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  • The film starts off with a recap of what happened at the end of the original Maniac Cop and this leads to the police force believing that Matt Cordell drowned and his body got washed away. Well, they are wrong as he is back on the streets of New York doing what he does best, by seeking revenge on his fellow officers, unexpected citizens and on those crooked authorities who framed him. But his not alone on this crusade, as he's joined by a jolly serial killer. So, it's up to detective Sean McKinney and police psychologist Susan Riley to put a stop to this macabre madness.

    "Maniac Cop 2" is a pearler of a trashy sequel that's just as dark and entertaining like its predecessor¬Ö maybe more so. Although, I probably like the original a tad more. But what makes this one a little more exciting is that it goes for more expansive and quite highly energetic action set-pieces. They seem to up the ante and nihilistic violence within each scene that follows in such a rapid pace. We can thank this winning formula to the pairing up again of director William Lustig and writer / producer Larry Cohen who did a really fine job on "Maniac Cop". The story by Cohen treads the same path as the original, but gladly along the way it adds in some refreshing developments to make it stick out from a usual carbon-copy sequel. He puts forward a lot of the focus on the mysterious back-story and the motive behind all of this chaos that leads Cordell doing bad deeds and taking the criminals' side. Also evident in the script is plenty of black humour and sardonic wit that mixes well with the grungy and dry dialogues. Just like the first there is also a social commentary lurking about on how corrupt and weak the decaying justice system is and the foolishness of these higher superiors, but all of that is overshadowed by its exuberant and quite meaty stunts. And of course it seems to play the terror of this novel idea more for fun and it works out for that reason alone.

    Obviously that's the reason for Cordell getting himself a partner. Quite an eccentric and clingy, non-stop chatterer was this serial killer who was played superbly by Leo Rossi. Compared with the silent, brute sized zombie figure of Matt Cordell that emitted such an eerie tone played by the dominating presence of Robert Z'Dar. They were definitely the odd couple! Robert Davi paints an convincing performance as the hard-ass detective Sean McKinney who's on the trail of Cordell and Claudia Christian is equally good as police psychologist Susan Riley. Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon feature again from the first flick to come up with rather small roles on this outing. Michael Lerner is excellent as the slimy Commissioner Edward Doyle and there's some quick scenes with Charles Napier, Sam Raimi and Danny Trejo.

    Director Lustig manages to grab you with some well set-up explosive thrills (like the terminator style slaughter of a police station) and he makes the most out of the very grimy and atmospheric backdrop of New York. The seedy night scenes really creep up on you with what's lurking in the shadows and the lighting composition is handled very well. When the film what's to be creepy the score ranges from a chillingly, whisper with the odd chant and whistling tune, but when it kicks into gear so does the score with an thumping and quite jarring arrangement. It's not a particularly gory film, but there's a big body count and the deaths are extremely violent. The makeup effects are quite superior with Cordell's face looking horrendously, hideous and that's a good thing as he looks dead. In all it mostly delivers on the very important staples that's makes this trash enjoyable.

    This is one amusing sequel that's nearly as good as the original and benefits from keeping the same tone if only going one step bigger in the energy levels.
  • Rautus19 April 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first Maniac Cop was a great horror/ thriller about a super cop that was wrongfully in prisoned and was killed by the men he put away but then came to life again as a crazy Maniac Cop killing for revenge. The sequel begins where the first finished with Matt being impaled in the van and falling in the water. It's now Chirstmas time and Matt's still alive.

    Jack Forrest has cleared his name and is on the force again with his girlfriend Teresa Mallory who helped him in the first, but they still need to see a police shrink has they still believe that Matt Cordell is still alive.

    After having a small argument about whether Matt is still roaming the streets Teresa walks off leaving Jack with the shrink. That night Jack goes off to buy a newspaper when Matt Cordell shows up and kills him.

    Det. Sean McKinney Shows Teresa Jack's body and knows who killed him, she has an encounter with Maniac Cop with a car chase, she then confronts him with a Chainsaw but he overpowers her and kills her.

    Matt then teams up with another killer and them the two start a plan to enter the prison and recruit an army of criminals to take over the streets but McKinney knows how to stop Matt and that is to prove his innocence for being arrested all those years ago.

    Proving that the Maniac Cop is innocent he goes and kills the inmates that killed him then throws himself and the killer out of the prison wall.

    Maniac Cop 2 is a great sequel to the first Maniac Cop and has more action to it. 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let's get the obvious comparison section of this review out of the way. Is Maniac Cop 2 as good as the original Maniac Cop? Well, no. But it's damn close. And in Terminator 2 fashion, while it's not quite as good, it adds a lot of fun extras to the Maniac Cop pie. In fact Maniac Cop 2 while not being quite as exciting or fresh as the first movie, adds a whole demented spin to things that is wonderful to behold.

    Vicious zombie psychopath Matt Cordell is back, he's bigger, he's a lot scarier looking on account of a short sojourn at the bottom of the New York river, and man is he mad. Starting his vendetta anew with a few random victims and the man who put him in the river in the first place, Jack Forrest (played for an alarmingly short period of time by an earnest and confident Bruce Campbell, as in the original film).

    Maniac Cop 2 plays up the 'unstoppable zombie SOB' element of the original, turning Cordell into a Voorhees style proper zombie cop as opposed to the disfigured mute from the original, but it works well, given that he's spent a fair while at the bottom of a river, he would have decomposed a bit, and given the increased action quotient of this addition to the series, it makes sense to have him more openly horrifying as he has to spend a lot of time on screen. Given that the scar make-up in the first movie was by all accounts only really good looking from a distance (a fact Lustig knew and exploited by avoiding having his face on screen until right at the end of the movie) this new, more zombified Cordell is a welcome addition.

