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  • I wasn't expecting much when I picked up a DVD of this title. I thought it would be full of inept kid actors and suitable only for the younger ones.

    Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The acting was quite good although occasionally I got the impression that certain actors seemed slightly strained, as if English might not be their native language. I was quite impressed with the kid (Haakon)...He was great. Great sets and scenery too! The story was weak in a few spots, but then I'm analyzing a family film from an adult perspective. But the story was much better than most family films I've seen lately. Character development could have used just a small bit of improvement. But then again, it was much better than most movies of this genre.

    I won't spoil the story except to say that the ending is stereotypical. But I guess that is to be expected in a family film.

    I'm giving a high (8) recommendation on this title. If your family likes pirate/treasure-type movies (Treasure Island, Goonies, etc.) you will surely enjoy this one. I enjoyed watching this, even as an adult.

    P.S. I am curious as to why Haakon (Stian) did not play in any more movies (maybe he did, but I've not discovered them). He seems like the type studios would go "ga ga" over (plus, he seemed talented...unlike most kid actors).
  • BELL_30 December 2005
    STORY: Haakon Haakonsen is a young boy which joins his older brother, Jens, on a ship with a mostly foreign crew. As the youngest and most unexperienced member of the crew, Haakons gets a really hard time from the others. But he learns fast, and builds up respect from some of the crew over time. Then one day the ship gets hit by a huge storm, and gets wrecked. Haakon Haakonsen wakes up at an island alone. He now stands in front of many challenges, and gets to use the moral, and the skills he have built up inside of him. He also meets some of the crew-members again, and gets to learn that they don't earn all the respect they had on the ship at all. Haakon now stands in front of the challenge of survival, and then to get off the island..

    INFORMATION/RATING: The story's time-line I believe is somewhere in the late 1800's or early 1900, as the ship they work on is a Caravel type of ship, among with other time-like indicators.

    This is a movie is a good and typical adventure-movie, which contains moral-like characters, and cynic pirate-like characters. Of course, there is a treasure too:) The story in "Shipwrecked" is a lot like "Mutiny on the Bounty", "Robinson Crusoe", so if you like movies/stories like these, you will very probably enjoy this too! "Shipwrecked" is from 1990, and it's a Norwegian-produced movie, so you cannot expect the hugest Hollywood-effects in it, but i think this could be a positive factor too. Still I believe that this is a indicator to the "User Rating" of the movie. Many watchers forget this when they watch movies. My point is; If "Shipwrecked" was made today, with the same story, I believe the user-rating would be up at 7.0 - 7.5 and maybe even higher. As I use to tell my friends: You need to know what you are watching, if not the watch is being watched:) If you are critically focused when you watch this movie, I'm sure you will find a lot of errors and goofs, but if you watch it with clean sheets I'm sure you'll love it. When I take the production year- and production country in mind, i give this movie: 8 of 10
  • Adventure fictional about some travelers who sail and stranded on a remote location . There're rip-roaring action , spirit of adventure , derring-do , thrills and results to be entertaining enough ; dealing with a boy washes up an island where he finds a pirates treasure and weapons . Enjoyable production in Disney style with emotion , intrigue , thrills , funny sequences , spectacular adventures and amusement . A young Norwegian boy called Haakon Haakonsen (Smestad) in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy aboard a British ship under Royal Navy authority. He undergoes a hazardous voyage , then Royal Navy lieutenant John Merrick (Gabriel Byrne) is welcomed to take charge of security on a long voyage to Sidney and Calcutta . Soon after , Haakon finds out some of his shipmates are actually pirates led by John Merrick . Then , the teen and others shipwreck on an island . A quest for survival that became the adventure of a lifetime , only to be confronted by a gang of pirates .

