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  • I rate both films exactly the same but for very different reasons, the first film was an enjoyable romp fusing horror and comedy to great effect. When I saw that there was to be this sequel 6 years later I was very pleased indeed. What I hadn't bargained for was the sharpness of the writing and the satirical structure that director Dante laid out for audiences to watch.

    Focusing very much on the then modern obsessions like tearing things down to build state of the art monstrous complexes, or the need for a better world; be it the laboratory testings for better life forms, or machines to run our lives; Gremlins 2 plays out as a sort of morality tale that sees the creatures themselves as byproducts of the human condition. In true classic creature feature fashion, Dante manages to garner a level of sympathy for the Gremlins. These vile offspring of the offspring are party animals, they have fun, they like to sing and go nuts, they are in short, quite like a stag party on the Costa Del Sol! Throwing in as many film references as it can, Gremlins 2 may have a satirical slant at it's heart, but sure enough the fun from the first film segues nicely into this picture to make this one of the better, and more smarter sequels on the market.

    And those darn Gremlins are nastier and uglier than ever as well! 8/10
  • This film is often looked back on as not only the lesser of the two Gremlins flicks but not a very good movie in general. I just don't understand it -- I love this movie! It successfully continues the underlying theme of the original (unlike a lot of sequels which seem to forget their points entirely): "gremlins" are mythical creatures blamed for mechanical errors (if an appliance is broken, it must have been the work of gremlins). In this movie, the gremlins are loose in a totally automated high-rise office building, already suffering from its own malfunctions, which serves as the perfect playground for them. Charles Haas' script is absolutely hilarious, filled with more movie in-jokes than I can recall seeing in a single movie, and it even pokes fun at the more serious original. In fact, I think many people disliked this film because of its total irreverence compared to the first; it didn't try to be scary for a second and Rick Baker's creature effects turned out goofier than Chris Walas's original creature designs. Just realize...this is a comedy! Definitely worth seeing more than once to catch the barrage of jokes and references...and sit all the way through the credits!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie came out when I was 5 years old. I remember the movie posters in the streets and the wacky preview for it on TV. I'm now 20 years old, and this is still one of my most favourite movies of all time. It's even better than the original, I believe. The reason I love it so much is because it is so damn strange. It really, really is! It's like a live action "Looney Tunes" episode. The gremlins are wacky, Gizmo is cute and mysterious, the human actors are all brilliant in their roles and the New York building setting is well, neat.

    The basic premise for this movie picks up a few years after the first "Gremlins" movie. This time however, it takes place in the busiest city on the planet, New York.

    The movie opens with the death of Gizmo's frail Chinese owner. In accordance with the owners death, the place where Gizmo is kept is demolished by a bulldozer and recking ball. Terrified, Gizmo flees from the building and into an alley where he is plucked up by a scientist and brought to the "Clamp Cable Network" building. The building belongs to media mogul Daniel Clamp and contains a vast variety of shops including: coffee houses, restaurants, dental clinics and science laboratories.

    Coincidentally, Billy and Kate are both working in the same building. Billy is in the art department and Kate gives guided tours of the building. It is here that they stumble upon Gizmo and the inevitable happens.

    I won't give anymore of the story line away. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I urge you to. It may not be brilliant in the eyes of the "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences", but it is in my eyes. 10 stars!
  • Fancy some Gremlin Stew? Three underrated sequels came out in 1990. Predator 2, RoboCop 2, and Gremlins 2. I remember waiting in the lobby of a cinema in Orlando, Florida before a screening of Back to the Future 3, looking at the cardboard standees for Gremlins 2 and RoboCop 2 side by side. My 9-year-old self was a HUGE fan of the first movies and staring at a standee taller than me, featuring wonderful artwork, for those sequels was big deal for me. I pity kids nowadays who don't have the attention span to soak up little moments like that.

    Dante takes everything that was great about Gremlins and cranks it all the way up to a zillion. The original movie was a dark xmas comedy horror with B-movie undertones. The sequel goes so over-the-top it launches itself into the stratosphere and doesn't come back down until the very, very end of the credits. It's just wall-to-wall mayhem with so many in-jokes it'll make your head explode. The movie even attempts to begin as a Looney Tunes cartoon.

