Hard to Kill (1990) Poster


Kelly LeBrock: Andy Stewart



  • Andy Stewart : [to the comatose Mason Storm]  Would you like a little pussy?

    [she places a kitten on his bed] 

  • Mason Storm : What year is it?

    Andy Stewart : Try not to talk.

    Mason Storm : What year is it?

    Andy Stewart : It's 1990.

  • Mason Storm : You give me this beard.

    Andy Stewart : Yeah.

    [both start laughing] 

    Andy Stewart : Well, you tried.

    [Mason starts laughing and Andy looks at him] 

    Mason Storm : You ever been to China town.

    Andy Stewart : Yeah, why?

    Mason Storm : These are just some needles and herbs for my recovery.

    Andy Stewart : Wow, how did you learn to write in Chinese.

    Mason Storm : Well, when I was kid. My father was a missionary. I spent the first 10 years of my life in China. There, I learned how to fight as you could imagine. I remember going to my martial arts teacher.

    [he imitiates the teacher] 

    Mason Storm : He said, "Why you come to me" and I say, "Ah, to learn how to fight." And he's like, "Oh, so you wanna hurt people, but you wanna be great." I say, "Yeah, I wanna be great. "Then first learn how to heal people to be great, to hurt people is easy."

    [both looking at each other] 

  • Andy Stewart : [Mason and Andy flee the house they were staying at after a shootout]  Oh, I forgot to lock the door.

  • Sonny Storm : Who... who are you?

    Andy Stewart : That's a very long story. You got a few minutes?

  • [Mason and Andy are packing up] 

    Andy Stewart : Where are we going?

    Mason Storm : Out of here.

  • Andy Stewart : What's most important right now is that we get this video to the authorities before I have a nervous breakdown.

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