    Again, the movie is also convincingly tense and gritty, often wringing genuine shocks out of you, despite it's restraint and relative lack of gore. That said, Maniac Cop 2 is much more violent than Maniac Cop. The latter half of the movie has one of the most exciting and brutal shoot-outs I've seen in a western film, with Cordell tearing through an entire police station's worth of fellow officers. The increased violence could well be a turn off for those who enjoyed the almost bloodless original, but it sits well with the movie's 'bigger, harder, faster' ethos, and doesn't wreck the atmosphere.

    The plot of this first sequel is pretty bonkers. The cast are as convincing as the original cast, and the hangover of Bruce Campbell and Larene Landon from the original movie (though for god's sake don't get attached to them as otherwise you may get really upset by the film, as they don't last too long if you know what I mean) makes the film feel like easing into a nice pair of old slippers. New additions Robert Davi and Claudia Christian are both amiable and fun to watch, both making interesting new leads. The plot line, involving Cordell's return from the supposed grave and eventual team-up with a religious lunatic killer to storm the jail he was convicted in, rips along at an awesome pace, never dragging, making the original seem quite slow and thoughtful in comparison.

    If I have any minor criticisms of this movie, it's only that at times some of it seemed a little too over the top to take entirely seriously. While the original was quite Hitchcockian, and more of a whodunnit style plot, this is a slasher flick, albeit a clever one with a fast-pace and impeccable set pieces. While the original would appeal to a variety of audiences, this is an out and out horror movie, and as such would probably only appeal to horror fans and fans of the original Maniac Cop.

    That said, this is a damn fine horror movie, and still knocks almost everything else in the genre I've seen in the last four or five months into a cocked hat. A great movie in it's own right, and a worthy addition to the series.
  • Robert Z'Dar returns as the super cop, turned maniac cop; Matt Cordell in this surprisingly good sequel to the surprisingly good 1988 horror-thriller, Maniac Cop. This time, however, he's not alone in his fight against the police force as he's found an accomplice; the local serial killer. This movie is probably the quintessential late-night video rental in the late 80's to early 90's - not only is it pure B-grade schlock rubbish, but it's a sequel to pure B-grade schlock rubbish; and you don't get much more B-movie than that! (except maybe a second sequel, of course).

    The directing and writing/producing team of William Lustig and Larry Cohen return to helm this movie, and do a good job as they did in the first. The acting in this film isn't good, in fact, certain scenes are downright embarrassing; but you don't go into a sequel to an 80's schlock fest expecting great acting, so it's forgivable. The majority of the cast from the first film met grisly ends, but the two survivors; B-movie god, Bruce Campbell, and Laurene Landon reprise their roles. Unfortunately, however, their roles in the movie are little more than cameo appearances; Bruce Campbell in particular is not at his charismatic best. In The Evil Dead films, and a lot of his small cameos in bigger films, Bruce approaches his roles with great heart and gusto and you can really tell that he's enjoying himself; but here, I was getting the impression that he couldn't be bothered. I got this impression somewhat with Bruce's performance the first film too. Of course, his role in the Maniac Cop films is nothing like the Ash that we all know and love, but B-movie fans have come to expect a certain kind of performance from Bruce and that wasn't what he gave in the first movie. Naturally, his mere presence is enough to make a film a must see, though. Laurene Landon enjoys herself a bit more, and gets to use the greatest melee weapon in the history of movies; the chainsaw. The chainsaw is such a brilliant weapon, it almost takes on a life of it's own. Any movie that utilises the chainsaw commands your respect, even if it only gets a brief appearance as it does in this movie. The only other thing that returns from the first is the incredible tagline; 'You have the right to remain silent...forever', which is quite simply; one of the best taglines ever written.

    The rest of the cast is new to the series. Robert Davi, who is a very good actor, takes over Bruce Campbell as the new leading man. Davi portrays his character; a hard-bitten New York with a gruff voice and no messing persona brilliantly, and very much looks the part. Also new is Claudia Christian, who pretty much does what Laurene Landon did in the first film, and Leo Rossi enters the fold as Matt Cordell's newfound friend, who also happens to enjoy strangling strippers. Also; watch out for blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos from Danny Trejo and Sam Raimi.

    Just like in the first film, a foreboding New York atmosphere is created, which lends the film a creepy and distinct atmosphere, particularly in the nighttime scenes. Also like the first film, the sequel features several instances of lovely black humour, portrayed best by Maniac Cop saving a man from a parking ticket, and then taking the traffic officer away...literally, on the back of his crane truck. The film also doesn't let up for a second; it stays entertaining for the duration and the action comes thick and fast, which ensures that the film stays entertaining. There is also a theme of justice, and it's pitfalls, which is heavily referred to at several points in the movie. Of course, this point is lost somewhat under the violent gun battles; but the fact that the movie is actually trying to convey a point is admirable from a film that you wouldn't expect any kind of meaning from.

    Overall, Maniac Cop 2 is a lovely piece of B-grade cinema. As a technical project, it's pretty worthless, but it's very entertaining and fans of this sort of film will find lots to like about it. As a fan of the original, this sequel satisfied me and therefore I recommend this to anyone that is also a fan of the original.
  • Maniac Cop 2 happens to belong to a small, dying breed of sequels which are far superior to their predecessors! Maniac Cop 2 reunites several of the original Maniac Cop cast members including Bruce "Evil Dead" Campbell, Laurene Landon, and Robert Z'Dar as the main title character.