    Gizmo, now back with Mr. Wing, escapes the curiosity shop after the old man dies and is found by a scientist working at Splice of Life, a laboratory located in the Clamp Premiere Regency Trade Centre and Retail Concourse (a big skyscraper in Manhattan). Working in the art department of that skyscraper is Billy Peltzer, hero of the first film. Billy eventually locates and rescues Gizmo, but he gets wet before Billy can take him home, spawning a new generation of cute, fluffy, malevolent Mogwai (Mohawk, Lenny, Edward G. Robinson-lookalike George, and the absolutely mad Daffy). They eat after midnight at a Yoghurt stand in the lobby. The following day the Clamp building, and all of the tenants (from the Archery Channel to the movie print itself, leading to an amusing cameo from Hulk Hogan) are besieged by a horde of gremlins intent on mass destruction and good times at any cost.

    One can accuse the film of having no story beyond giving the Gremlins a lively backdrop for their wild antics, but when you're having so much fun isn't that what matters most? Goldsmith's score (sadly underrepresented on the 22-year-old Varese Sarabande CD) has a lot more weight second time around, backed-up by a large orchestra and string-based action cues. You'll absolutely love it! Chris Columbus didn't return for this movie, leaving scripting duties to Charlie Haas. He uses the Gremlins and the location to skewer big city culture and satirize business tycoons. John Glover is brilliant as the easily excitable Daniel Clamp, a Donald Trump-like property magnate who has more money and power than he knows what do with.

    It's amazing that a third Gremlins movie was never made. Despite it now being 22 years since Gremlins 2 and 28 years since the first movie virtually every kid knows what the Gremlins are and are familiar with Gizmo (who may well be the cutest thing that ever existed). It's still a huge cash cow and a recognizable brand, and why Warner never greenlit Gremlins 3 is puzzling to say the absolute least.

    One last thing. Stay with this film until the end of the credits.
  • To this day my friend and I still refer to the gremiln like he is real. When something goes wrong with my computer, it is the gremlin, when my keys are misplaced and then show up in a spot that you swear you checked before, it was the gremlin, when something, anything goes wrong, it has to be the gremlin. I am actually convinced that Spike has taken on a life of his own (kinda the way Freddy did in Wes Craven's New Nightmare) and lives to make my life difficult. Joe Dante's Gremlin's has had that much of an impact on my life. Gremlins was a wonderful film and it was a little more creepy than it was funny. But make no mistake about this one, it is one of the funnier movies that I've seen. It abandons all that was scary and atmospheric in the first and just adds comedy a-plenty. And I would seriously put this humour up against some of the funnier comdies of the 90's.

    This time the adventures of Magwai and Spike reach a skyskraper like building owned by a guy that has to be a distant cousin of Donald Trump. And if you think back to Gremlins, remember how much trouble the little guys could get into using simple household products (microwave, chimney etc ) well that is nothing compared to what they can do at an office filled with the latest technology.

    There are also many many inside jokes about Hollywood and such that you have to watch it several times to pick up on all of them. What is also great about the film is the two versions ( one for the theater and one for the VCR ) I remember when I saw this in the theater I really thought something was wrong with the projector when it first went all strange. And I like the fact that the makers of this had the guts and the gaul to try something new like that. It kind of reminds me of Something About Mary when at the end the entire cast is singing that song. The movie never stops trying to entertain, and that is what I got from this film too. It will do anything to make you laugh, even throw in a little Hulkamania when he was cool.

    Gremlins 2 is one of the funniest films that you will see. And I'm just a little surprised that Joe Dante isn't still active so much in the business anymore. He made some great films and I would gladly see anything that he puts his name on.

    If you haven't seen this film for quite some time, then I highly suggest that you do see it soon. I was browsing through Rick Baker's filmography on the IMDb and I came across Gremlins 2. I rented it the same night and I was very glad I did. Not only did it make me laugh, it brought me back to a time when films like this and The Goonies and even E.T. were made. Movies aren't the same anymore and that is not neccessarily a criticism, it is just a comment pointing out that in the early 90's and the 80's movies were just different sometimes. This is one of the funnier ones, and one of the more entertaining. Do you remember a film by Amblin that wasn't?
  • When this came out, it was an amazing movie because these Gremlin creatures looked so lifelike. They still look pretty real. What I like best about this film is that it took the hard edge off the first one and made it more of a comedy. To me, this sequel was more entertaining than the first film and one I would watch a lot more times.

