Amy: Patty?

Patty Palmer: Yeah?

Amy: Do you mind if I ask you why you're selling? I mean, you've done so much to this place. You've obviously put your heart in it.

Patty Palmer: [Ironically] No, not really. It was just an investment.

Carter Hayes: [to Drake] You're very a brave and stupid man.

[Drake turned to Carter]

Carter Hayes: What are you doing, Drake? You can't come in here.

Drake Goodman: Listen, Carter, it's no big deal. I just want to go upstairs and see Patty, okay?

Carter Hayes: But you've breaking the law, Drake.

Drake Goodman: Wait a minute.

[Carter shot Drake once and twice at his left arm. Hayes then plants a crowbar at the scene to prevent any criminal charges]

Drake Goodman: [as they are house painting] You have to remember this is an investment, Patty. You can't afford to do everything at once.

Patty Palmer: It's not just an investment - it's our home.

James Danforth: [Here at the interrogation room. James Danforth is in jail] They're lying. These people are completely pathological. They took a 1/2 year's rent from me, and they said I never paid them. They evicted me, they slandered me, they totally destroyed my credit. They physically assaulted me. They threatened my life. And now this. These people are parasites. Florence...


James Danforth: I am so sorry... that you were even touched by any of this. Oh, God, I'm so embarrassed. When I first met you, I was enchanted... didn't I? And was so dazzled. I'm sorry. It's not like I can't prove they're lying. I can prove they're lying. It's gonna take a little time. I'll have to take them to court, I guess. But for right now, it's my word against theirs, isn't it? I don't know what these people want. You know that if they hadn't tied up my trust... I would never ask you for anything. But if the bail isn't paid, I can't get out of here... and I cannot prove to you, sir... what I hope Florence already knows in her heart. At least, I would hope that you know. Look... I'm just asking you to do... whatever it is your heart tells you to do.

[initiating sex with Drake]

Patty Palmer: I wish I had spurs.

Drake Goodman: [Referring to the house] Whatta yuh think?

Dennis Reed: 750 grand, hunh? It's not a song - it's an opera.

Warning Cop: [Drake illegally cut off the heat and electricity to Hayes' apartment] If he decides to fight an eviction, you're already knee-deep in shit.

Bill: [Last line] I know you love it, but we're talking about $900,000.

Amy: I bet we can offer them an 850 or 825.

Bill: Oh. Oh, that's all, okay. Um. What if we don't qualify for a bank loan?

Amy: [Amy chuckles] We will. First thing I'm gonna do is take these curtains off these windows.

Bill: Can we talk about the purchase price before you redesign the entire place?

Amy: Well, I just have so many ideas.

[Bill clears throat]

Amy: It'll be okay.

Bill: It'll be okay, huh? Well, as long as you say so.

Amy: I know so.