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  • This movie got my attention because unlike the normal "boy meets girl, can't marry girl" scheme, there was history to the story in the movie. The characters were all well drawn out from the parents to the "bad guys." The "sweet" character of "Suman" was shown to have a different side of her when she become a seductress on the rooftop as she celebrates her birthday with "Prem." The viewer gets to see that side of her which is passionate and perhaps not so innocent...the side the parents do not. The songs are all entertaining, and in the end, we finally see that good guys...and good girls for that not always finish last! ;-) This is a great movie for those who believe in true love!
  • Ibuk26 February 2009
    Maine Pyar Kiya came out at the time when multistarrers were the safest bet at the box office. Maine Pyar Kiya the highest grossing movies of 1989 and considering it had to contend with Yash Chopra's Chandni that is very good indeed. Salman Khan and Bhagyashree made their debut along with debutant director Sooray Barjatya. Bhagyashree went on to get married whilst Salman Khan went on to star in Sooraj Barjatya's Hum Aapke hain koun and Hum Saath Saath Hain. Most people may claim HAHK was Mr Barjatya's best movie but I find it ridiculously overrated, MPK was Mr Barjatya's finest hour. The story is as old as the hills but the way it is told is very sweet and you really feel for the lovers. The thing I love so much about MPK is the songs, each one is a masterpiece. Usually when I listen to a movie soundtrack I normally listen to a couple of songs and skip the rest but not the case with MPK, I can listen to the songs over and over again and never get bored. My favourites are Mere Rang ne or Kabootar Ja Ja. In fact I would go as far as calling MPK the best soundtrack of the 80's. MPK is one of those love stories I can watch over and over again and love it even more. A true 80's masterpiece.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching this movie on 16th April 1990 the day after I finished my 9th grade final exams in India. I was in love with the movie and wished it happened with me. I watched this movie five times in theaters, seven times on the Video cassette I bought. I actually celebrated the anniversary of the movie by watching for the 12th time exactly a year after. During that time I remembered the duologue's of the entire movie from start to the end.

    The movie had a great impact on the manner love is depicted in Indian movies. It dispelled the concept of love at first sight. The director Suraj Barjatya beautifully showed the friendship slowly blossoming into love between the lead pair Prem (Salman Khan) and Suman (Bhagyashree), over the first half of the movie. The second half of the movie surprised the audiences when Prem shows his worth to the father of Suman (Alok Nath) to attain his love. Despite being a son of a millionaire and an MBA graduate he works in the rugged mountains of Northern India where Suman lived with her father. This was the first time in Hindi Cinema when true character of the love in Indian Culture was revealed; achieving the desired love with parents consent instead of eloping.

    The music given by Ram-Laxman was excellent. The background score of 'I Love You' was mesmerizing. The dance sequences of Jay Borade were very different from other Hindi movies, though most of them were borrowed form the Hollywood classic 'An American in Paris'. Bhagyashree was chaste and sweet. She got married and gave birth to a baby while the movie was under production. Her eyes were pouring love on the silver screen throughout the movie. Her girl next door mannerism spellbound the entire nation, young and old alike. Salman Khan also looked fresh and delightful in his second movie. (first one was 'Biwi Ho to aisi'). This was the first Hindi movie which gave a macho image to the lover boy. Sequences where Salman Khan workouts in front of Bhagyashree specially the one handed push-ups made him a youth icon among school and college students. The action sequences were also fabulous. The one in which Salman was bashed by an obvious stronger lorry driver looked quite realistic.

    The movie gave a huge boost to the career of Salman Khan. Though Bhagyashree decided to stay as a housewife breaking the heart of millions of her fans.

    Even today MPK stays as my most favorite movie.
  • One of the better movies made in Hindi. Simple story but outstanding direction, acting by the two new comers, Salman khan and Bhagyashree. She is very pretty and looks traditional,that adds to her beauty. All other actors have done justice to their roles.

    Songs are great to watch and listen...a must for a Hindi movie fan. And yea...Maine pyar kiya and Hum Aapke hain koun, and DDLJ are in the same league, popular romantic flicks, watchable by everyone.

