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  • Martians Go Home is one of my movie comedy staples. A must have for a serious comedy movie collection. Imagine what life would be like with omnipotent, green, sarcastic, amoral creatures popping in and out of your every day life without notice. You poo-poers out there just need to unhinge your reasonable brain and enjoy. The more often you watch Martians Go Home the funnier it gets. Yes, the martians are annoying...that's the point. The martians grow on you, infecting your cerebral cortex. Six months after watching this movie you will find yourself craving to revisit this atrocity. That's how the martians get to you. Ever since I got rid of my VHS player I have gone through "Martians Go Home" withdrawal. Please make the DVD!
  • I liked the book, and thought that the movie was one of the very rare instances in which the movie made parts of it better (the choice of final annoying song and dance number, turning the Martians from all looking alike into a troupe of mostly talented stand-up comedians, the method of sending them home).

    Still, the fact that a sci-fi comedy book from over 50 years ago could be made into an even remotely entertaining and relevant movie says a lot about the quality of the novel.

    It's not Spaceballs, Hitchhiker's Guide, or Galaxy Quest, but it's still mostly funny.

    Plus, I always love Gerrit Graham.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, that might be a bit generous when compared to the other reviews here but I'm working on memory of seeing this movie ten years ago and there is not much left to really say that would make for an authentic qualified spoiler. I'll start by saying this... I had watched about five minutes of the movie before I realized I was in fact WATCHING the movie! (for the kids, this was on VHS...before you were given the option of skipping the ads for equally bad films you had no intention of ever watching let alone buying) Once the martians were on Earth, things did not improve much which is a pity. The opportunity was there to make a fun film to watch but that's not what happened. The only thing that I can clearly recall (sorta) is a comment about meatloaf and how boring it was. To which a radio personality said: " I don't know...meatloaf in the shape of a Christmas tree can be very festive." Not the best movie you'll ever see (at least I hope not) but not the worst either...I didn't hate it, there are a few funny bits here I'm just not planning on watching it again soon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have no clue why people are leaving lousy comments on this movie. When you want to critique a movie, you can't judge all movies by a single, concrete formula and then criticize it. One has to take into account what the writer/director/producer was trying to do with the movie, then see if they did it after you've watched it. Martians Go Home is a FARCICAL COMEDY, never pretending to be or trying to be an academy award winning piece of cinematic art. It's about a billion green men and women (Martians) that arrive on Earth because an Earth-bound human music composer inadvertently sent a piece of music into space that just so happens to be the melody that the Martians take as an invitation to visit. ALL OF THEM. Then, the Earth people find out that the Martians absolutely detest dishonesty in ANY form, and use wacky humor to expose everyone and make them less stuffy. If any of this film premise seems like high drama to you, write the academy LOL. I won't give away the ending, but the silly, slapstick humor that you see throughout the movie and the odd human characters that have to tolerate it are all good for a long, steady hour and a half of amusement to the viewer. It's not a perfect film, but for what the makers of the film were trying to do with their limited budget, I think they hit the mark. Who wants perfect acting and fantastic effects in a farcical comedy? All I wanted to do was laugh, and I did. "nuff said!
  • zsenorsock4 December 2001
    This is a horrible, unfunny film. The real tragedy here is that it is based on a funny, popular novel by the late Fredric Brown. Brown is a terrific writer of both science fiction and mystery novels. This was his most popular novel and did not deserve such a fate. Look for the book in your libraries. Look for this movie in your toilet. Senor Sock
  • Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but close (that dubious honour is split between Cheerleader Ninjas and Space Thing). Martians come to town and annoy the f*** out of humans. That's it for the idea. Apparently the book is much, MUCH better.

    The good things I have to say are few, but I need this bit for you to be able to read this: the director knows how to point a camera, get a scene edited to his liking, and at least not rely on ridiculous amounts of fart jokes and dildoes (both Cheerleader Ninjas references).

    And to the person that was suggesting that we were wrong to call this movie bad Sci-fi: You're very wrong. We acknowledge that this movie is not particularly scientific. The problem is that it's bad COMEDY.
  • The movie is rather bad and an unfunny comedy. The story, man has this song he writes and plays, somehow this song is like an invitation to Martians, the title characters. These characters are basically annoying, obnoxious, and dreadfully unfunny. And guess what? They are the whole point of the film and drag the movie down with them. So most of the movie is the humans trying to get rid of them and then accepting them when the one guy who summoned them finally figures out how to get rid of them. Rob Snieder I think is one of the Martians, however, most of them are all the same. Rather indistinct, painted green and doing the same bit as all the others. Randy Quaid plays the lead guy, the one who did the accidental invitation. He also has the most problem with said aliens, as they are extremely irritating it makes one wonder how other characters seem to not have a problem with them. They magically appear at very awkward times and proceed to ruin intimate moments and any moment they are in. All this and this movie is supposed to be a comedy and it is highly unfunny.
  • jmreyen9 September 2005
    This is the worst movie ever made. The acting is poor, the story is neither funny nor does it make any sense and what is supposed to be comical is only annoying and tedious. While watching I developed a strong aggression against the little green men who jumped out of every corner preferably in the most embarrassing situations. I have no clue why I continued to watch this movie until the end, but for the first time in my life a felt a great relief when a movie was over.