    Officer Matt Cordell, a.k.a. the notorious Maniac Cop (Z'Dar) is back from the dead. His primary targets are Campbell and Landon, two police officers who have thwarted the Maniac Cop's quest for revenge earlier. The Maniac Cop shows no mercy as he dispatches a good number of unfortunate victims who stand in his path of death and destruction...

    No one believes the story of the Maniac Cop, except for Detective Sean McKinney (played by a woefully charming Robert Davi). McKinney is the only other Police Detective willing to go into the case of the "Maniac Cop." However, as Cordell continues to remain impervious to bullets and gunfire, his wraith only continues to grow...

    Maniac Cop 2 is a superb, fast paced sequel with great car crashes and plenty of intensive action sequences! The shoot-out at the police station is a highlight with lots of mayhem and the climax at Sing Sing is undoubtedly exciting and nail-biting.

    The biggest fault with Maniac Cop 2 is the lack of cynicism which helped boost Maniac Cop as a respectable thriller. Still, the rapid fire action in Maniac Cop 2 more than compensates for a dearth of originality or satirism. Maniac Cop 2 is fun, exhilarating, and well paced. A film worth seeing, if you can find it.

    RATING: **1/2 out of ****.
  • Snaporazz9 March 2009
    I watched this film the other day. Was surprised how much I enjoyed it.It is loaded with a lot of social statements and humor. Bill Lustig does a terrific job with directing from the cult writer Larry Cohen script. Robert Davi is Fantastic as hardboiled Dectecive Sean Mckinney---he makes me believe the unbelievable in a horror genre film. Watch his scenes with therapist --would'nt be surprised if Sopranos was'nt influenced by this character trait as these films have a cult following ,,,Bruce Campbell has a cameo and is cool as you will see some fun casting choices throughout. the action is very well done and first rate --only criticism is makeup on monster could have been much better although not bad by all film I highly recommend just to see Davi --also number 3 ,,where he reprises his role as McKinney ..
  • Hulking, undead officer Matt Cordell (Robert D'Zar) returns from his apparent watery grave to wreck yet more carnage in this entertaining sequel to the 1988 film.

    Whilst in my opinion not quite on par with the original, this one nonetheless certainly ups the action sequences. Of special mention there is a truly superbly staged assault on a police station when Cordell crashes in (literally!) to liberate a deranged serial killer whom he has formed an acquaintanceship with. This scene easily surpasses the very similar sequence from The Terminator when big Arnie performs his own inimitable attack on the police station in that movie.

    The spectacular finale here too set a new stunt record for the longest full body burning and it is truly a sight to behold!
  • If Joe Spinell was not dead I assume he would have been the evil serial killer in this film.

    Going down a sleazier road than the first film, My favourite slasher star of the 80s, Maniac Cop is back. And this time its the turn of Robert (Licence to Kill) Davi to take him on.

    In many ways this one is better made and more action packed than the original. It just lacks the charm. It is definitely less fun and more sleazy, as the Maniac Cop joins forces with a fellow serial killer. This maniac kills strippers.

    The brilliant shootout in the police station rivals The Terminator and the pace is fast.

    Again featuring a brilliant B-list cast including: Bruce Campbell, Robert Davi, Charles Napier and Babylon 5 star Claudia Christian.
  • I'm a big fan of the first 'Maniac Cop' movie, which has one of THE great exploitation taglines - "You have the right to remain silent. Forever." Once again director William Lustig ('Maniac', 'Vigilante') and writer/producer Larry Cohen ('God Told Me To', 'Q The Winged Serpent') team up for this better than you'd expect sequel. Robert Z'Dar reprises his role as Matt Cordell the "maniac cop", but like the original the supporting cast steals the movie from him, and in this case are the main reason to tune in. B-grade legend Bruce Campbell and Cohen regular Laurene Landon from the first movie put in an appearance, but the rest of the cast is new - Robert Davi (Bond baddie in 'License To Kill'), and Claudia Christian (then best remembered for her bit in 'The Hidden', now for her recurring role in 'Babylon 5') as cops, and Leo Rossi ('The Accused') as a creepy serial killer who befriends Cordell. Michael Lerner ('Barton Fink') plays the Commissioner, Charles Napier ('Supervixens') a TV host and Clarence Williams III ('52 Pick-Up') a prisoner. Also keep an eye out for cameos by Lustig's pal Sam Raimi and Hispanic tough guy Danny Trejo ('From Dusk Til Dawn'). Many people, including William Lustig himself, think 'Maniac Cop 2' is the best in the series, but I still prefer the original. This one's still great fun to watch and I highly recommended it to exploitation fans. The third movie in the series however was a major disappointment. You'd be better off skipping it and watching Lustig and Cohen's overlooked 'Uncle Sam' instead. It isn't their best work but it's a lot of fun.
  • jwpappas18 July 2000
    Yes this is a trashy flick, but a GREAT ONE! I give this flick an 8 out of 10. You can't judge this film the same way you do a Kubrick film. It has limited goals; to entertain, to make you laugh, to hold you in suspense & yo titilate and it succeeds on all accounts. The dialogue is well written & the cast plays it totally straight. It is 1000 times more entertaining than the usual Jerry Bruckheimer schlockbuster
  • A really violent terror action movie about an undead NY police officer proceeding a killing spree . Acceptable followup set in New York about the huge supernatural police man , Matt Cordell, Robert ZDar, who joins forces with another murderer , Leo Rossi, executing various grisly killings. As they go on murdering innocent people on the streets of New York City . At the same time, Cordell executes a relentless vendetta against the nasty criminals who attacked him in prison.There's a monster-like on the loose on the streets of NY and a Police Inspector, Robert Davi, and the police psychiatrist , Claudia Christian , set out in chasing him at whatever cost .