    It does have some comedy however and some sensible action (i mean..the regular fights). It became such a hit that it was re-made in English and Spanish. very neat film..must watch.
  • a typical Hindi film - but oh, the beauty and the tenderness and the warmth of the love story...its the reason i fell i love with films! not to forget the fact that it gave Hindi cinema one of its biggest stars - salman khan. his casting couldn't have been more perfect. forgive me for sounding cheesy, but those big, wounded eyes packed in a punch. there wasn't a single member of the female species unaffected - old and young, mums and daughters, teenage girls and grandmas. and the reason he was so effective - a near perfect film with wonderfully appealing characters, almost unbearably tender romance, and a dash of healthy drama! play it again sam!!
  • mirela_55216 August 2006
    I love this movie!It is great story about two people falling in love.Salman Khan(Prem) and Bhagyashree (Suman) made an excellent job.It is so romantic.I watched it many times and I can watch it always.Story is classic.Girl from poor family meets rich guy and they fell in love.My favorite scene is on the rooftop were Suman showed her different side,that she is not that innocent.Also very romantic was when he had to earn some money to prove that he loves her.It sounds cheesy,but there is something about this movie special.Music is also very beautiful.It is different from American romantic movies.I recommend everyone to watch this movie!Because of this movie I became Salman Khan's fan!
  • pravin12 July 1999
    I have seen this movie 34 times.

    I remember each and every scene, and all the music. I just love the romance and passion shown in this movie. The innocence, the love, dedication feelings displayed were absolutely good. It was a mega hit and had influenced the youth of that time. The songs were beautiful, meaningful and lyrics had the meanings. Everybody acted well in this movie. the movie also was clean and could have seen with family. I can see the movie several times without getting bored. I cant imagine if it has to be remade who can be the cast. It's like Sholay, you can not have it again. Some people may call it as a goody, goody movie, but I love to see it again and again.
  • Li_8511 June 2006
    This is one of the Best Films of all time. It won several awards including Best Film of the year. Salman Khan did a fabulous job in the movie that launched him into a superstar. The same cannot be said for the actress Bhagyashree, who has disappeared from Bollywood after she got married. The movie is directed by Sooraj Barjatya who has given us great movies in the future like Hum apke hain kaun and Hum Saath saath hai. This is their Best to my opinion. The same cannot be said for Main prem ki deewani hoon which Flopped big time. Maine Pyar Kiya kind of gave birth to the successful Romantic Genre that took place in the 90s. It is full of great music including the Antakshari. I think the romance was amazing and the chemistry was great fun. It is an absolute family entertainer not to be missed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like most of the people belonging to the generation that grew up in the 80's and 90's and early 2000,i have literally survived on MPK,DDLJ,HAHK,KKHH,K3G,through out my teenage.Even today without fail i watch these movies on TV whenever they are shown.The sweet and clean chemistry of the lead stars make us wonder that what has gone wrong with the youngsters today that the word romance and love is more about sex that the sweetness this very emotion has.Having found my soul-mate and soon to be husband in my childhood best friend of 22 years(Nursery to till date) i actually believe that love should happen slowly and blossom from friendship and not the lust what the movies these days portray.I am personally a mad mad fan of these 5 movies and so mad that i have lost count as to how many times i have seem them.

    Well all i have to say for MPK in specific is that if for not the sweet love do watch it to see salman at his sweetest best.A salman which we don't get to see AT ALL now.The sweet and innocent lover.....
  • Most films fail to display family emotions and what happens within families and how they get torn apart but this film sheds a unique light on love, family values and the rich / poor divide.

    A great moral movie with plenty for everyone to enjoy. Great acting, beautiful songs and a story that wants you to sit in eager anticipation and hope that prem succeeds in his quest to gain approval from his would be father-in-law.

    Alok Nath plays his role well and so does the young Bagyshree. The only person who I felt played under himself was the character who played Salman Khans Father. M Behl is splendid as the devious villain and it is wonderful to see how flexible he is as a good guy or bad guy.