    There are so many jokes and wild scenes in here it would many viewings to catch them all. For movie buffs, it's especially fun with all the references to other films in here.

    However, it should be pointed out that there are still plenty of scenes where the gremlins are nasty and attack people, so the film is still horror-like in that respect. It may be played for comedic purposes, but these creatures are anything but friendly. In other words, there is still a bit of a hard edge in here for people who want that.

    After three viewings of this film over the years, the only person who wore thin on me was John Glover's character, "Daniel Clamp," an obvious Donald Trump-imitation but grossly overacted by Glover. He winds up just being too silly.

    Phoebe Cates and Zach Galligan reprise their roles as the cute, small-town, wholesome (despite not being married, however) couple who live together who, of course, know all about these gremlins.

    It was nice to see Jackie Joseph (of the original "Little Shop Of Horrors") again as well as some other well-known characters such as Christopher Lee, Robert Prosky, Dick Miller and Keye Luke.

    The film just flies by, which tells you it's entertaining.
  • gremlins 2 is not a horror movie like the original kind of was, but it's funnier, and more entertaining than the original in my opinion. gremlins 2 is full of movie in-jokes, and all kinds of other goofy stuff. i just believe this movie provides more entertainment than the original did. i wish they'd make a 3rd gremlins movie. all in all gremlins 2 is great fun! i give gremlins 2: the new batch *** out of ****
  • Years after the original outbreak, Gizmo and the gremlins return... and invade the Clamp building (a parody of Trump Tower). Luckily, Billy and Kate are on hand to stop them again, and Dick Miller is ready to fight them to the death. Now in many assorted varieties (thanks to a genetics lab), the threat is bigger... but the laughs are harder.

    It's not unusual for horror sequels to become more and more humorous as they go. "Child's Play" slowly became a complete joke as the series went on. The same with "Leprechaun". With "Gremlins", it didn't take long at all -- Joe Dante not only mocks his first film but completely parodies it and turns it inside out. We are treated to an endless barrage of non sequitors, in-jokes, and homages to more than a few dozen movies. Most of the references are obscure (such as Dick Miller killing a gremlin in the same manner as his character Walter Paisley from "A Bucket of Blood"), but that's what makes the film viewable again and again.

    Those who loved the first may dislike the second, but those who disliked the first may like the second. That Dante is able to switch gears so smoothly is incredible. With the main characters remaining constant, it should bring appeal from one to the other. How often does a sequel keep the core cast and the director? And dudes, this was during Phoebe Cates' adorably cute phase. Not the sexy seductress of "Fast Times", but a dollface you can't say no to.

    I watched this one right after "Howling III" as I was beginning to sober up from drinking Passport Scotch. I switched to Clan MacGregor Scotch, but my belly was full so I didn't drink nearly fast enough. But I think that's quite alright, as "Gremlins II" is a timeless classic that should be enjoyed with a clear mind. (But if you want to drink, drink... it won't make the film any worse.) Did I mention Christopher Lee is in here? He is. Why does he have a pod from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Who knows! But his role as a scientist (not a mad one) is perfect for him, and a nice change from his Hammer horror roles as Dracula (though we still get a nice blood drinking reference). It might be one of the appearances by Lee I enjoy the most.

    If you mixed the original "Gremlins" with "Muppets Take Manhattan" (or maybe "The Great Muppet Caper"), it would be almost like this. Well, maybe not. I don't know. But if you get the chance to see "Gremlins II", see it. You've probably already seen it, though, so why am I telling you to see it? You already know. For that one person who reads this that hasn't seen it, you should. Both horror and non-horror fans will love it. Perfect date movie? Perhaps!
  • After having a bout of nostalgia, I just finished watching a Gremlins 2-pack DVD set tonight.

    I have to say, I thought the first one holds up fairly well.

    However, the sequel sadly does not. I'm really quite surprised at the high number of positive reviews here.

    This film is terrible.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Joe Dante and I can see where he was coming from. He knew it was a totally unnecessary sequel, so he wanted to spoof the whole thing and just have a good time.

