• jools6113 August 2005
    Sorry, but it WASN'T rubbish
    Sorry, but I have to disagree with the previous comment that it was absolute rubbish, unfunny and unoriginal. Whoever said this obviously hasn't seen all the episodes.

    As for "Unfunny", I think a lot of people would disagree with that! This was a series which got record viewing figures when it was shown. Last night we watched "Porky's", the Christmas Special from 1995. We were in fits of laughter. I've got loads of episodes on tape and have watched them repeatedly. They never fail to make me laugh.

    True, some of it wasn't that funny, but it most certainly had originality. It's generally agreed by fans that the first two series weren't as good. And some of the episodes were a bit too surreal to be considered funny. But the series did get better as it went on. Perhaps it wasn't considered funny at the time, but being able to watch this show now and compare it to the sitcoms of today (like The Office) only goes to show just how brilliant this comedy was. 2.4 children could have been a classic sitcom if the BBC had given it more airtime. I only hope it will be shown again, instead of endless repeats of Only Fools and Horses and Porridge etc.
  • Chrisonnet26 March 2008
    Weird, Witty and Wonderful!
    Warning: Spoilers
    A weird, witty and wonderful depiction of family life! Writer Andrew Marshall has written something that is funny, foreboding and occasionally frightening! Yes, don't be fooled by 2point4 children's cheerful tune and bubbly characters; the show has a dark side, and at times can be quite chilling. And that's what's so good about the show, it's not just a simplistic sitcom where every character is a 2D comic device (the case with My Family). Instead the characters are fully rounded individuals that show the full roller-coaster of human emotions. The occasionally dark moments such as Bill being supposedly haunted by a curse and Ben waking up in a bizarre village are two examples of the show taking a surreal, dark turn, that help add a little depth. Of course the show is also incredibly funny, and is a guaranteed to make you smile. It's a real shame Eureka Video have stopped releasing this comical gold on DVD. Veoh.com is your last hope to get hold of episodes unavliable in the shops.
  • Stephen13 January 2003
    Excellent BBC Comedy
    This first two seasons of this comedy series were very strange and they weren't very funny and had a drama element where Bill (the mother) was struggling with all the usual problems in life but that element was a bit depressing and didn't mix well with th comedy elements which is probably why it was dropped. After that it soon became one of the funniest comedy series the BBC have ever made! The chemistry between Bill and Ben's character's were very funny and there was always so many brilliant and memorable sketches in each series. The Christmas specials were hilarious and a real treat for Christmas.

    The show came to a stop when the main actor Gary Olsen playing Bill passed away which was very sad because he was a brilliant actor in films such as Up 'n' Under and a very funny man RIP

    This underrated show has sadly disappeared from our television screens and doesn't to be repeated that often - Though it does appear on UKTV Gold once in a while but it should be repeated on BBC one or two to show this brilliant Comedy to a new audience
  • rzg-14 August 2006
    no rubbish
    No rubbish - no where even near rubbish. Not an original? thats the last thing that could be said of "2.4 children".Predictable? certainly not! Although it was somewhat an unusual series for the BBC, it was hilarious, funny, and witty. I particularly liked Belinda Lang and John Pickard - who I believe preformed wonderfully.Gary olsen was also very good and so were all the other cast members..I never quite new why it was can-celled till reading here today about Gary Olsen's death at a relatively young age. I do wish that they would make more of comedy of this type, much more of them (and show them here in Israel).Thumbs way up!
  • tizlg19 April 2016
    Aftermeeting Belinda
    This programme 2 point 4 children was very funny and entertaining. After meeting Belinda Lange on the train on the 18th April 2016 I could not believe how down to earth she is. Very friendly and just like one of your best friends very chatty. I thank her for being this way and not letting fame go and ruin her intelligence and humorous personality. Well done Belinda and thank you for speaking to me I just wish I had asked for your autograph. Good luck with the rest of your career and hope to see you again soon either on the train or TV. Please can you make more programmes like 2 point 4 children's? Or maybe do a serious who done it with Belinda as the lead?
  • Prismark1026 August 2014
    Fun for all the family
    From writer Andrew Marshall who also used to team up and write with David (One foot in the Grave) Renwick comes one of the funniest sitcoms on British television in the 1990s.

    The 1990s were not a good time for a lot of situation comedies in Britain more a barren mirthless wasteland. 2point4 children had genuine chemistry between the main characters Bill and Ben (Belinda Lang and Gary Olsen) and the children were not annoying.

    The show was blessed with good writing and good acting and also some of the episodes could be far out or slightly surreal with the writer taking risks and it paying off. The best thing to say about the show was that it was consistently funny and entertaining.
  • Jane Ridley4 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Typical 90's comedy, situational comedy similar to our modern day "My Family". Thatcher being the height of most political jokes, Bill (Belinda Lang) blames Thatcher for anything she can. "Bloody Thatcher" possibly shared with most of us. David the typical teenager, cutting up brains with bread knives, Jenny, the moody older teenage child, only interested in boys and more boys. Bill and Ben working as much as they can to keep their family afloat struggling within the economical climate of the early 90's. Granted the first two series were not as successful as the latter however, series 3 onwards is where it all kicks off with more laughs that i care to count. overall this show didn't get the best viewing times and they ought to have held on a bit longer. clearly they couldn't have carried on after Gary Olsen died but i think they should get rid of "catherine Tate" "the office" "little Britain" and bring back the classics!
  • diveinthedark-8983427 September 2017
    Contemporary British Society as it REALLY was in the 90s !
    The 1990s; The persistence of the nuclear family, The end on Thatcherism, the media-domination of Princess Di and the emergence of the digital age. Yes it's ALL present here in this witty, realistic comedy about the average British family struggling to maintain that status !