    Physically speaking there is no magic in the movie but metaphorically speaking this movie is completely divine and full of magic.
  • netsirk_631 July 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie reminded me of what love really was. Today in our society we are so stuck in the whole concept of dating and sex that we actually don't let relationships grow healthily like we used to. This movie portrays a real relationship growing slowly and both the characters going through friendship, that inevitable.."what exactly are we", sex, passion and true love. I loved how Sooraj Barjatya showed how the characters comfortably fell in love without really even knowing it - thus turning into that "what exactly are we" stage. I also loved how he portrayed the sexual tension between the characters of Prem and Suman. When Prem - who just finished working out and was all sweaty and such - pushed Suman into the wall and stared into her eyes. I applaud Sooraj B. and Salman Khan for such a well done scene. It showed that the relationship was going into a different direction then everyone had thought it would. Also the scene on the balcony was very well done because even though she was practically nude and seducing him they did not even have sex. He was just appreciating her for how beautiful she was. Now that I've stopped obsessing about my favorite scenes... the music was very well favorite being Dil Deewana. Choreography could have been better but it was tolerable. Beautiful locations. Acting is first rate. Reema Lagoo, Alok Nath...all the older actors did justice to their characters. Mohnesh Behl was suitably slimy. Bhagyashree was very beautiful and did an eloquent job. Salman Khan is the surprise bag here. For his second movie I could not believe how much passion and emotion he put into making Prem. You feel everything for Prem, sadness, joy, anger. Hats off to Salman for creating a brilliant empathetic character who totally stole the show. This movie touched my heart and hopefully if u appreciate true love u also will feel as though you've been touched too.
  • Maine Pyaar Kiya is one of the best love classics which i like to watch again and again.Every time it is fresh to watch at any day. The songs are beautifully composed and sung to watch again and again. Whenever I am sad I feel myself happy by watching again and again. The story is an evergreen one which makes this a classic.Performances are heart warming and loved again and again.The direction is fantastic which also makes one view again and again.This is an enchanting classic even after 2 decades.All basic elements required for a good film are surely in this classic.Nothing more to say .I want to watch again and again this classic till the day of my death.
  • A very good movie.The direction is wonderful.The dialogues are wonderful.The costumes are nice.The story is nice.It tells us about Suman who is a poor girl.Lives in a village.Her father goes to Dubai.He leaves her in a city at his friends house.She is in love with Prem the mans son.One day Prems father sends her out of the house.Prem is sad and wants to be with her.He goes to her house trying to woo her.Father(Sumans)refuses and wants him to leave.A nice romance story.The acting is great.Salman is brilliant,Bhagyashree wAas brilliant too,Alok waas great,Reema and Rajeev did good.The opening scence was great.The screenplay is good.Mohnish and Pervin had negative shades but they did well.The editing is quite good.The songs are wonderful.The picturisations are great.The lyrics are nice.The chemistry and romance was beautiful.A must see Rating-9/10
  • Usually, I hate watching a movie second time. Maine Pyar Kiya is the only movie which I love to watch again and again. The music of this movie is excellent with great lyrics. The cast is one of the best. I believe Bhagyashree took a right decision of not acting in movies for that retained her popularity.
  • Maine Pyar Kiya. Yes, I do. " Maine Pyar Kiya " is not just a family-romantic movie, but also a historical debut of Salman and Bhagyashree. They both made an amazing chemistry that will blow your mind.

    The script is so wonderful that anyone will love it. The director did a wonderful job. The casting is also a perfect match for the plot.

    The movie will remind your past love life if you have one. Once there was "LOVE" when two people loved each other for their inner loveliness, not for the physical needs. The plot shows that from the beginning to the end. No filthiness are shown in the movie.

    Finally I will give a 9 for this amazing movie.
  • MovieInspector28 December 2010
    This was the film that made Salman Khan a huge star, and he deservedly won the filmfare best male debut award for this. Lets start off with the performances. Salman Khan is fantastic; his role in the movie could only have been played by him - no other top actor could have pulled it off. Bhagyashree was also great and it is unfortunate that she didn't star in many films.The actors and actresses in supporting roles also played their part in making this film a great one. The film explores the themes of love and friendship and, because of this, it is a great family film - you can watch it whenever you want. It is one of those evergreen ones. The actors and actresses in supporting roles also played their part in making this film a great one. The music is great and I can't say which two tracks are the best of the bunch because they're all great.

    Overall: great story - everyone should watch this regardless of any of the factors that would influence your decision to watch a movie . I give it 10/10.
  • "Tarana" (1979) was perhaps the last movie from the Rajshri banner which delivered a super-hit and then followed spate of flops. A decade later 1989, Sooraj Barjatya stealthily pulled a miraculous feat. The end result was "Maine Pyar Kiya". He ensured the product was high on family values which Rajshri banner is best known for. In all honesty ad-mist all the contaminated films that were around "Maine Pyar Kiya" was a whiff of fresh air. Loaded with ten songs it was Bollywood musical at its best. With the unadulterated & pristine love-story Sooraj ensured the young generation walked over the clouds. Every teenager was practically mouthing the lines from "Maine Pyar Kiya" (predominantly "No sorry, no thanks" and "I love you so much that it hurts" Ouch!!). Nearly forgot, the nation had suddenly taken penchant for the pigeons as Mr. Barjatya in the performance review did a job enlargement (read that makeover of a postman).