    He really should've stayed home. This is quite possibly the most self-indulgent, stupid, shallow mess of a film I've ever seen.

    There's virtually no plot to speak of. The supposed "main" characters run around like morons amongst a barrage of childish Gremlin gags. Most of which, are plain idiotic and verging on embarrassing.

    I felt for the actors here, as they really gave it their all.

    I know Dante is obsessed with Warner Bros cartoons, but including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in this film was totally unjustified and insipid. Their scene couldn't have been less funny and I can't believe Dante got away with it.

    In fact, I can't believe he got away with the whole movie.
  • This here is Joe Dante's best film. It's a delightful and absolutely charming dark comedy. I begged my mom to take me to see this back in 1990 and thankfully I can say I saw this on the big screen.

    Years later when I watch it, I can catch all of the little references and nods to other great films of the past. The Warner Brothers Looney Tune cartoons have obviously made an impact on the directorial style of Joe Dante. What's great is the combination of this type of humor blended with these devious little monsters wrecking havoc in the Clamp Building. Speaking of Clamp, John Glover was excellent as Daniel Clamp (a parody of Donald Trump). He's absolutely hilarious!

    There are many terrific special effects and sequences in the film. It's hard to tell you which scene is my favorite because I adore every moment of the film. I will say one of the scenes that sticks out for me is when the Bat Gremlin flies out into New York City by day. I just love those excellent shots of him flying through the sky. Of course, the Brain Gremlin and the 'New York, New York' number is fantastic as well. "Is eeeverybody heere?" And who could forget when the Gremlins got their revenge for Leonard Maltin's lambasting of the first Gremlins movie?

    All this is accompanied by a fantastic Jerry Goldsmith score (which happens to be one of my favorites of his as well). The collaboration between Goldsmith and Dante isn't unlike that of Hitchcock and Herrmann or Spielberg and Williams.

    The film abounds with dark jollity and watching it you can tell that the filmmakers had a fun time making the picture. To include the audience as part of the goings on, is a real treat.

    Out of all the thousands of films I have seen, none have been or ever will be more entertaining than Gremlins 2.

    I LOVE it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First, my little back of obligatory backstory. I was 9 years old when the original GREMLINS was released. Probably smack dab in the middle of the perfect target audience for a fun little horror film full of gleeful gore and maniacal monsters. Due to many factors, a sequel to the mega-hit was not produced for some time afterwards. By the time this was released, I was then 15 and looking for something a little more from my entertainment. The sequel was, then, quickly relegated to a little corner of my memory.

    Years have elapsed. I have submersed myself in horror films and still, to this day, have an undying love of the original. I can see, now, all of the fun little horror tidbits that Dante hid in his movie for the more adult viewers, while spicing just enough family fun to keep the whole family interested.

    This movie, though, is lacking any of the charm and craft that made the original so good. What Dante and all involved seem to have forgotten is that the gremlins and mogwai became stars, but what made the original so successful was good writing, a good script and a good plot.

    This sequel seems hellbent on packing as many different gremlin creations and bad jokes as possible in its' runtime. There is almost no story developed here, at all, and the story that is doesn't make sense half of the time. The plot moves along just enough to propel the viewer from one gag to another, most of which are not funny by child or adult standards, that become a tireless, repetitive bore by the end. Naturally, most of these gags also serve to introduce us to a bevy of new characters, with their own personalities. Yes, it smells a little too much of marketing and the need to create new mogwai/gremlins as if they figured they missed out on something with only having Gizmo and Stripe as recognizable creations in the original. Most of these new creations are even more annoying than the gags.

    Even the human characters have become cardboard cutouts this time around. Billy and his girlfriend are barely there, just fodder for another gag, or when the plot is needed to move along to the next step. The corporate heads are interesting ideas that become convoluted and, mostly, generic. Even the great Christopher Lee is wasted here in a role that anyone could have filled, as a minor scientist who serves only to introduce the experiments that will, in turn, produce the gallery of gremlin hybrids.

    Many point out the fun easter eggs in this movie and how much this shows Dante's love of 50s sci fi. Yes, it is fun for a drive-in horror junkie like myself to find those hidden gems and appreciate all the little nods to films of past years that Dante worked in, but that doesn't even come close to saving this movie from being a mess.