    This B movie contains shocks , violence , horror , chills , high body-count and a lot of blood and guts . This is a grim, gory, and disturbing slasher sleace thriller with action-packed, entertainment and amusement .Although may be a little bit cheesy , the movie is full of action , including car chases, pursuits and car leaps. Highlights of the movie are the creepy and eerie appearances by the terrible police officer who pulls off astonishing murders , including slashing and bloody shots in cold blood . Stars Robert ZDar who played the Maniac cop actually worked as a cop . Here Laurene Landon and Bruce Campbell have secondary intervention , in fact Bruce admitted that he only played the movie because he needed money as well as work , and that the picture was not any good .The original film was directed by William Lusting with Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon , Tom Atkins. This second one was as worthy successor to the superior original and it also has a fine cast as Robert Davi, Leo Rossi , Claudia Christian , Charles Napier ,Michael Lerner , Paula Trickey, Clarence Williams III, among others. And Maniac cop 3 Badge of silence , this third one was a regrettably average entry in the series and also directed by William Lusting with Robert Davi , Paul Gleason, Doug Savant , Robert Foster, Julius Harris. And in production Maniac cop 2018 written by Larry Cohen . I recommended the movie Bruce Campbell fans and people who enjoy low budget pictures .

    The motion picture written by Larry Cohen was professionally directed by William Lusting, the film is dedicated to the memory of Joe Spinell , Lusting's friend. This was the first of various cinematic collaborations with fellow maverick independient director Larry Cohen . Lusting is a craftsman who has written , produced and directed violent thrillers as Hit list, Vigilante , Relentless, Maniac cop series and his greatest success Maniac with Joe Spinell . Rating 5.5 out of 10. Acceptable and passable . The flick will appeal to action fans and thriller enthusiasts.
  • William Lustig's "Maniac Cop 2" is a rare thing - a sequel that surpasses its original. Granted, the original "Maniac Cop" wasn't exactly Shakespeare (though it is a hell of fun trashy B-Movie) so that probably wasn't very hard to do. This direct-to-video follow up still holds up well as one of the better B-films of the early 90s.

    We all know the story of how dedicated NYPD officer Matt Cordell became the Maniac Cop after being framed by his superiors and sent off to prison as part of a corruption cover-up. His vengeance against those who wronged him served as the plot of the first film, and as "2" opens, the horribly scarred, hulking Cordell still has a few loose ends to tie up. Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon return briefly from the first film though neither of them survives very long, and new characters are brought in to deal with the psychotic officer: grizzled NYPD detective Robert D'avi (of the James Bond flick "License to Kill") and police psychologist Claudia Christian (who went on to "Babylon 5" as well as lots of other genre TV/film). The ante is upped this time because the Maniac Cop has hooked up with a partner for this second installment (Leo Rossi of "Halloween II" fame), a serial killer who's been stalking strippers and prostitutes on New York's seedy streets. Cordell shoots up NYPD Headquarters in a hilariously over the top shootout/massacre that simply has to be seen to be believed before he and Rossi (along with a few other criminals freed from police custody) head for the prison where Cordell first met his fate, to take care of the inmates there who were responsible for his beating/coma/"death" in part 1.

    OK, so the plot is ridiculous and was probably written on a cocktail napkin. That doesn't take away from the fact that "Maniac Cop 2" works beautifully both as an action flick and a horror/slasher movie. Lustig puts the pedal to the medal virtually from the first scene and doesn't let up through one bloodbath after another. Car crashes, shootouts, throat impalings, explosions -- whatever your taste in carnage, "Maniac Cop 2" will have a scene that satisfies.

    The (slightly) larger budget when compared to the first "MC" go-round allows for nastier makeup on the Cordell character (who by this time is basically a hulking, undead Jason Voorhees type in a cop uniform), better set pieces, and improved stunts and pyrotechnics. Say what you want about "Maniac Cop 2," but you can't say it's a boring movie.

    Fans of the "MC" series have long acknowledged that this second film is the highlight of the series. Sadly, the only DVD available in the U.S. went out of print almost as quickly as it appeared (and it was in fullscreen besides -- arrrgh!) but if you can get hold of a copy, "Maniac Cop 2" is a worthy night's viewing for action freaks and fans of cop-related carnage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The massive maniac cop has returned to the New York streets again, this time with more taste for his fellow brothers and sisters in blue. After Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) and Teresa Mallory (Laurene Landon) defeat Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) by drowning him in the river, they think all is well. They're sent to Dr. Susan Riley (Claudia Christian) to prove their sanity and return to the force, but before they're reinstated, Jack is murdered and the force finally realizes they must accept the fact of Cordell's return and find a way to stop his murderous rampage, all the while trying to put a stop to a serial killer who specializes in murdering strippers.

