, but really you just look past all that and enjoy the odd mix on show. The performances were good in a comic book way. James Lorinz nailed down the part as Jeffery Franken and Patty Mullen was picture perfect as the eccentric creation. Other amusing roles was that by Joseph Gonzalez as Zorro the pimp and Louise Lasser as Jeffery's mother. Also look out for a short, but hilarious by a look-alike Rutger Hauer. Or was it him? To finish it off, I got say wow, he sure knows how to create a shock of a ending.

    Do yourself a favour and don't hesitate to enjoy yourself in this incredibly offbeat and silly film.
  • This is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it 50+ times. From the barbecue in a Jersey backyard where the lawnmower gift runs amuck, until the end, when James Lorintz cries out to Patty Mullen, "Where's my johnson?!" I was caught up in the magic of such a perfect little cult flick. Out of a possible five stars, I give this one an A+.


    -Andy Piantanida
  • Writer/director Frank Henenlotter puts the 'ho' into horror with his fourth film Frankenhooker, which sees a group of crack-whores providing the raw materials for medical school dropout Jeffrey Franken (James Lorinz), whose latest science project is to build the perfect body for fiancé Elizabeth (Patty Mullen)—killed in a tragic lawnmower accident—and then bring her back to life.

    Another completely demented dose of biological horror from the genius who gave us the lovable Belial (in the terrific Basket Case) and chatty parasitic worm Elmer (from the sublime Brain Damage), Frankenhooker once again goes to prove that when it comes to pure, unadulterated, trashy, comedy/horror craziness, nobody does it better than Henenlotter.

    This one might not have the high levels of gore to be found in either of his aforementioned 80s classics, but it's loads of fun nonetheless, featuring such outrageous delights as exploding prostitutes (no blood; just a bang and flying body parts!), a killer pimp named Zorro, self-trepanning via power drill, a reanimated street-walkin' Elizabeth looking for business (with Mullen giving a memorable performance spouting random snippets of hooker dialogue), and a freezer full of freaky creatures formed from leftover bits of sluts.
  • This silly, stupid-on-purpose bit of schlock lies somewhere between "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" an episode of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" and "Bachelor Party." It's a great combination of guts, gore and jiggly naked girls which never ever takes itself seriously and is absolutely hysterical to watch.

    Amateur doctor Jeffrey Franken watches in horror as his pretty girlfriend is chewed under by a lawnmower run amok at a birthday party. The devastated young man then does what any other amateur doctor with lab equipment in his basement would do: he steals his girlfriends' head, preserves it in an estrogen bath and sets out to find her a new body so that they can be reunited. Jeffrey (who comes off as a bizarre combination of Andrew McCarthy in his Brat Pack days and Christian Slater in True Romance) heads to Times Square and quickly strikes a deal with greasy, bodybuilding pimp Zorro: a group of Zorro's best girls are Jeffrey's for half an hour. But Jeffrey doesn't want sex, he wants a body. When he can't make an easy decision, the prostitutes get antsy and decide to take his money and run. But they find Jeffrey's stash of homemade "Super Crack" first (with which he was planning to kill the chosen donor) and soon, the seedy motel room he's rented for the sole purpose of "playing Doctor" is filled with overdosing and exploding prostitutes!!! Jeffrey gathers up the scattered limbs and returns to his basement. A few quick stitches and a convenient lightening storm later, we have FRANKENHOOKER!!!

    Patty Mullen then takes over the screen, delivering a flawless performance as the seriously flawed Elizabeth, staggering through the streets of New York with her purple hair, mismatched limbs, gruesome stitches, facial twitches and her favorite catchphrase: "Wanna date?" The Super Crack poisoned blood of the prostitutes has turned Elizabeth into a lethal, literal crack whore, who kills the men unwise enough to accept her offer of a date. Jeffrey comes after his wayward love, but Zorro finds her first, having recognized the tattooed limbs of his "bitches." Will there be a happy ending? Well, sort of...

    With a name like "Frankenhooker" no one in their right mind should sit down to watch this film expecting an Oscar Winning Epic. Nor should anyone who does not appreciate terribly Un-PC humor try and enjoy this. This is a childish, immature, silly, goofy, offensive and dirty film...and I loved every minute of it.
  • A medical student sets out to recreate his decapitated fiancée by building her a new body made of Manhattan street prostitutes.

    Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case/Brain Damage) brings us this trashy - but fun - blend of the Frankenstein legend with Re-Animator's comedic spice. Naturally this isn't one for the taste conscious highbrow peeps, for this is a purposely bloody tongue in cheek black comedy horror farce. It's awash with exploding body parts, chaotic everyday Americana scenarios and plenty of gloopy schlock. Cast are in on the joke and deliver perfectly low-key perfs, with the gorgeous Patty Mullen deliciously riffing on "Bride of Frankenstein's" classic worth.

    From jigsaw death by lawnmower to a superb twist in the tale at pic's end, this is a riot for the so inclined towards low-brow horror comic bookery. 6/10
  • This was a film I've known about for awhile, but never actually saw before. The director and co-writer of the film, Frank Henenlotter, is one that I've seen some of his other films, so I came in knowing this one was probably going to be outrageous. The synopsis is a medical student sets out to recreate his decapitated fiancée by building her a new body made of Manhattan street prostitutes.