    About halfway through this, my wife and I looked at each other and quickly realized exactly why we had both pushed this to the depths of our subconscious. If you removed the GREMLINS franchise name from this movie, you'd have nothing but a second-rate imitation, which is all this really is in the end.
  • "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" is the 1990 sequel to the 1984 box office hit "Gremlins" which is one of my all-time favorite movies. The sequel is not as good as the original, but its not bad either. Here the filmakers did something different. They tried to make this one more of a comedy than the original. The first film was funny but also scary. "Gremlins 2" plays more like a Mel Brooks-type movie with some of the jokes that are in it. But its hardly scary. Plus, it got a little tiresome to watch the gremlins do some of the exact same things that they did the first time around like drinking, smoking, etc. Nevertheless, this is for the most part an entertaining movie that I'd wish had done better at the box office. I think if they had made this three years after the original instead of six years, it would have done better. In between the two "Gremlins" flicks there were all those ripoffs ("Critters", "Ghoulies" and their sequels) and by 1990 moviegoers became tired of it all. But the two "Gremlins" movies are much better than the "Critters" and "Ghoulies" movies. A good job by director Joe Dante.

    *** (out of four)
  • tedg22 July 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.

    Speilberg gets what he deserves in this one, and it is worth seeing just for that.

    Here is a movie about movies that any real enthusiast will love. That it involves creepy muppets is just incidental.

    Circumstances contrive to have a cable network taken over by puppets. (There is a tacit understanding here that everyone knows they are puppets.) These puppets take various stages and act out various movie cliches, always jokingly. Along the way is a "vampire" reporter, playing to his audience as the hidden annotators to this do.

    Almost every woman here is redheaded (except the legacy of Phoebe). Wonder what that means?

    Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.
  • Gremlins 2 is packed with laughs, special effects, and hundreds of movie references. Look closely to a lot of the background actions and one liners that come up in the movie. There are several references to famous movies that you might not catch the first time. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Marathon Man, 42nd Street, Batman, and many others. The entire movie is one big laugh. A great movie to watch and take nothing serious.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just finished watching Gremlins 2, after I found it in the cheap movie bin at walmart. I remember seeing this one in the theatre back in 1990. It had the same affect on me as the Ghostbusters sequel.

    I saw the first one in theatres 6 years prior, and as a kid I loved the movie. I got sucked into the story, and cried at the end when they had to give gizmo back. It all took place in a small town, and it was a gem of a movie.

    Now I was 6 when I saw the first one, and flash forward six years later, and I'm on the verge of turning twelve when the sequel came out. Now 6 years is a long time in child years.

    So I had changed a lot, and my interest had changed. This sequel just didn't capture the magic a second time for me. I didn't like it, but at the time I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't like it.

    Now I can, I don't like the setting. Inside the high tech office building. Also this one is much less serious in tone then the first one. With the comedy going way more over the top. Where they break the third wall too many times for me, and it takes me out of the picture.

    Also the first one had such a sad, but nice ending. The first one is a great 80's film. One of the most memorable from that time.

    If your a fan of the first film then chances are you have seen this one, and if your not a fan of the first film. Then you most likely won't be bothered with this film at all.

    One last thing I'd like to add. This was a completely unnecessary sequel. The first one was a complete story, and adding anything more just waters things down. Some things should just be left alone.
  • The first Gremlins movie was great. It combined humor with thrills, and was a good movie overall. Gremlins 2, however, was not. It tried so desperately to be as good as the original (such as the girl gremlin hitting on that guy near the end) but in the end just came out being foolish and boring. The movie is not terrible, but it is not good either, and I bet if they made this movie more like the first Gremlins, then I would be giving it a perfect score right now. But no, they had to screw it up. The only thing that brought this movie a lot of money was Brian Gremlin and the Gremlins' antics, and even those get poor after awhile.

  • mag2b21 November 2004
    This movie is a goof movie ... Gremlins came out and was a mildly good scary movie.

    Then there was Gremlins: The New Batch which was a parody of the first one and was not scary at all but actually made for a mildly good comedy.