    After seeing the terrific original for the first time, I decided to check out the sequels, the first being Maniac Cop 2 (1990), followed by Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993). First things first, however, with the #2. Unlike many horror series, the Maniac Cop trilogy maintains the same writing & directing team throughout all three installments. That's probably why it seems that the quality is maintained throughout as well. The ever-likable William Lustig (Maniac, which reflected some of its sleaziness here) and Larry Cohen (It's Alive) make a great team and it shows here and in their other projects (like Uncle Sam (1997)). Regardless of how entertaining this sequel is, however, it's not quite as good as the first (which is to be expected 99% of the time). It's not the writing or the direction that makes it come up short. Both of those are just about equal to the first (as they're by the same guys). It's not the story, which is fairly cool. The teaming up of the murderers was something I've not really seen all that much before this. It's not even the acting, which is as acceptable as any standard 80s slasher. No, it's none of those things. What hurts Maniac Cop 2 the most. . . is a huge lack of The Bruce. Killing off Mr. Campbell, one of the best actors of the horror business, only fifteen or so minutes into the film is not a way to keep your fanbase happy. Bruce is a legend of the genre since his terrific showing in Sam Raimi's (who made a brief appearance in the first Maniac Cop) Evil Dead, and to take him out so early was not so fun. Regardless, the rest of the film was fun, even without The Bruce. It was gritty, violent, and full of all the elements a horror fan could want: boobs, blood, and big murderous giants. Highly recommended for fans of the first, or anyone looking for a bloody good time.

    Obligatory horror elements:

    • Sex/Nudity: As the serial killer loves to hack up hot strippers, there's quite a bit of nudity throughout.

    • Scares/Suspense: Some good jump scares, and there's a thrilling car scene, but it's not as scary as the first.

    • Mystery: We know there's a secret to Cordell (or else the story wouldn't be any different than the first), but it's not really 'mystery.'

    • - -

    Final verdict: 7.5/10. How did you know?

  • He's back again! Officer Matt Cordell(Robert D'Zar) is back on the streets again making a killing in law enforcement. Since the first "Maniac Cop" some of the city's finest were actually corrupt. Those who confessed lost their badges or worse their lives. Oh well. This time, he teams with a serial killer, and they are a powerful team. Somewhere in the middle, Cordell gets rid of the killer, and goes after the ones who kill a policewoman. That kinds of put something new into the ring. Not only does he have to find his killers in prison, he has to find who killed the cop. To me, I don't think it would be any problem at all. Since he's unstoppable, it would take an army to bring him down, and the criminals aren't safe either. They fall like dominoes. Imagine, those who lose their lives in the line of duty get their just dues at a funeral, for Cordell, he just won't stay dead. This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat, and the suspense is just right! 3 out of 5 stars!
  • Even though this movie is not as great as the first movie, that got released 2 years earlier, it still is a more than worthy sequel that is simply good fun to watch.

    The story is not as solid and tense or mysterious as the movie. In the first movie it's still being kept somewhat of a mystery who or what the killer exactly is. In this movie that of course is not the case anymore. It sort of gives the Cordell character even more room to just randomly kill a whole bunch of people, though his anger gets still aimed toward the police force.

    But they even threw in another serial killer this time. Guess it's not entirely necessary but it at the same time also prevents the movie from being a typical slasher flick with a standard story.

    It's a direct sequel to the first movie and it basically takes place the next day or so after the events of the first movie. It also features Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon, who were the main leads in the previous movie. The leads in this movie are however still being played by some different actors, I guess to avoid to making this movie a rehash of the first one. Robert Davi and Claudia Christian are the new leads this time. Of course Robert Z'Dar is also back again as Matt Cordell. He's still an awesome main villain. It is true though that Robert Davi and Claudia Christian get somewhat pushed to the background, due to the movie its focus. So the movie is perhaps lacking a good real main 'hero'.

    It's not really necessary to watch the first movie. This movie on its one can be perfectly watched as a stand-alone one, also not in the least due to the extensive use of flashback sequences, containing scenes from the first movie, explaining all of the events prior to what happened in this movie its story and even explains Cordell history pretty much all over again.

    Bascily what makes this movie mostly so perfectly watchable is the fact that it's being fun. It's not as serious as the standard slasher-flick and it also features some good action once more, which was one of the most surprising things about the first movie as well. It's also directed by the same director, William Lustig, again, who also went on and direct the third movie in the series.

    A good and fun sequel to the great first movie!

  • **SPOILERS** More violent then the original "Maniac Cop" with a far higher body count "Maniac Cop II" starts where it's predecessor left off with Matt Cordell,Robert Z'Dar, crashing into the East River on a hijacked police patty-wagon and being according to the official police report swept out to sea, we could only hope.

    Out of the night this giant killer policeman is back but this time to take care of some unfinished business, and loose ends, from the first "Maniac Cop" film. Cordell goes on a rampage killing a number of nightclub strippers and exotic dancers and setting up this holdup man,Marco Rodriguez,to be gunned down by the police. Cordell also goes as far as hanging a very eager and gleeful traffic cop,Angel Salazan, who ended up getting hooked on to his own tow-truck and towed away. Cordell then finishes off the two cops who did him, or tried to, in officers Forrest & Mallory, Bruce Campball & Laurene Landon. All this within the first half hour of the movie. Cordell want's justice in his own warped and twisted way and that's to have his name cleared and those in the police department and NYC political hierarchy who set him up and had him convicted and sent to Sing Sing to be brought before the bar of justice.

    It's hard to be critical of the rampaging "Maniac Cop" Matt Cordell since he does have a reason for his actions even though a lot of the people that he murders in the film had nothing to do with his being sent to prison an innocent man. The movie brings out, unlike the first "Maniac Cop", that Cordell was getting too close to exposing, like another Frank Serpico, corruption in the police and Mayors office. It's then when those in power framed him and even got a number of Sing Sing convicts to try to murder Cordell in prison.

