The Looking Glass: Snow White approaches a trap set by Lord Malice. But in the fog she isn't gonna find the palace! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Lord Malice: You are insolent! But you have a point.

Mother Nature: Just as love can bring the greatest joy, it can also bring the greatest sorrow. But then, it is love that makes people the most special of all my creatures.

Snow White: Why, you're not the seven dwarfs!

Sunburn: I should say not!

Snow White: But the seven dwarfs live in that cottage!

Muddy: Not anymore! They moved into a new mine way over the next kingdom!

Snow White: Well, then, who are you?

Muddy: We're their cousins, the seven dwarfelles! They gave us their cottage!

Critterina: [Snow White and the seven Dwarfelles camp around a campfire in the Realm of Doom. A lizard-like creature goes up to a rock beside Critterina and squawks] Nice little lu, lo, er thing.

[Critterina tries to touch the lizard but it almost bites her finger. Critterina moves away her finger in the nick of time]

Critterina: Now, now! Mother Nature wouldn't like that!

Sunburn: Huh. Talking looking glasses, tricky queens, secret doors. This place burns me up!

The Prince: I've never seen such magic as this. Who are you, what do you want!

[Inside a cave leading to the Realm of Doom, the Shadow Man lands a boulder on Snow White and the seven dwarfelles to prevent them going to Lord Maliss' castle]

Muddy: Hey, look, there's someone in the shadows!

[the Shadow Man, seen at the very top of a ledge, backs away]

Sunburn: Hey! Hey, who was he, there he goes!

Muddy: Get that Shadow Man!

Blossom: Hm, I tell you, darlings, it looks awfully dark in there!

Snow White: We need light. Sunburn can you help us?

Sunburn: They don't call me Sunburn for nothing!

Batso: Hey, Scowl, you really gotta quit smoking, it's gonna kill you.

Scowl the Owl: I'm about to be owl stew, and he's worried about smoking. Batso, quick! Shake a wing!

Batso: OK.

[Batso squeaks as he dances]

Scowl the Owl: No! Blow out the candle!

Batso: Oh, sure thing, Scowl.

Scowl the Owl: What are you waiting for?

Batso: I can't decide what to wish for.

Scowl the Owl: Blow it out!

Lord Malice: Looking glass upon the wall, at my command you will show me all.

The Looking Glass: [yawns] Keep it down, you noisy creep. You're ruining my beauty sleep.

Lord Malice: How dare you!

Muddy: Oooh, it's about time something good happened on this trip!

[chuckles happily]