    Amusing , lighthearted and acceptable romp , though only for kids and teenagers . This is a nice dramatization based on Norwegian author O. V. Falck-Ytter's "Haakon Haakonsen¨: A Norwegian Robinson . The known and amusing premise results to be a ship is taken by a nasty villain and subsequently the daring protagonists must survive being shipwrecked on a deserted island besieged by pirates . The picture contains noisy adventures , emotion , moving action and sensational outdoors . The film displays some scenes have you on the edge of your seat , including thrilling and amusing images . Lots of adventure for family viewing , including an climatic as well as fun ending . Among the most spectacular of its visuals there are the semi-spectacular scenes in which takes place the violent storm against the ship. Some illogical parts in the plot are more than compensated for the excitement provided by some stirring scenes located at the island as pursuits , rescues, and fights ensue across . Colorful cinematography reflecting marvelous landscapes by early deceased Erling Thurmann-Andersen,considered to be one of Norway's best cinematographers and filmed on marvelous location . Special mention for musical score by the prestigious musician Patrick Doyle , he composes an attractive and exciting soundtrack , as usual . This is one of a number of Jules Vernes tales , Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and Walt Disney productions have been made about castaways . These include : Robinson Crusoe (1954) , Lieutenant Robinson (1966) , Castaway(1986) , Robinson Crusoe (1997) , Crusoe (2008) (TV Series) , Fifteen Year Old Captain (1976) , this shipwrecked (1990) and the Walt studio's hit 1960 family castaway film Swiss Family Robinson(1960), 1962 movie In Search of the Castaways (1962), The Castaway Cowboy (1974) , The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980) .

    This action-adventure story aimed at youths, and inspired by Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" (published in 1873) was stunningly realized in splendidly amusing style , is all color , thrills and action . Stunning and gripping realization by Nils Gaup . He was born in 1955 in Kautokeino, Norway. Gaup is a director and actor, who has made a few but acceptable films , being especially known for Pathfinder (1987), , Misery harbour (1989) , Above Water (1993) , North star (1996) , Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) and The last King (2017) . Gaup turned down offers to direct No without my daughter (1991) with Sally Field, RoboCop (1987) and many others. He began to direct Waterworld (1995), but he thought the budget was blown up and the project too difficult to handle. His greatest hit was ¨Pathfinder¨ Rating : 6.5/10 ; Good and entertaining.
  • OK, it is not the greatest film of the century. OK, the characters are not so very three-dimensional, OK, they do not develop very much through the film, OK, the end is as predictable as the one of "Cinderella". But it really does not matter. I watched 'Håkon Håkonsen' with kids and they loved it - they kept talking about it for a long time after we had finished. To my considerable surprise, I found myself greatly amused too. It is a family film in the true sense of the word, it has a hero and a heroine and a bad guy - perfectly cast with a chilling Gabriel Byrne - lots of action and adventure, humor, serious moments, and a happy ending. In a sense it resembles some Disney productions, but lacks the slightly superficial, American touch. It is a good film, a good story, created by people who want to tell children a fairy-tale and who knows how to do so. Recommended.
  • Shipwrecked is a tale about a young boy who finds his destiny and friends along the way. It is quite an interesting movie, very different and more thoughtful than most American movies. Stian Smestad does an excellent job as Hakon Hakonsen, and the actors who played Mary and Jens were wonderful also. This is a timeless classic with a good lesson in it. *** out of ****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wasn't going to tick the spoiler thing, but I guess I'm telling a lot of stuff about the plot so I'd better just in case.

    I saw this first when I was about 6 years old when my mom brought it home from the video store. I only vaguely remember it from that time, but it nagged me enough that I decided to find it again. Find it I did, and I'm glad because I still like it.

    It is a kids' movie but cool enough for adults too. This movie runs real smooth up until the scene toward the end when the pirates are chasing Haakon. Merrick is real good and menacing, and you know the tension is building for something to pop soon. But toward the end he gets too comic when chasing Haakon to maintain that image and it all becomes a bit juvenile. It doesn't wreck the film though.

    Now I really like all the traps Haakon sets for the pirates and how some of em don't work right. And this fearless kid tries to take on a whole village of native islanders. Spunky little dude eh. And Haakon should have kissed that stowaway girl at least once. She was pretty spunky too. Maybe he was too young though. Something else that bothers me is what happened to the gorilla Haakon makes friends with? Man, I would have at least said goodbye to the poor beast. And I like the scene in the English pub where Haakon makes all his shipmates drink mugs of milk.