    I would recommend this movie if you had seen the first Gremlins movie ... enjoyed it somewhat and were looking for a few laughs.

    Neither movie is the best at what they are trying to be ... the first one is a B rated horror flick and the second is a B rated comedy.

    Enjoy and Thanks for reading my review!
  • Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) and Kate Beringer (Phoebe Cates) return in this sequel, working at a giant media corporation. The Gremlin Gizmo has been captured and given to the corporation's genetics unit and, as a result, it gets accidentally exposed to water again and multiplies, sending a new batch of mischievous, hideous and dangerous little monsters lose on the entire building and its unsuspecting staff.

    This movie has more gremlins and them doing mischievous things than the first movie, messing with people and playing mean tricks left and right. The special effects on the monsters were good for the most part (some of the animated sequences does fall flat a little) and the music score was OK. However, the comedic and scary moments turn up flat as much of the acting was pretty goofy, including those of the monsters, and many of the characters acted like clowns, especially the dumb twins and the Media Mogul Daniel Clamp (John Glover).

    The plot went all over the place and wasn't kept quite together as that in the first movie and there were really no scary or jumpy moments. I wished the story showed more bewilderment and fear from the people who witnessed the gremlins' havoc; but, they just showed casual concern and intrigue.

    Overall, it's not a very good sequel. It doesn't have the character development, unique flavor and suspense as the original movie, instead, it's just a wild crazy-fest of gremlins and overzealous humans trying to deal with all the chaos. Stick with the original film.

    Grade D
  • This movie rocks. Oh, I need to say more? Alright then: this movie rocks so hard that Gizmo has mo choice but to do his little bop-dance to it while the twin scientists bop their heads and Christopher Lee does his best glowering of his career (and this man could glower a statue into submission!)

    This is Joe Dante and his collaborators going into a throw-all-the-kitchen-sinks-at-the-wall approach, and Gremlins 2: the New Batch is even more of a love letter to B movies and Loony Tunes than the first one; like the Evil Dead movies, the sequel finds its auteurs (lets not forget Spielberg too, and this time Rick Baker does fx work) not really wanting to make a sequel (the studio demanded a follow-up to the #4 box-office hit of 1984), but with final cut at his disposal, under Spielberg's supervision, Dante does a delirious cartoon of a live-action movie. When the gremlins wreak havoc it gives havoc a whole other name. Only one scene, when the new 'Stripe' gremlin leaps out of the board in the control room, is actually scary, but no matter.

    This is a movie to laugh your ass off to, and as a child you find yourself laughing at things but as an adult the jokes come harder, faster, and you get more of them. While Hulk Hogan may be a little dated, hearing a line like the Casablanca joke (making Clamp a lo of Trump and also a lot of Ted Turner), or the Brainy Gremlin voiced by Tony Randall make mention of Susan Sontag, or the references to the musical Dames and what exactly the movie is that the gremlins sneak into the theater that breaks the 4th wall of the whole movie itself (naked volleyball!) makes this a real treat and a half.

    Hell, just the scene with the Canadian restaurant (with a chocolate Moose cake!) is a laugh riot, but there's many more scenes where the comedy is with gag after gag after gag. And through all of this you got the return of some of the original cast, with Cates and Miller being most welcome, and John Glover giving a legitimately wonderful performance (comic, but with some humanity) in this time when a Trump mogul seemed... innocent by today's standards.

    Oh, and Gizmo turning into Rambo... I'm slayed.
  • I have something of an odd history with director Joe Dante's 1990 release "Gremlins 2: The New Batch." Having been born in the late 80's, I grew up in "Gremlins"-mania. The original classic of black humor and creature-feature thrills was everywhere... everyone loved it and everyone loved to watch it constantly. And as a young child, as much as I loved that brilliant first film, I equally loved it's twisted and demented follow up. I'd watch them back-to- back practically once a week when I was in Elementary school. They just worked so well together in my mind: a more subtle first film followed by a more over-the-top and in-your-face sequel chocked full of constant gags and twists. Then, about age 10 or 11, I stopped enjoying it. It's radical tonal departure from the original and seeming discontent with its predecessor just didn't sit well with me... it seemed so insane and ridiculous, I just stopped loving it. It felt too much like it was making fun of the original rather than honoring it, which I hated.