    Having Det. McKinney and police psychiatrist Susan Riley, Robert Davi & Claudia Chrishan, put on the case they soon begin to realize why their superiors, from Asst. Police Commissioner Doyle (Michael Lerner) on down, want to keep the lid on the Matt Cordell case and his possible innocence! They were the ones who framed him. Shrewdly getting sexual pervert Steve Turkell ,Leo Rossi, whom Cordell rescued from the police to go along with his plan in high-jacking a police prison bus. The bus with death-row inmate Blum, Clarence Williams III,as a passenger together with the kidnapped officer Riley Cordell sets off for Sing Sing Prison after Cordell massacred almost everyone in New York's Police One Plaza headquarters. This is Cordell's plan to finally settle the score and get things right about himself and the snow-job that was perpetrated on him by those from high above.

    Really wild final with Cordell, with the help of Det. McKinney, getting a scared to death and repented Police Commissioner Doyle to not only have his conviction overturned but have him admit in public that he, not Cordell, was responsible for all the crimes that Cordell was convicted of. Meanwhile inside the prison the vengeful and destructive Matt Cordell went back into "Maniac Cop" mode going after those who mutilated his face and tried to slash him to death while he was imprisoned there. Cordell really let it all hang out with an explosive rage that set the screen, and Cordell and his prison tormentors, on fire.
  • I really liked this movie, it was fun and entertaining. The action was awesome, and the film was fairly well made. There were some twists that i didnt see coming, so i enjoyed that too. I hope that people can watch this movie and enjoy this for what it is and not for what it isn't. 7 out of 10
  • danielcereto11 April 2020
    Pretty good sequel to the cult classic Maniac Cop. Here we have additions like Robert Davi or a small cameo of Danny Trejo plus the same action slasher vibe from the first. A must if you're a fan of old B horror movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a brief recap of the events in the previous movie, William Lustig's MANIAC COP 2 offers much more of the same violence and mayhem, albeit glossier and slightly less dark than in the original film. In fact this is one of Lustig's most impressive-looking and pacy movies, blessed with a wealth of violent mayhem right from the offset which is a lot more entertaining than many of the so-called slasher movies being released at the time. Gore, explosions, naked strippers, shootings, and an ensemble cast help to make this film the best in the short-lived series and a solid entry for genre fans. Okay, so the story is predictable and barely links together a string of set-pieces, and said set-pieces are also familiar (the police station massacre is almost a direct reprisal from the first movie, but with better action), but it's all done with style thanks to Lustig and is never less than watchable.

    Three actors reprise their roles from the original movie: first up is the hulking Robert Z'Dar as the madman of the title, looking more zombie-like than ever this time around - he might as well be Jason (from one of the later Friday the 13th movies) in a uniform. Also back are Bruce Campbell (the ever-great genre stalwart) and Laurene Landon, the two survivors of the original movie. The new "hero" this time is Robert Davi, as a tough (nothing new there) good guy for a change, with female support from Claudia Christian as a police psychologist. Michael Lerner offers strong support as Davi's corrupt boss and there are minor roles for Charles Napier, Danny Trejo (before he achieved "fame" as the vampiric bartender in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN) and even Sam Raimi, in a cameo as a reporter. Also pretty good is Leo Rossi, playing the depraved serial killer Turkell, although his character is more stupid than scary.

    The acting is strong enough to carry the film throughout and even in some of the weaker moments, you always know there's going to be a shooting, a car-chase, or a fight in a few moments to relieve the tension. All of the action is well-crafted and prolific, making this movie of an action film than a horror when it comes down to it. Particularly good is the finale, a pyromaniac's dream which makes excellent use of a couple of fire-proof suits as the burning Cordell goes on a rampage of revenge against the prisoners who originally killed him in the shower all those years back. Never have burning people looked so good. Then there's an explosive conclusion, although Lustig can't resist to put in a jokey and rather predictable epilogue which promises more mayhem from the uniformed zombie. MANIAC COP 2 - perfect fare for an action/horror junkie with undemanding tastes, and one of Lustig's best.
  • Slasher / horror films throughout the 1980s were a big thing in its time. Many popular icons arose from that decade of which many still resonate with fans today. Several moviegoers remember the mainstream villains but there are also groups of people that remember the lesser known ones too. Of those, William Lustig's Maniac Cop (1988) was one of them. Although the concept itself borrowed ideas from past films like Halloween (1978), the idea of having a killer cop on the streets causing hysteria among the citizens of the local police force was rather inventive. The premise of corrupt cops has long been used before in movies, but an undead cop was another story. The other component that made it captivating to watch was that it played out like a mystery thriller. The maniac cop wasn't actually figured out until much later in the movie, which helped build tension to the reveal. And like any other successful movie opening, a franchise was created. Let's see how it holds up.

    Larry Cohen (the writer from the original) pens the continuation of the story. William Lustig also returns in the director's chair, yet there are noticeable problems, this time a little more than the first. As it was revealed at the ending of the first movie, Matt Cordell, the maniac cop (Robert Z'Dar) is alive and returns to exact his mission. The only people who still believe he's around are the cop from past events Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) and Teresa Mallory (Laurene Landon). Unconvinced of what they say, their captain, Edward Doyle (Michael Lerner) sends them to cop psychiatrist Susan Riley (Claudia Christian). Instead, Forrest and Mallory work to persuade Riley that Cordell exists. The only other person to think their actually telling the truth once he starts to see the puzzle pieces align is Detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi). This is fine for a premise, but as soon as this is set up Lustig and Cohen add extra unnecessary elements.

