Bruce Campbell has jokingly stated at conventions that he does not like being reminded of or asked questions about this film, as he was going through a messy divorce during filming. Violators of the taboo will quickly find themselves on the receiving end of Campbell's legendarily ruthless razor wit. This has led to convention-goers deliberately bringing up the film in order to have the "honor" of being insulted by him.

Originally (Joe Spinell) was to play Turkell the homicidal maniac. This would have bridged Lustig's Maniac Cop series with his earlier film Maniac (1980). However, Spinell died before filming began and had to be replaced (by Leo Rossi). The film is dedicated to Spinell in the end credits.

Leo Rossi visited a strip club to research his character of Turkell. Rossi was thrown out of the strip club by two bouncers after he scared one of the strippers by making direct eye contact with her.

Bodycount: 33 (34 if you count the cop killed in the opening footage, although that was reused footage from the first film).

Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) speaks only once, giving his surname.

Dedicated to the memory of Joe Spinell.

Robert Downey Sr. was initially going to portray Lew Brady, but had to bow out due to personal issues. William Lustig asked Charles Napier at the last minute to play Brady instead.

William Lustig set his arm on fire in order to convince Leo Rossi to have his arm set on fire at the film's climax. Rossi agreed and wound up having his bushy beard singed by the flames.

William Lustig and Claudia Christian didn't get along during the shooting of this film.

During production of the chase scene, the fuel cell (a small gas canister for stunt driving to reduce chance of explosion) for the Taxi didn't arrive on time. The stunt proceeded despite this, and the gas tank caught fire from sparks generated by the wheel rims scraping the pavement. The stunt driver fled from the flaming car, the fire was doused, and the film was briefly halted from production.

The post-production for this picture was only two and a half months. William Lustig had three different editors working around the clock to have this movie ready in time to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

William Lustig told some financiers that he had cast Robert Davi in the lead before he actually done so.

The fire sequence in the prison was shot over the course of three days.

New Line Cinema expressed interest in giving this movie a theatrical release in America.

The commissioner from this movie (Michael Lerner), and the mayor from the first movie (Ken Lerner) are brothers in real life.

In the convenient store robbery scene Marco Rodríguez tells the clerk he is free to go just like he said in Cobra another movie with Marco Rodríguez who plays a store robber.

Richard Crenna was originally considered to play Edward Doyle.

Leo Rossi also appeared in the first Maniac Cop (1988) as the mayor's aide.

Claudia Christian tragically suffered a miscarriage shortly after performing a stunt involving her being dragged outside a vehicle while handcuffed to the steering wheel. The producers of film were not liable because the actress failed to disclose that she was three-months pregnant when she signed on to do this film.

The cemetery at the end of the film is Calvary Cemetery in Queens, NY. This cemetery was also used as a location in Lucio Fulci's 1980 film City of the Living Dead, for the scene in which Christopher George rescues Catriona MacColl from a premature burial. Calvary Cemetery is also the final resting place of actor Joe Spinell, star of William Lustig's Maniac, who was supposed to play the Leo Rossi role in Maniac Cop 2 but died before shooting commenced.

Michael Lerner worked for one week on this movie.

Claudia Christian also starred in Upworld with Robert Z'Dar. Both Maniac Cop 2 and Upworld were initially released in 1990.

Although he gets top billing and is featured prominantly on some of the posters, Bruce Campbell is killed 17 minutes into the movie and only has roughly 3 minutes of screen time before being killed.

The majority of the film takes place in 1988. However when Cordell is finally laid to rest at the end, this takes place in 1989 based on the priest saying he died in prison 3 years earlier (which as stated in Maniac Cop (1988) was 1986).

Larry Cohen originally wanted the Laurene Landon character to be paralyzed instead of killed off.