    It wasn't until many years later, as a teen about to enter my 20's that I rediscovered it and gave it a chance...and I loved it more than I had ever imagined I would! And even to this day, my adoration for it continues to grow. Why? Because I realized those things I hated about it years prior were intentional. It was all part of the insane and all-encompassing sense of anarchy director Joe Dante was crafting with this wonderful sequel. I just wasn't mature enough to be in on the gag, and realize that this wasn't just a sequel- it was a brilliant satire filled with great themes based on American culture of the 90's, consumerism and media... and also just a darned well- constructed piece of self-parody. It's poking fun at its own existence as an unnecessary sequel to a self-contained film and just has fun using the concept as an excuse to deliver some biting commentary. And I do think that it may be one of the greatest under-appreciated sequels ever made.

    Several years after the events of the original, Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) and his girlfriend Kate (Phoebe Cates) have re-located to New York City and are both working for Clamp Enterprises, a company run by eccentric and amusingly naive millionaire Daniel Clamp. (John Glover) Coincidentally, it turns out that Gizmo- the adorable Mogwai- is being held captive for experimentation in the very same building. Soon enough, Billy and his former pet are reunited. But all is not well- an accident causes a new batch of Gremlins to emerge, and it's up to Billy, Kate, Gizmo, Clamp and the visiting Futtermans (Dick Miller, Jackie Joseph) to save the day once again.

    Director Dante, along with screenwriter Charles S. Haas craft a deliciously subversive tale that builds off of what came before, but takes it in a wildly creative new direction. Story goes that Dante was simply not interested in making another "Gremlins", especially as every script that was turned in was just a carbon-copy of the original. It wasn't until he was given near full creative control that he stepped back into the director's chair. And thank the lord he did. From the opening minute of the film, you know you're in for something very unique. And almost each and every scene has some layer of parody, satire or commentary that will leave you howling with laughter. You know you're watching something special when there's an uproariously funny gag involving a cable network's "End of Civilization" video announcement being prepped to air and a prolonged sequence where a janitor bemoans the dog-eat-dog world of modern employment while Gizmo is besieged by his evil Mogwai offspring. Special props also go to the brilliant series of gags revolving around Clamp's decidedly inefficient "smart" building and a sequence that openly mocks the "three rules" established in the first film. There's some good, broad humor there.

    Beyond that, the rest of the production is just magnificent. The updated creature effects courtesy Rick Baker are a massive step-up, with each and every Gremlin and Mogwai seeming to have their own distinct look and personality. Jerry Goldsmith's score is a comical blast and a half. The cast is fabulous, with all returning actors given their moment to shine and new cast members being very likable and entertaining. Glover is wonderful as the oddball Clamp. Christopher Lee makes for a memorable foil as a deranged genetic research scientist whose work allows the Gremlins to mutate into amusing new forms. And Robert Prosky gives a sense of class as a television host who gets caught up in the action. And the cinematography is also very sharp and works wonders, perfectly complimenting director Dante's unique and quirky visual sensibilities.

    "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" might not be for everyone. It's complex and hard-hitting commentary will likely fly over the heads of many viewers, and its deliberately ridiculous and farcical style may turn off the more hardcore fanbase of the original. But if you have an open mind, this is a journey well worth taking.

    I give it a very good 8 out of 10.
  • The horror element of the original "Gremlins" is replaced entirely with lame comedy in this disappointing sequel. Zach Gilligan and Phoebe Cates return as Billy Peltzer and Kate Beringer, now living in the Big Apple. It's not long after their reunion with Gizmo (he's so cute it's sickening) that the little guy is accidentally hit with water and the villainous title characters return to wreak havoc. This time their target is a high-tech corporate skyscraper run by a Trump-like suit.