    We start this film out with Jeffrey (James Lorinz) as he is trying to get this weird brain with an eyeball inside of a tank to follow what he is saying. His fiancée's mother Mrs. Shelley (Joanne Ritchie) asks him for the ketchup and to go out to the party. It is outside we meet his fiancée Elizabeth (Patty Mullen). They are at a party for her father as it is his birthday. Mrs. Shelley makes a comment to Elizabeth about not eating too many pretzels to watch her weight. It is funny as she isn't fat and has a pretty good body, but the film is building up that she has to watch her figure and the outfit she is wearing is making look like there's an issue. Things take a turn when the gift that Elizabeth and Jeffrey got Mr. Shelley (J.J. Clark) ends up killing Elizabeth.

    This really tears up Jeffrey and he is obsessing over an experiment to bring her back to life. There is a storm coming in a couple of days so he needs to get things ready to bring her back. The problem is that he only has her head. He decides to go to Manhattan to build Elizabeth a new body from the best parts of hookers. He is approached by Amber (Kimberly Taylor) who takes him Zorro (Joseph Gonzalez) a local pimp. They work out a deal for him to get the group of his best girls so Jeffrey can decide. He also buys crack from Zorro and makes up a super batch to kill them.

    When it comes time, he changes his mind but the girls find the drugs me made. They use it with disastrous results to them. He does collect the parts and rebuilds Elizabeth. He uses the storm to bring her back. The problem is that isn't herself and all of the personalities of all of the girls he used is all working in concurrence. She goes to do what the parts did before, tricking and heading for Manhattan. There's something not quite right though when she comes in contact with her johns.

    I do have to start this off stating that what I thought was correct, this film is pretty outrageous. I will admit though, I had a good time with it. Something I wasn't really expecting was the bit of social commentary with it and there's some pretty good writing here as well. The first thing that really got me was the references to Frankenstein actually used. Elizabeth's last name is Shelley, taken from the writer of the original novel Mary Shelley. Something else is the way that Elizabeth walks when she made into Frankenhooker. It is very similar to the way that Boris Karloff walked in the original. Even the shoes she is wearing look similar to his in the Universal classic and the bolts that are on her neck later in the film. I'll commend her more later, but Mullen did a great job in this.

    I also was thrown off a bit by when Elizabeth first wakes up why she wasn't herself. The head used was hers so I figured whatever was in the brain. The film does seem to be saying that the DNA of all the parts contributes to the thoughts of this and I actually was on board here. There is more great writing in all of the lines she is spewing were used later in the film and I thought that was solid.

    The last thing for the story is the social commentary and the grittiness of New York City. I love films that are based there from the 80's as it just gives a low budget with how gritty it is. The scenes there were great for me. There is talk of prostitution being legalized as well. It is kind of a sad thing that these women have to sell themselves to make ends meet, but there is the idea that they should be to do what they want as well. There is the aspect of the dangers of this as well. Going along this is Zorro is using crack to keep them inline and there is the news program stating that legalizing it would eliminate that part. I can see the logic there for sure.

    As to the pacing of the film, I think it is good for what they were going for. We have Elizabeth dying in the first 10 minutes of the film and then we have Jeffrey pining over how to bring her back. I think it moves through the plot points at a steady pace, building tension as we go. There is the big thing of getting the right parts before the storm hits and then trying to find her when she leaves him. I did like how the film wraps up and to be honest, it is fitting fate for Jeffrey.

    Something that I wasn't expecting was the acting to be as good as it was. It's not great by any stretch but for what the film is, I think it's good. Lorinz is solid as the mad doctor. At first we see that he is a little bit disappointed in his life and then when his creation kills Elizabeth, he goes into depression. I think his look as being as pale as he is was good. He is also socially awkward which works as well. Mullen was great as well. I thought she was a bit Jersey girl to start and I liked her quirkiness. She had a great performance when she is trying to be all of the girls she is composed off. I also found her quite attractive as well. I want to shout out all of the 'hookers' in the film, they were good looking as well and we pretty much see all of them nude. The rest of the cast as rounded out the film for what was needed.

    As to the effects of the film, I thought they were great. This film is a comedy; they are intentionally bad to go along with how outrageous this is. We can tell a lot of them are dummies, but I like that they went practical to do all of this. The exploding scenes especially. What I really loved though is when Elizabeth wakes up as the creation. She has different color 'parts' put together and I think that is genius. The film is also shot very well.

    Now with that said, this film isn't great by any stretch. Much like with any Henenlotter films, you have to know that it isn't going to be realistic and that they're going to be fun. This movie actually has some really good writing in my opinion. I like the taking of the classic tale and putting a different spin on it. The pacing of the film is good. The acting is solid. Some of the effects aren't good, but that is what they were going for while some of them are really thought out. Soundtrack of the film really didn't stand out to me, but it doesn't hurt the film by any stretch. There is quite a bit of nudity in it, if that is something that interests you. Overall I'd say this film is pretty good and most definitely fun.
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