Writer Randal Viscovich claims the majority of his screenplay was watered down by order of the executive producers. He wrote a trashy and exploitative horror film that included cannibalism and graphic nudity. He was shocked to see it lightened and even the language toned down.

The original title for the film was "Never Cry Devil". But MGM and United Artists changed the title after picking up the film for distribution.

Derek Rydell was an ex-stunt man turned actor. He performed all his own stunts in the film.

There is a character in the movie played by Scott Fults named, "Sam Loomis", this is most likely a reference to Donald Pleasence's character, "Dr. Sam Loomis" from Halloween (1978) or John Gavin's character, "Sam Loomis" from Psycho (1960).

Was shot in 20 days on a budget of $200,000.

Writer Randal Viscovich claims the film was plagued with several supernatural occurrences that freaked out the cast and crew. He speculates it had to due with the film's subject matter of Satanism.

Referenced in the book "It Came from the 80's!", by Francesco Borseti.

The original ending, that was scripted and shot but cut by the executive producers for being too dark and foreboding, had Billy's new neighbor being a voodoo priestess.