Jody: Would you like a Pelegrino?

Chris Macauley: Is that beer?

Jody: No, it's bottled mineral water.

Chris Macauley: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Those are really good.

Jody: You're really sweet. I'll get you a juice.

Jody: Here's what I thought. We finish dinner and then we have desert, 'kay?

Chris Macauley: Alright.

Jody: And then after that, I take you for a drive, show you around the city.

Chris Macauley: Sure.

Jody: And after that, we come back here. And then, if we still like each other, we make love.

Beth Macauley: You know what, Chris, you can be a real little shit sometimes.

Chris Macauley: Can I say that now?

Beth Macauley: Yes.

Chris Macauley: I'm going to.

Beth Macauley: Fine.

Chris Macauley: And I feel like it.

Beth Macauley: Be my guest.

Chris Macauley: Shit.

Beth Macauley: Oh... You feel better now?

Chris Macauley: Shit.

Beth Macauley: [turns to Matt] You wanna try it?

Matt Macauley: No, thank you. Can I say fuck?

Beth Macauley: No.

Matt Macauley: Okay.