    Another thing that makes me glad about this film is that Haakon gets the best of the storekeeper's kid that bullied him at the beginning of the movie, and he saves the family farm too. I know it's a stereotypical happy ending but it's satisfying anyhow.

    Most of the acting was pretty decent, and Haakon kept things going well. He was a little scrawny for a sailor boy though. (Funny I haven't seen that kid in any other movies. He performed outstanding in my opinion) Now the scenery. It was awesome and really added to the adventurous atmosphere. No cheap sets either. This film definitely had some thought put into it.

    Anyone who liked any of the Treasure Island movies should like this one too. Pirate movies like this are just a lot of fun anyway.
  • Good, clean fun for the family. We first watched this movie 10 years ago when my kids were under 6. They're all teenagers now and they still enjoy this movie. It's a great adventure story that's a throwback to a simpler type of movie-making, relying on character development and plot rather than special effects. The villains aren't cartoons, and Haakon is a believable protagonist. If sex, graphic violence, gratuitous profanity, and anti-heroes are your idea of a good time, you'll hate this movie. But if you crave films that you wouldn't be embarrassed to have three or four generations watch, you'll love this one -- again and again.

    PS -- the thing with Haakon's shoes IS hilarious!
  • jmmustchin26 September 2018
    My family and I borrowed this from the library a few months ago. And while I expected it to be good, it was quite frankly fantastic! It's a fun family pirate adventure.

    The film begins with notorious - and supposedly "dead" - pirate Merrick murders an officer named Howell and stealing his identity.

    In the meantime, a sailor who is unable to return to sea is facing losing his property over debt. His son Haakon volunteers to become a cabin boy in order to financially help his family. His ship winds up taking on an officer Howell - who is none other than Merrick in disguise - as first mate. He quietly poisons the captain, and then takes charge of the vessel, ruling it with an iron fist.

    Haakon discovers an Australian girl named Mary on board. After she is discovered, Haakon is saved from a lashing by a sudden storm. The storm sinks the ship. I've forgotten many of the details, but Haakon washes up on an island - alone. He soon discovers that it's Merrick's own hideout, and that he'll be back at some point. He must prepare - while looking for an opportunity to escape.

    It's a great family adventure, with very mild violence, no swearing (that I remember), no sex, etc. In other words, completely suitable for children. I found it quite delightful.
  • This was my favourite film as a child - it was shown on tv one night and my family taped it for me, on a whim (back in the days of VHS). I LOVED it and still do, 25 years later. Highly recommend, especially for children.
  • I would occasionally catch this movie on TV when I was younger, and it always brings out a nostalgic, innocent and adventurous feeling every time I watch it. It is a family-oriented film about a young Norwegian boy named Haakon Haakonsen, who works as a cabin boy on a ship in the 1850s, and then discovers that those on board are actually pirates.

    It is a great story to bring the family together, full of adventure, morals and heroism, all supported by some good acting performances from the respective cast and an impressive island and ocean scenery. As a result, this movie kind of reminds me of Disney's Swiss Family Robinson, but is Norwegian-made and the story centers more on the kid than the Robinson movie.

    You won't find too much of the Hollywood-style action, drama or suspense in this movie, as evident with the overall simple and innocent atmosphere; it's mostly a feel-good film that has a perfect storybook setting for children, but also suitable for adults.

    Grade B
  • I haven't seen this movie since the 2nd grade, so I can only speak from the perspective of a child. It was an amazing movie, and I can still remember the villain well. It was suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat. That being said, sure: if I were to see it again today I might see small flaws in the acting and/or plot, but the key here is that it captures the imaginations of children, which was its purpose. I am not rating this movie since I have not seen it for 12 years.
  • This production of Shipwrecked truly went the corner of the globe for its cinematography. The story took us from Norway, to London, to Sydney and then to the South Seas. Appropriately we got location shooting in the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, and Fiji.

    I'm sure in Norway the novel Haakon Haakonsen was thoroughly enjoyed by boys of all ages. Young Stian Smestad plays the title role in Shipwrecked about a kid whose injured father cannot take on a sea voyage and his lack of payment guarantee will force the family off their farm. So young Haakon takes dad's place on the ship and first port of call is London.