    Bhagyashree became a national persona of "girl next door". Just like Dimple Kapadia she bid adieu to the stardom to live happily ever-after. How I wish all the fairy-tales would turn true.

    Salman Khan became every teenager's poster boy. The nation suddenly looked up to this guy's well tones muscles who gave a new meaning for a must-have qualities of an actor.

    Alok Nath, Reema Lagoo & Rajeev Varma were adequate.

    Lakshmikant Berde was a new comedian on the block. Sadly he couldn't catapult to the same success levels in subsequent outings.

    Raam-Laxman, a Rajshri regular suddenly was the most sought-after musician and needless to say, he made hay while the sun shines. Lata as usual was her melodious best. S P Bala was once again noticed after "Ek Duje Ke Liye" and became Salman Khan's regular playback for a while.

    Sooraj Barjatya poured his heart and soul into "Maine Pyar Kiya" and it showed. Sadly his subsequent ventures could not match up to the pinnacle of "Maine Pyar Kiya".
  • The lead actress stole the show in this movie...She was simply brilliant, not just a pretty face but also portrayed the character in a rather intelligent and sensitive manner. I think it is easier to be "modern" city than "village".

    Two worlds collided in this movie...a generation ago the parents had been equals. Money and success had changed the equation and created rifts in a once solid friendship. That sad fact is that ego is to blame for the major conflict

    However, I did not appreciate the stereotype of modern vs. old fashioned. Prem's fathers friend's daughter was being a good daughter from her perspective...Love is not so black and white.

    I think that typology reflected the time and genre...I have noticed these stereotypes in all Indian cinema.

    Now luckily things have and are continuously changing. Now there are all types of films...I have always loved Indian Cinema from the actors-songs-story. Everything. I appreciate the long long hours they work and the conditions they work in.

    Marie Claire (US edition) once featured an article about Indian actresses featuring Amisha Patel and Rani. Amisha graduated Magna Cum Laude. That is a big deal and I am proud of her, its too bad not many Indians are aware and appreciative of this fact.

    My favorite song in the movie is the song game, when he is angry that song is mad funny. He needs to hear those three words and she is too shy to say it because maybe she is not sure.

    The title song is magnificent example of the theme. Prem is not conflicted, he knows what he wants and that is the way love should be.
  • Awesome movie. Love the songs and chemistry of lead pair.
  • salmanbabuji21 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Awesome love story Movie For all time great performance music also blockbuster
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My all time favorite movie of Salman Khan best Love Story and Music awesome
  • I am 1987 born. This movie is of 1989. I was so much influenced by this movie that later i think, that i did almost same as love marriage with talking to my father in law in front to front and asked for her daughter hand and many more. It's best love movie i have ever seen in my entire life. Suman character was always my dream girl. And the boy character inspired me. BEST MOVIE OF MY LIFE. Even i cannot explain it in words. love the songs and everything about it.
  • This is back when Sooraj Barjatya knew what he was out to make(unlike HSSH or the nightmarish MPKDH). Some people criticize his movies for their ultra sweet characters, but I disagree. That's far from the case in his first two movies where the affection is genuine. MPK is actually a lot like his 2nd blockbuster, HAHK. The only difference being it is much more simplistic(or low key) in its presentation this time. Which would make sense considering this is Sooraj's directorial debut. I think we all know what the story is abt, so I'm just gonna move on to the performances, music, and of course, SALMAN KHAN.

    Aside from the magical pairing of the lead hero-heroine, what people to this day remember most abt MPK is its melodious music-which is stupendous and the Lata-Subramaniam combo as usual is in fine form. The regular family characters which we've seen numerous times by now in other flicks also provide fine support.....but the biggest reason Y MPK works is still the chemistry between newcomers Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. Young, sweet and energetic, they are just dynamite on screen together. Sooraj does a fabulous job of portraying classic "puppy love". U'll have no problem falling in love with these two and will root for 'em till the end. This was Salman's beginning to stardom, and the physical difference between today's SK and back then is huge....and believe me, u'll like this version. He was more of an actor here in MPK, and less of the male-slut we see today. There was such honesty in his eyes, and passion in his delivery. He was an actor who actually cared abt what he was doing. MPK was just a smashing debut for Salman Khan and if there is one reason why u wanna watch this movie, it's because of him.
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    The first two thirds of this film is a magical love story and is one of Bollywood's sweetest despite all the conspicuous ostentation on display. Both newcomers charm us. Despite the formulaic final third the film still remains watchable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Awesome Best Bollywood Love Story First SalmanKhan Blockbuster all time Favorite must watch
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