    Cohen and Lustig's biggest mistake was mixing in an assistant to the maniac cop. Leo Rossi plays a serial killer named Turkell and he ends up teaming up with Cordell; to a point where he can communicate with him (via one-sided conversation). This would have been much more entertaining if Rossi wasn't so over the top in his performance. There's actually more focus put on Turkell than Cordell at certain points. This movie is called Maniac Cop 2 (1990) right? Also at one point, Turkell asks Cordell about his past and viewers are given the exact same flashback from the original Maniac Cop (1988) film. Even another jail mate named Blum (Clarence Williams III) joins Turkell and Cordell, but has very little significance. This is all just padding, it's not story telling. Lastly, there's a rushed subplot about some inside conspiracy dealing with Cordell and his death. The problem is that it comes from nowhere so abruptly; it's confusing as to why Cohen didn't mention it in the original movie script.

    Among these problems, everything else is commendable. The cast can all act well together. Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon are still believable in their roles, Robert Davi and Claudia Christian make nice additions and there are a number of other actors that have small roles. Charles Napier, Danny Trejo, Marco Rodriguez and even Sam Raimi make quick appearances and it's enjoyable to see that. Robert Z'Dar as the title character continues to intimidate with his stature and presence. It's still confusing as to why nobody ever thinks of shooting Cordell in the face though. Everyone aims for the abdomen; not the face, why? For violence, nothing is seriously gore heavy but there are still some good kills. There's even a scene with a chain saw that may catch people off guard due to what's expected. One thing's for sure, the maniac cop loves snapping necks. Cordell's face is much more hideous this time too. There was only one scene though where it looked like a cheap mask.

    For cinematography, James Lemmo handled the camera-work. Lemmo was also the cinematographer to director Abel Ferrara's Ms. 45 (1981), Fear City (1984) and also to the original Maniac Cop (1988). Like the first movie however, there are very few (if any) daylight scenes. It's fine to show night time, but it gets a bit difficult to see things when everything is shrouded in the dark city. Nonetheless the camera is always steady and gets what it needs to show. Jay Chattaway returns as well to compose the film score. Much like his previous effort in the franchise, Chattaway thankfully maintains the main theme of the series with synth keyboard and drawn out ominous horns. There are added themes though, which may not have been crucial to include. This involves a church-like choir in the background for some tracks. Yeah, there's always that idea that putting in holy or childlike songs in a minor key sounds creepy but it makes the film feel like it was supposed to have a religious tone. Not sure.

    Casting, music and violence all make this sequel watchable. It is disappointing however when majority of the original crew members return and shift the focus from the title character to some other forgettable over the top one. There's also a rushed subplot about Cordell's case and it gets wedged in way too quickly. Still decent though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even though "Maniac Cop 2" can't quite measure up to its predecessor (at least in this viewers' humble opinion), it still shows its audience a pretty good time. It may lack the freshness of the first movie, but it delivers its seedy B movie thrills with great skill. It's extremely well paced and never, ever boring. It begins with a re-edited recap of the climax from "Maniac Cop" 1, and soon gets down to business with your standard-issue convenience store confrontation. The stunts are very impressive, and the cast is just littered with familiar faces, who approach Larry Cohens' story with square-jawed conviction.

    Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar), naturally, has survived and goes on to commit a new series of murders. Following his trail are a detective played by a cooler-than-cool Robert Davi ("Licence to Kill") and a foxy police psychiatrist played by Claudia Christian ("The Hidden"). Also on the loose is a serial killer of strippers named Turkell. Turkell is a chatty, high energy guy who provides Cordell with a place to stay. The authorities, represented by Michael Lerners' police commissioner, still don't want the truth about Cordell to get out. And everything climaxes with an atmospheric showdown at Sing Sing, where Cordell had spent his jail time.

    The cast also includes Clarence Williams III as an inmate facing death, Charles Napier as a talk show host, Robert Earl Jones (father of James Earl Jones) as a news vendor, Cohen repertory player James Dixon as a range officer, Danny Trejo in one of his frequent pre-stardom jailbird parts, Frank Pesce as a strip club MC, and Sam Raimi doing the cameo thing as a newscaster. Fans of "Maniac Cop" 1 will note with pleasure the presence of returnees Bruce Campbell and super sexy Laurene Landon, no matter if their characters are treated in a typical slasher sequel fashion. Rossi is the standout in a role that would have gone to Joe Spinell had Spinell not passed away. (The movie is dedicated to the late actor.)

    The script, overall, isn't as good this time around, but William Lustigs' direction is energetic and his movie can boast two major highlights: a police station massacre that outdoes the similar scene in "The Terminator" for sheer viciousness, and a sequence with the imperiled Christian handcuffed to a runaway car. Location work - in Times Square and other places - is excellent. Cordell is even more of a zombie this time around and his makeup is appropriately more ghoulish.

    A worthy viewing for horror and action fans.