    Where they pick up a new mate in Gabriel Bryne, arguably the only cast member you might know. He's not what he seems, he's as much an honest sailor and Lieutenant in the British navy as Long John Silver was a cook. In fact he's in the same profession as Silver and like in Treasure Island in Sydney he gets a few of his fellow pirates on board the ship as crew. They also pick up a stowaway in Louisa Millwood-Haigh who is an orphan trying to get to Calcutta and an uncle.

    From Treasure Island we now get a bit of Robinson Crusoe when after a fight Smestad is marooned on a tropical island. If you know both classic novels you know how this will turn out.

    Disney Studios released this in America and small wonder that they chose this property to put under their banner. It's a good adventure story for kids with some really nice color cinematography of the South Seas. Young Smestad comes off like a real kid not a Hollywood juvenile. And Gabriel Byrne is the kind of villain you love to see get his. Unlike Treasure Island this don't bond with this kid.
  • This is an old-fashioned seafaring yarn, with not much inspiration of its own. Among the many adventure stories / movies it makes reference to are "Captains Courageous", "Mutiny on the Bounty", "Treasure Island", "Robinson Crusoe" and "The Swiss Family Robinson". Director Nils Gaup handles the action well and the production values are suitably epic and colourful. The British / Swedish cast combine surprisingly well, though no individual player is outstanding.
  • wpeake4 September 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I borrowed this movie because I assumed from the cover blurbs and photographs that it was based on the book 'The Coral Island', by RM Ballantyne. It transpires it is not and in fact owes more to 'Swiss Family Robinson' in particular, and 'Robinson Crusoe'.

    It is a good, honest representative of the South Sea Island castaway genre that is probably a vanishing category in these postcolonialist, postmodernist days. A film in which there are palm trees swaying is always worth watching. It contains toothless pirates, 'savages', and a cabin boy who is almost impossibly pretty.

    This is probably the most recent movie (1990) to have had the cheek to resort to one of the old favourites - a guy in a gorilla suit - into the plot. Of course, there are no free-range gorillas in the Fiji Islands, or anywhere outside of Africa, but who cares. What is more puzzling is that after the boy befriends the gorilla, it disappears from the film. I expected it reappear in the denouement, perhaps beating up pirates, but it doesn't. In terms of the plot, what was the point?

    My kids though the film was okay.
  • This film is a good example of how bowdlerizing a story to make it presentable to someone's fallacious misconception of "children" can render it useless to anyone of any age. For goodness sake, children are the most rough and raucous people around -- and if not that then at least as rough and raucous as any other cohort. That's probably in large part why they LIKE stories about sailors and pirates in the first place. A sailing ship is one place where no one washes, or changes his clothes, or needs to "watch his language." In this film no one ever even gets dirty, and even the pirates are POLITE! Of course the idea that, on an uninhabited island, one would pretty soon dispense with clothing altogether - well Heavens, we would't want children to even THINK about that. I would hope that anyone over the age of ten would have the good sense to be sickened by this one, even if they didn't know that patronizing them was the reason it's so bad.
  • This film could have and should have been better. The acting by the main characters is horrible. Hakon and Jens seem too self-conscious throughout the whole film. The girl is bad too. Unfortunately we don't see too much of her. Gabriel Byrne and the other supporting actors are ok. The plot points and action reek of Disney. The story is too wholesome for the subject matter. Oh well. I shouldn't expect too much from a Disney action/family adventure.
  • This is a great film that is very good for families, but with a few tentatively startling scenes for the young 'ens. It's mostly about a boys journey and his interactions with pirates, friends, and saving his family from poverty. Jens is his father's friend, NOT his brother, who promises his father to keep an eye on him since he's going to sea to save his family. It's light hearted overall, and seems to get more and more kid-friendly throughout. You have your Swiss Family Robinson reminiscent booby traps, your classic stowaways, your bad guys and your heroes. Altogether a movie that can be enjoyed for parents and children alike.