• Aquamarine
    Written by Scott Reeder
    Performed by Scott Reeder
  • Anazia's Dance
    Written and Performed by Ray Obiedo
    Courtesy of Windham Hill Productions, Inc.
  • Keep on Pushin'
    Written by Humberto Lopez and Reginald Barrett
    Performed by Humberto Lopez, Reginald Barrett, Patricia Brown
  • Cartoon Rock
    Written by Winston Sharples
  • Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti
    Written by Hugo Molinares
    Performed by Fernando Lavoy
    Courtesy of Don Mateo Records
  • Internal Affairs End Credits
    Written by Mike Figgis, Anthony Marinelli & Brian Banks
    Performed by Jorge Strunz & Darlene Koldenhoven
    Produced by Anthony Marinelli