    Seven out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a replay of the last few minutes from the original the camera moves across a scrap yard full of wrecked police cars as the credits roll, eventually the camera stops on the front of a car and it's lights turn on, the engine starts and it speeds away. It's Christmas in New York, decorations are everywhere, a man holds up a all night convenience store. However the maniac cop Officer Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) is not dead, and makes an appearance, he kills the store clerk leaving the robber to be shot by the real N.Y. police when they arrive for a crime he didn't commit. Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) and Teresa Mallory (Laurene Landon), the two survivors from the original, are ordered to see a N.Y.P.D. psychologist, Susan Riley (Claudia Christian) by their boss, following the events of the original. Their story, that Matt Cordell is still alive seems unbelievable but Susan is kind of spooked by their claims. Before long more innocent New Yorkers are killed, it soon becomes clear Jack and Teresa may not be as crazy as Commissioner Edward Doyle (Micheal Learner) who tries to cover the killings up, had hoped. Susan teams up with Detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) who dresses in a long Columbo type coat and an Indiana Jones style fedora, and convinces him Cordell is responsible. Meanwhile Cordell has befriended the slimy unlikeable Times Square serial killer Steve Turkell (Leo Rossi) who prays on strippers. It's up to McKinney and Susan to overcome the corruption, lies and cover ups to unearth the truth as the undead Cordell continues to carries out a brutal revenge on those who made him what he is.

    Again directed by William Lustig this is a terrific and worthy sequel to the original. He directs some great action sequences here, an exciting car chase through New York with a taxi on it's steel rims, sparks flying everywhere, he also throws in a couple more chases, one involving Susan who is hand cuffed to the steering wheel of a runaway car from the outside, she hangs on to the side of the car for her life with other cars and walls whizzing past. And a final chase toward the end where Cordell and Turkell steals a police van and start to ram the pursuing police cars off the road, each sequence impressively handled by Lustig. The effects and stunt work are convincing, Cordell walking around at the end, his entire body engulfed in flames and a police station shoot-out/massacre that's very similar to a sequence in James Cameron's The Terminator, being another couple of standout scenes worth mentioning. There is lots of violence but not much blood and gore, but whats there is fine. There is a bit of nudity as well, as we visit some sleazy New York strip club. Written by Larry Cohen, like the original he delivers another great highly entertaining script. It's extremely well paced, it never gets boring and gives just enough screen time to the characters to develop without ever becoming dull. Mostly this time Cohen concentrates his script on Cordell's revenge and justice rather than just him mindlessly killing innocent victims. My only problem in this area is the ending which seemed rushed, and is similar to the original in that it leaves the door wide open for yet another sequel, which was made but comes nowhere near this and the original. And there's a silly scene in which Mallory tries to protect herself with a chainsaw, Cordell stops the saw by gabbing it while it's still running, I'm sorry but you can't stop a chainsaw by grabbing it, it would have sliced his hand in two, and I don't care how strong he is! Performances are good, although Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon reprise their roles from the original it's no more than a cameo appearance. Talking of cameos Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is in there somewhere too. Robert Davi looking cool in his fedora is a likable hero. A fantastic sequel fans of the original will love, and horror/action fans in general should watch as soon as possible. I thought it was a fantastic film with much to enjoy. Highly recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This exciting and action-packed sequel to the immensely enjoyable original has the unrelenting brutal badge-wearing wacko Matt Cordell (the hulking Robert Z'Dar) team up with scuzzy serial killer Turkell (delightfully played to the lip-smacking odious hilt by a bearded Leo Rossi) to wreak plenty of gory havoc in New York City. Out to halt the crazed fuzzball this time are rugged, cynical Detective Sean McKinney (a nicely hard-bitten Robert Davi) and feisty police psychologist Susan Riley (a winning turn by the gorgeous Claudia Christian). Capably directed with rip-roaring verve by William Lustig, with a sardonically witty script by Larry Cohen, plenty of show-stopping stunts (a wild police station shoot out and a breathtaking lengthy fire gag towards the end qualify as definite thrilling highlights), and a hilarious ending credits rap theme song, "Maniac Cop 2" sizes up as a solid and satisfying sequel to the excellent original. Appearing in nice supporting parts are the always affable Bruce Campbell as doomed cop Jack Forrest, Laurene Landon as Jack's equally ill-fated girlfriend Teresa Malloy, Michael Lerner as a shady politician, Paula Trickey as a sexy stripper who narrowly avoids being offed by Turkell, Robert Earl Jones as a blind newstand vendor, Clarence Williams III and Danny Trejo as prison inmates, Charles Napier as a tabloid TV show host, and ubiquitous Cohen film regular James Dixon (Lt. Perkins in the "It's Alive" pictures) in his umpteenth police officer role.
  • potshotk20 September 2003
    It's always a strange experience when you see the sequel before the original. I caught MC2 on cable one night and was transfixed. The scene where Cordell (great name!) smashes lightbulb after lightbulb as he walks through the underpass is tremendous -- in fact, virtually every scene that sets out to scare you is genuinely chilling (it helped that I lived in NYC at the time).

    The relationship between Cordell and the serial killer is fascinating (reminiscent of the Frankenstein monster-Ygor odd couple in "Son of Frankenstein" and "Ghost of Frankenstien"). Finally, the station house massacre is a great low-budget homage to/ripoff of The Terminator's similar scene.

    Anyway, I finally got to see the original a couple of years later and found it a great disappointment. But then, I saw "Dr Phibes Rises Again" first and then missed the high camp element when I later caught the original "Abominable Dr. Phibes".

    In an interview about a decade ago, Lustig talked about casting Z'Dar. Lustig had seen the massive actor in "The Night Stalker" and was totally creeped out by him. Lustig recalled he was actually scared to death during the early stages of their first meeting.

    Amazing that they chose Z'Dar, of all people, to replace Roddy Piper when they did the sequel to "Hell Comes to Frogtown"!
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