Max: Well?

John Hatcher: One thought he was invincible... the other thought he could fly.

Max: So?

John Hatcher: They were both wrong.

John Hatcher: You bailed out a Jamaican street named Monkey the other day, I want him. This other piece of shit, Screwface, I want him. I know you're a scumbag and a puke, I don't mind that, but give me what I need and I'll leave here a nice guy. If you don't, I'm gonna fuck you up.

Nesta: [to Hatcher] Screwface kill me a thousand deaths worse than you. Go find him your fucking self!

[dives through window]

Screwface: I have a message for you from Tito. He say for you to meet him... in HELL!

Monkey: Hey, you want some blow?

John Hatcher: Yeah, I want some blow. Put your hands where I can see 'em or I'm gonna blow your head off.

Screwface: Everybody want go heaven. Nobody want dead. Afraid.

Jimmy Fingers: I'll fuckin' sell anything to anybody, Hatcher, except you, man, I wouldn't sell you the sweat off my balls.

John Hatcher: You fuck with my family, you die.

John Hatcher: [after killing Screwface and his twin brother] I hope they weren't triplets.

John Hatcher: God made men.

John Hatcher: [after roughing up some of the "posse"] Now that's *serious* fun!

Max: Abso-fuckin'-lutely!

Screwface: Look upon this madman! Him dead and him don't even know it!

Screwface: Hey, where Nesta man?

Nago: [whispers in his ear] Nesta and Jimmy Fingers are dead at the hotel.

Screwface: Nesta dead. Who do it? White boy, Hatcher?

[Nago nodes head]

Screwface: [Screwface throws table up and hits gang member with table leg]

Screwface: I want Hatcher dead! I want his family dead! And if you can't kill him, I go kill him!... and then I'm gonna kill you!

Screwface: I want you to meet my sister, Goddess of Fire.

John Hatcher: [holding up a silenced sniper rifle] My silent partner. A whisper in the ear from *this* girl goes a long way, know what I'm sayin'?

John Hatcher: [after firing a silenced machine gun] Didn't hear a thing, did you? Alright, you heard the slide clicking...

John Hatcher: [to Max] Coach! Put me in! Put me in!

Max: [stunned] Well, I'll be damned. Trouble.

John Hatcher: [grins] That's me.

Charles, Jamaican Cop: [after a demo of the submachinegun] Massive cool! Forward Jamaica!

Max: I love giving away all my possessions, it makes me feel real spiritual.