    Essentially about carnage-obsessed son David, dysfunctional teenage daughter Jenny, semi-juvenile Dad Ben(hence the .4!) and straight- laced Mum and family boss Bill, not to forget UK comedy's mandatory slut-next-door Rona, the 1990s family household was portrayed pretty much EXACTLY as it was in real life, with little exaggeration!

    Facing all the contemporary family issues of unemployment (hence the extremely realistic jobcentre interview!), teenage relations, 'controversial' youth culture (that's revolting! My son a metalhead!), NHS faults (We lost him...No no,I mean we literally lost him!) and inadequate banking (I'm your Pers-On-Al Bank-Er),the show gave the British public a good chance to laugh off all the everyday chaos of contemporary society !

    Family-friendly yet with plenty of innuendo - "I'm waiting for him to pot the pink"; "Aren't We All!" - a universal audience could enjoy the hilarity of flatulent dogs, Bimbo housewives, Star Trek funerals and (unexplicitly portrayed) strip dancers. Not to forget the gloriously kitsch sing-songs at the end of the Christmas episodes !

    All in all, this light-hearted perspective of the complexities of everyday life was witty and entertaining, yet insightful and loosely thought-provoking; if only they'd known back in 1994 that 15 years later 'Electronic Mail' would be mandatory! I give it 9/10 for being ALMOST PERFECT!
  • RaspberryLucozade22 November 2016
    'Dysfunctional Family' is an understatement!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Average family sitcoms have usually been popular with viewers over the years, such as 'Bless This House', 'Bread' and 'Keep It In The Family'. '2 Point 4 Children' is nothing like any of these. In fact, it probably has more in common with Matt Groening's animated classic 'The Simpsons'.

    The Porter family are an average family who seems to find themselves in all manner of surreal situations. The matriarch of the family is the long suffering Bill ( played the the gorgeous Belinda Lang ), who like Marge Simpson, is able to keep hold of her sanity despite the never ending stream of chaos that takes place around her. Her husband Ben ( were they any relation to 'The Flower Pot Men'? ), like Homer Simpson, was an overweight, overgrown child who worked as a central heating repairman. The children, who could be the Lisa and Bart equivalents, are Jenny and David, her a bright but fiery individual and he a mischievous delinquent with a fondness for horror movies.

    Bill initially works in a bakery with her man-mad friend Rona ( Julia Hills, who I thought was one of the hottest women on television in the '90's ) but in later episodes they end up running their own catering business.

    Lang and Hills made a formidable comic pairing however the late Gary Olsen was the one who stole the show as the laddish Ben. He was taken from us incredibly young in 2000 at the age of 42 after losing a battle with cancer. The lovely Claire Woodgate ( now known as Georgina Cates ) played Jenny in the first two series but her place was later taken by the equally sexy Claire Buckfield. John Pickard portrayed tearaway David. Other appearances included Kim Benson as Ben's surly assistant Christine, Liz Smith as Bill's interfering, chain-smoking mother, Patricia Brake ( later replaced by Sandra Dickinson ) as Ben's snooty sister Tina and and Alex Kew as Declan.

    Andrew Marshall, like his former partner David Renwick, may not have ever created outstanding comedy ( that's my personal view at least ) but he knew how to write funny dialogue and was unafraid to explore darker areas.

    Among some of the funniest moments included Rona and Bill attempting to bring back duty free alcohol from France, only to end up accidentally smuggling back a dangerous animal, Ben being stuck on top of a piano which ends up careering at speed down a hill, Ben purchasing a life-size replica of the FAB-1 car from 'Thunderbirds' and a very funny spoof of Patrick MacGoohan's '70's drama 'The Prisoner'. Less funny were the Christmas specials, usually featuring a spoof musical item at the end of each episode.

    The first three series were released on DVD some time ago however clearance issues have prevented further releases. UK Gold ran all eight series a few years ago however it is unlikely to be seen again anytime soon, which is sad as while it is no classic, it is superior to many modern sitcoms such as 'My Family' or 'Gavin & Stacey'. The thought of '2 Point 4 Children' festering away somewhere in a vault whilst something as lame as 'Miranda' gets nominated for an award makes my heart sink
  • Julia26 April 2002
    sorry it was rubbish!!!!!!!
    The BBC has brought us many exceptional programmes which have broken the boundaries of comedy. Unfortunately this was not one of them. It was completely predictable, devoid of originality and lacking in any comic capacity. It was a nice try and the actors had some skill which was completely wasted. Perhaps they should consider pantomime of which they are ideally suited. I only thank God its over and hope the BBC can finally bring us good comedy.