Mike Medwicki: Well, well, well, well, well. You really did drop in from Heaven.

Amanda Sue Bradley: Well, I guess I did.

Mike Medwicki: Maybe if you could... you could try and find your mom?

Amanda Sue Bradley: My mom? She threw me away. She threw me away!

[last lines]

Amanda Sue Bradley: When are they coming?

Buddy Thornton: Soon.

Amanda Sue Bradley: So they're taking me to death row? I'm gonna die now.

[Buddy hugs her as she cries]

Amanda Sue Bradley: I don't wanna die now!

[Amanda tells Wanda about Harvey raping her]

Amanda Sue Bradley: Will you please, just make him go?

Wanda Bradley Sledge: Oh, yeah, he's going alright; and I'm going with him, because you better believe - Harvey and me - we've got big plans. And you better put the breaks on right quick, girl, or you're out of the picture.

[Mike watches Amanda dancing at the strip joint]

Mike Medwicki: She just doesn't seem the type.

Patron: None of them are at first. You know how old she really is? 14.

Mike Medwicki: What the hell is she doing in here?

Patron: She likes to eat.

Mike Medwicki: [curious about Amanda in the strip joint] How old are you?

Amanda Sue Bradley: [sarcastically] 18, nearly - 17 and a half.

Mike Medwicki: [noticing she is eating popcorn] I hope that's not your supper.

Amanda Sue Bradley: How come you get to be so interested?

Amanda Sue Bradley: [reading "Rumplestilskin" to Mike's kids] 'All the world is his game, and 'Rumblestin' is his name'.

[Sally and Web burst out laughing]

Web: No, not Rumblestin. Rum-ple-stil-skin.

Amanda Sue Bradley: [after a flashback reveals that Amanda did kill Mike] I was on so many drugs and there was so much stuff going on. What I can figure out is - is that I loved Mike. I really loved him.

D.A. Mark Calhoun: Lots of kids with lives like Amanda grow up to become doctors. Now she made a choice. I don't want to see anybody die.

Buddy Thornton: Look, I don't want to dismiss what happened on that night in the oil fields in Horne, Oklahoma. That was tragic. But the tragedy is yours and mine as well. You see, Amanda is a child of our times. And the prosecutor was right when he said there were many child like her raoming our streets. But is she is guilty of this crime, then society is guilty as well.

Jean Glessner: We need you to get away from that strip joint - away from Billy.

Amanda Sue Bradley: Well, I'm only hanging on there until I'm old enough to get me a regular job, find me a man, and start a family of my own.

Jean Glessner: Hell, don't go talking about no kids. You are still a kid yourself.

Amanda Sue Bradley: Well you're forgetting something, honey, I was married before and you ain't.

Brian: [letter to Amanda] The last three months is the most miserable I ever been in my life. I just don't want you no more. We can't be no worse off apart than we've been together. At least I'll have a chance in the army. You go on home to your mama.

D.A. Mark Calhoun: Every day, stories of gangs of 15-year-olds roaming the streets in almost every city of our country killing and raping. 12-year-olds running wild packing guns. This is a new breed, and Amanda is just one of them. We have to send a clear message to the Amandas of this world that they can no longer work and evil and get away with it! She must DIE for her crime!

Buddy Thornton: [after giving her gingersnaps] How's the food in here, any good?

Amanda Sue Bradley: Is that what that stuff is? Brian bitched about my cooking; he should spent a week in here.

Star: Watch it, darling, there's a cop behind you.

Amanda Sue Bradley: Well, they could help me.

Star: The way you're looking, honey, they're liable to help you right over to the lockup.