[last lines]

Sean McKinney: There's a piece of Cordell in every cop. Every time arresting some mutt isn't enough, because we know they'll be back on the streets before we even do the paperwork. Every time we pull a trigger and it feels good, because no lawyers can reverse that. It all comes down to justice and pressure. There's only that much difference between a cop and a maniac cop.

Teresa Mallory: You can't kill the dead!

Teresa Mallory: I have no reason to kill him - I LOVE him!

Lew Brady: When it comes time for your execution, you can't con Con Edison.

Turkell: You're the prettiest one in my collection so far.

Susan Riley: Shooting Cordell is only good for getting his attention.

Susan Riley: I can't let someone out on the street with a gun that has emotional problems.

Turkell: It must be visiting hours, 'cause my friend is back!

Sean McKinney: I shot him before he shot me.

Turkell: You know, I feel like I'm a crusader against the whores of the world.