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  • This Hong Kong comedy is not one for those who seek politically correct movies.

    Amy Yip Ji Mei plays the title character, but she is off-screen for a significant period after her initial appearance.

    Amy plays Evil Girl, who must suck the sperm of 100 virgin boys born at 10 o'clock in order to become immortal. When we first see her, she is stalking victim number 98, whilst being stalked herself by a wizard who seeks to destroy her.

    There is another plot about a man who wants to lose his virginity, and is being pursued by his childhood sweetheart, who is supposed to be extremely ugly, from the mainland. This plot takes up the bulk of the film, and is the source of most of the bad taste gags. If you are a fan of Amy Yip, best to fast-forward through this.

    The comedy, like in many HK films, is fast, frenetic, in poor taste in Western terms and laboured. Still, if you are on the wavelength, it can be diverting, and there is always the presence of the buxotic Yipster to liven the proceedings.
  • If you're thinking of seeing this alleged comedy because of Amy Yip, prepare to be disappointed. You don't see enough of her - in either the chronological or the anatomical sense - to justify the sitting through the tedious stretches between the few good visual jokes. If you consider 'Sex and Zen' and 'Erotic Ghost Story' the peaks of Hong Kong movie making, this one is barely more than a molehill.