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  • Uninspiring John Woo knock off in which the hand of distinguished director Chu Yuen can be spotted in a few striking images and distant overtones of his vintage SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN. Otherwise it's the expected Hong Kong - Macao Triads vs. the Yakusa, with endless implausible double crossings and shoot-outs, as false loyalties are exposed ("We're Japs. We're not easily bribed").

    The Nips are planning a comeback over-throwing Waise Lee's mobsters, using the whore monger brother's gangs and disaffected Triad leaders. "In the world of gangs, peace can't be expected." Much kung fu and blazing away with automatic weapons

    The old hands manage authoritative performances. Nicely photographed with diffusion and blue lit night, edited with straight cut transitions but it's just a mechanical working out of the established formulas. The familiar hint of anti Japanese sentiment surfaces occasionally.