    "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" tries hard enough, and it's certainly original and creative. But it just never really clicks. The film plays like a bad episode of "The Muppet Show" as the cartoonish gremlins sing musical numbers, destroy property and morph into giant bats and spiders. It repeatedly attempts to poke fun at itself, but those efforts, too, fall flat on their face. Maybe the gremlins just aren't cut out for comedy. Chalk this one up as one of the weakest efforts from highly-talented director Joe Dante.
  • Gremlins 2 is a lot more light hearted than the first one. It takes itself a little less seriously but lacks some of the charm of the first one. The Gremlins mutations are fun to watch, especially the Brain Gremlin, but overall this movie falls a little flat. The cast does a decent job but there isn't a lot to do here. Some of the jokes fall flat and this film has none of the edge of the original. Looking back, I think perhaps it shouldn't have been made. Bottom Line: It's not great but if you liked Gremlins you should at least watch it once.
  • Six years after Gremlins, Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates are now grown up and living together in New York. But (for very convoluted reasons), Gizmo gets loose in their office building, he gets wet and....

    I first saw this in a theatre in 1990. About halfway through when the "humor" kicked into high gear the guy behind me said, "This is STUPID!" He said it a few more times before walking out. I agree with him 100%. Needless sequel to the 1984 original...and this manages to be much worse than the first. Like the original this one gets way too violent at times...there was an absolutely disgusting sequence with a paper shredder here. Also this isn't a horror film like the original. This is a spoof on the first. Unfortunately, there's no plot and zero characterizations. All it is is a truly incredible amount of jokes--sight gags and one-liners going fast and furious. Problem is that they're not all. I've seen this movie twice and haven't laughed once. Mostly I've rolled my eyes, groaned or have been disgusted at the "humor" in this film. Also the constant Warner Bros. product placement got annoying--and what the hell were Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig doing in this?

    As for the acting--Galligan and Cates are lousy (no shock there), but John Glover is just great as a Donald Trump-like character. He ALMOST got me to smile. Christopher Lee is also on hand to poke fun at his evil roles.

    On the plus side, the special effects are fantastic--even by today's standards, and the film was full of energy. I didn't like it but I was never bored. But it was too stupid and violent to enjoy. The 3 I'm giving this is generous.
  • I am, and have always been, a fan of the "Gremlins" movies. Especially since they manage to combine comedy and horror in a most satisfying manner, but most importantly because of the Mogwai and the gremlins themselves.

    If you enjoyed the 1984 "Gremlins" movie, then you will definitely also like the "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" from 1990.

    This is a direct continuation of the first movie in a way, and the writers managed to come up with a story angle that supports the transition between the first and second movie quite well.

    In "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" Billy (played by Zach Galligan) and Kate (played by Phoebe Cates) have moved to New York and are working for the Clamp company and work in an advanced skyscraper. When Gizmo finds his way to Billy, and is accidentally exposed to water, New York is in for a repeat of the incident that happened at Kingston Falls.

    One might think, at a glance, that I have already seen this in the first movie. And you are right, to a certain extend. Sure, there are similarities to the first movie, but everything in "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" is taken one step further. More gremlins, more mutations, more mayhem, more comedy, and so forth.

    What I love about "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" is the great ideas for changing the gremlins, as they are exposed to the various formulas and genetic materials from a research company also house in the Clamp Tower. The gremlins designs are just fantastic, and the creativity behind these ideas is just fabulous.

    There are also some great performances in this movie. Of course, first and foremost, it was nice to have Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates return to their roles. But it was equally great to have Dick Miller return as well, despite for a small role only (just as in the first movie). Furthermore, there were some memorable performances by Christopher Lee, Robert Prosky, John Glover and Robert Picardo.

    The storyline in "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" is also good, and it matches the craziness, intensity and the unique style of the first movie very well, and then adds a new element to that.

    "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" is a movie that you can watch again and again, just like the first movie. And this is one of those types of movies that everyone is familiar with, even if they haven't actually seen the movie. I think that these two movies are definitely something that everyone should take the time to sit down and watch.
  • This one has significantly better effects than previous and Gremlins are more realistic and scary. From the technical quality point of view it is definitely better movie. But it is also completely different movie and because of taste differences many will disagree with me on which one is better. While first movie has somewhat serious story line, tells the scary tale with some comic reliefs, second movie is more parody to first one than it is its sequel. Yes, story line picks up where first movie left, but tone of the film is completely different. It is not 80's light horror type of the movie any more, it reminds more of Scary Movie type of film. It is fast, fun, full of pranks and references to famous fantasy movies and characters, like Batman, Wicked Witch of Oz and many more. First one has much better story, but this one is definitely better produced and more fun.
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