Writer/director Frank Henenlotter improvised the basic story at a pitch meeting. After getting the okay to make the picture, he then wrote the script for the movie.

The interior of the Franken family garage is intentionally four times as large as the exterior, as specified in the screenplay.

Elizabeth--who becomes Frankenhooker--has the last name of Shelley. This is an homage to Mary Shelley, the author of the original "Frankenstein".

This film took 12 years to make.

The hooker talk show is a parody of The Morton Downey Jr. Show (1987).

Beverly Bonner plays "Casey", a character that appears in Basket Case (1982), Brain Damage (1988) and Basket Case 2 (1990), all also directed by Frank Henenlotter.

The brain with the eye in the beginning of the film is based on the advertisements for The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962).

Louise Lasser had just recovered from being sick and hence could hardly speak when she shot her scene talking to James Lorinz. Lasser redid all her dialogue in a post-production recording session.

"Huevos Grandes", the name of the bar, literally means "big eggs" in Spanish. The slang meaning would be "big balls".

As of 2019, the only Frank Henenlotter film not to begin with the letter "B".

Elizabeth doesn't become Frankenhooker until 56 minutes into the movie.