Raaj Kumar and director Esmayeel Shroff worked toghther in 4 films, Esmayeel Shroff was Raaj Kumar's favourite along with Chetan Anand, B.R.Chopra ( he said these 2 were origional filmakers, others were just picture shooters ) and Mehul Kumar. Police Public was Raj Kumar's last good & successful movie and were liked by people, producer Pranlal Mehta had produced 4 films with Raaj Kumar. In Police Public in his firsr scene of Raaj Kumar its shows a big dog, up on the carrige, is of Raaj Kumar"s.

One of the last movie of Raj Kiran.

The first release of Raaj Kumar after coming back from abroad for treatment. The next was Saudagar.

After Police Public, Esmayeel Shroff and Raaj Kumar worked together for God And Gun, which was the last film of Raaj Kumar.

First time Reema Lagoo played different type of role in this film.

Esmayeel Shroff directed about 6 - 7 films for Producer Pranlal Mehta, including Police Public.