Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: [while playing music with the Count of Verua] I'm keeping you from her.

Le Comte di Verua: Not in the least.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Kings derive much of their pleasure from the ingenuity of the lies people are obliged to tell them.

Le Comte di Verua: The king's subjects derive their pleasure from their service to him.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: [after long silence while still playing music with the count] And all the time you're wondering how long I'm going to keep you here.

La Comtesse douairière: To think that your bankrupt father hawked you to us like a peasant with no dowry.

Jeanne de Luynes: You're insulting me because you're frightened.

La Comtesse douairière: Yes, I am frightened. The entire court is. All because of you. His majesty has locked himself up in Rivoli. He assembled the court this morning and made it known that he will not return unless you'll join him. Who do you think you are?

Jeanne de Luynes: I love your son. I know he'll protect me. I'll send a courier to Madrid and he will...

La Comtesse douairière: He will not. I will not have you ruin my son's prospects with the king.

Jeanne de Luynes: [showing her brother a shed full of furniture and paintings] These are my wages for two years, Charles. Whores get paid.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: We had our time, didn't we? It has passed.

Jeanne de Luynes: We... did we make use of it?

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Yes.

Jeanne de Luynes: What was I so frightened of?

Jeanne de Luynes: I love you.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Jeanne. Your son is here. Take him with you. Now. You must leave now. Take him. Now. You must leave now. I can't protect you any longer. You have to leave.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: I hope you'll be happy here with us.

Jeanne de Luynes: We would be happy anywhere your majesty.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: You're very fortunate to believe that. People invest a lot of money arranging marriage contracts. If you're happy they'll think you've cheated them.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: [to his fencing instructor] Perhaps I should take lessons from the Count of Verua. I hear he is an excellent swordsman.


Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Of course he doesn't show his skills at court. Like the rest of you. He's afraid to be better than me.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: You've been very cruel.

Jeanne de Luynes: Not on purpose.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: You've shown people what it is to be happy. Both of you. I like your husband. He's embarrassed, but he's trying not to show it.


Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: You show people how much he has to lose. Which makes me wonder does he have the strength to keep it?

Jeanne de Luynes: He has it.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Good. Because people can be very unscrupulous


Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: when they see things they can't have.

First Priest: [in confessional] My daughter. At times circumstances require that the holy church takes care of the earthly well-being of the faithful. Do you understand me?

Jeanne de Luynes: No, my father.

First Priest: Great disquietude has overcome the king. The king is ill. That's not good for the country.

Jeanne de Luynes: The king is here. In this church, on his knees. He is staring at me.


Jeanne de Luynes: What are you telling me?

First Priest: The king feels a burning passion


First Priest: for you.

Jeanne de Luynes: Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's wife.

2nd Priest: You are absolved of your sins, my daughter.

First Priest: The king is ill. He begs you to permit him to love you.

Jeanne de Luynes: He's not the king. He's an obsessed dog.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: There are times when I wish I didn't love you.

Jeanne de Luynes: I wish it all the time.

Jeanne de Luynes: [about the king] Don't say that. He will never be a fool. Never. Not he. He is...

Charles de Luynes: Jeanne. Are you sure that you want to escape?

Jeanne de Luynes: Yes.

Charles de Luynes: No. You're not. How long have you loved him?

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Fight back. Defend yourself finally.

Le Comte di Verua: No majesty. You're the king. One does not fight one's king.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: [to his son] You would have preferred Verua to have killed me. So would I, Vittorio.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: What's your wife's name?

Jeanne de Luynes: Jeanne. Your majesty.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Jeanne. Ah!

Le Comte di Verua: Princess de Luynes. Your majesty.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: Did I agree to this alliance?

Le Comte di Verua: Your majesty was so gracious.

Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: In that case


Le Roi Vittorio Amadeo: continue.