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  • Perfect Girls (1990) is another one of Wong Jing's paycheck films. In his on words, he'll make the kind of films that the public wants. Out of every ten films, he'll make a film that's near and dear to him. The rest of the time he'll make the kind of movies that'll make him the kind of money that'll fund his next "personnel project". Sure his mainstream films are schlocky and cheesy, but they're a whole lot of fun!

    Perfect Girls was made during the period when Wong Jing's film making career really began to take off (as in productivity). The story concerns a rich and wealthy elderly Chinese man who's on his death bed. He laments that his only grandson is still not married. Before he dies he wants to see him married to a nice girl. If he does, he stands to inherit his entire fortune. But the problem is his grandson his waiting for the "perfect woman" who's a combination of several H.K. film actresses. The kid's mom is also worried that he'll never find a bride and remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. Can he find true love or will his mom and best friend try and find him a suitable bride, any bride?

    An entertaining film from Wong Jing, it's sappy and sweet. Filled with his usual stabs at western films and culture. Like all of his films, the dialog is sharp and funny whilst the direction his very good. Even on a modest budget Wong Jing can always be counted on. A young Michelle Reis also co-stars in this film, along with Wong Jing who co-stars as a honey lipped Lothario. A fun film that's worth watching.


    Michelle Reis is an attractive lass!
  • Writer/director/co-star Wong Jing takes a fairly familiar plot, a dying grandfather will give his Hong Kong raised grandson 300 million dollars if he marries someone within a month and the girl doesn't know about the money. Before he even knows his grandfather's plan, Tin Chi (Wilson Lam) meets Siao Siao (the beautiful Michelle Reis), who is brash and profane. This sets off a series of comic moments when Tin Chi's mom tries to set him up with others. Nina Li plays a model who Tin Chi falls for. Its a wacky film, like many HK films at the time, but Wong Jing keeps the film going at a spunky, fast pace. Nothing to rave about, but watchable and easy to digest. If you like screwball comedy, this will suit you fine.
  • This film begins with an elderly man in the hospital being told that he has about two more months left to live. Being extremely wealthy he decides that rather than leaving his fortune to his nephew "Robert" (Keith Kwan) he would rather give it to his grandson "Lin Tien-Chi" (Wilson Lam). The problem is that Lin Tien-Chi isn't married and that disturbs him quite a bit. So he tells his trusted attorney "Lawyer Stone" (Anders Nelsson) that he will bequeath $300 million to Lin Tien-Chi provided that he marry within the month and that the prospective bride not have any knowledge about the inheritance. Unfortunately, Robert overhears the conversation and becomes determined to sabotage the deal by any means necessary. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was an okay comedy for the most part even though it was a bit predictable and clichéd. Although I didn't quite care for the character of Lin Tien-Chi's cousin "Mu Lan-Hua" (Monica Chan) I thought Wilson Lam performed quite well and having two attractive actresses like Michelle Reis (as "Lo Hsaio-Hsaio") and Nini Li Chi ("Feng Mu-Jen") certainly didn't hurt. That said, while this film wasn't a great comedy by any means it was good enough for the time spent and I have rated it accordingly. Average.