    I hope that by writing this comment I save a few innocent souls from watching this botch and risking permanent damage to their sense of humor.
  • Ever wonder what Earth would be like if we were invaded by Martians who all thought they were a bunch lousy comedians? Me neither! But for those who do there's 'Martians Go Home,' a laughless comedy that lives up to it's title. You'll be begging for the Martians to go home a mere 10 seconds after they first appear. The Martians are almost all played by stand-up comedians, among them Barry Sobel and Rob Schneider. People who know how to be funny, but you'd never know it here. About the only thing I enjoyed about this movie was seeing Dean Devlin, future producer of 'Independence Day' playing a hot-shot director of sci-fi films. It was good for a short laugh.
  • You know, if the Martians used this movie as a weapon to invade, they'd have conquered Earth a long time ago.

    "Martians Go Home" is about as bad as sci-fi gets. In fact, this isn't even sci-fi; it's what dumb people think is sci-fi. This is what freshmen screen writers turn in for their first major script, thinking it's sci-fi. No self-respecting bird would have his cage lined with this script.

    Okay, get the picture? No? Well, consider this....

    This travesty-on-film stars Quaid as a commercial jingle writer who writes a song that Martians receive and take as a hint to invade, which they do. Looks like they sent their worst, though, cause all that is sent to overpower us are a bunch of green-skinned losers that look and act like those filler acts they have at The Improv.

    I never read the book this movie was based on. I'm kind of afraid to now; just gun-shy, I guess. But if film makers could be so off-base on a movie where the book is supposed to be so superior, is it any wonder that no one's heard much from the director and writers since this?

    No, I didn't think so.

    TIDBIT - after this mess, three of the stars here went on to do a MUCH superior sci-fi film. Quaid and Colin had major parts in "Independence Day", which was co-scripted by Dean Devlin. Talk about a step-up!

    No stars for these least-favorite "Martians".
  • fduenas9 February 2007
    I felt very disappointed when I watch this movie.

    I read the book time ago, and enjoyed it... it was a humorous point of view for an alien invasion.

    But this movie is an insult to F. Brown (good luck for him to be dead since 1972).

    There is nothing good in this movie, I have a wide humor sense and this movie could not get a smile from me.

    The adaptation was awful, there are not words for such crime.

    And the acting... God! Is too poor...

    A bad bad movie.

  • gilhamit15 February 2008
    Okay, this one has been one of my favorites for half my life now, which means since I was 16. It should be judged by what it IS and not by what it ISN'T. This is NOT a Sci-Fi movie! This is NOT an invasion from outer space movie, this is simply a funny-as-hell movie with as many stand-up comedians as you can find! C'mon, nobody actually thought that painting up the faces of some stand-up comedians in green and making them tell jokes about the entire world population would make them believable aliens, they just thought, and were right to think, that it would make them funny as hell, without using them as stereotype comedians. A very funny movie, unappreciated by people with different expectations.
  • I'm sorry to say this is based on memory, since the movie is not available for rental (I wonder why!) I cannot evaluate it properly from my current attitude about movies and subjects as it's been years so I've changed.

    BUT I do remember it so vividly as to be a bit spooky. There were a lot of movies I hated and couldn't stand to watch walking out of the theater or ejecting the tape/DVD, this one is NOT one of them! :-) I really enjoyed it as it was a wacky "out of this world" comedy with a simple premise: they aren't here to invade... they are just tourists making fun of us! It is not science fiction at all but a comedy featuring Martian tourists (think European tourists making fun of us! Or we of them!).

    So you need to set your mind towards wacky illogical and very different comedy making fun of martian movies (not in the same vein as Mars Attacks!) with it's own low budget. Our American rituals are bizarre from a very alternate perspective that some countries may have of us so this is in that vein. We is a weird, are we not?! LOL

    Having martians making fun of everyone on earth is more from the perspective of social comments and so of course the martians are annoying! That's the point! Think comedy sketches by various TV shows like Saturday Night going to the bid screen playing out a simple act on a fairly simple premise. Relax, enjoy, and throw popcorn at the martians! I loved the movie and hope to buy one soon! It's just delicious! But you do have to have the "brains" to understand it. Not many people do. I can't think of a parallel movie so I can't help you there. Not quite the Coneheads or similar movies but kind of a bit in that area.
  • A classic, if light, SF comedy novel becomes a tired and dragging mess. Some writers and directors have the talent and ability to overcome the limitations of a low budget, to show what they are capable of - but in this film there is nothing to suggest they could ever raise themselves above straight to video and 3am showings.
  • As I say in the summary, forget this sorry excuse for a movie and get the book instead. I Bet you can get it at a very low price anywhere.

    The acting in this movie is just horrible. The martians are annoying, but not the way they are in the book, they're annoying 'cause they're plain awful, both in acting and characterization. I've never liked remakes, but this a movie that really should be remade. In fact, all copies of this crap should be burnt, so people can forget about it and greet a new version.

    If you want something for a Sunday of hangover fun, rent it, but don't complain if your brain melts...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I read the book on which this was based years ago. The book was clever.

    IMDb needs to change their vote thingie to list a film as zero. Perhaps an icon of a trash can.

    But the only thing that saves this film is the performance by the redheaded doctor. She makes the film and is the only redeeming part of this film.

    Particularly annoying was whomever was playing the fat & incredibly obnoxious Martian.

    My girlfriend and I wanted to kill the guy long before the film was over.

    This is not the worst film ever.

    The worst one I have ever seen is one called Fearless Frank. Jon Voight's first film. It is worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space.

    I would avoid this one at all costs if you value your sanity.